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As of 2014, one can assume that almost the entirety of the world’s businesses is practising digital marketing in one way or another. However, digital marketing remains a mystery for many in the business world. It is a peculiar mixture of strategic know-how, communication skills, content creation (and co-creation), word-of-mouth marketing, high-tech project management, change management and technological expertise; mastering, and sometimes understanding, this sophisticated subject is still a challenge for many business people.

The aim of this book is to help decision-makers overcome this tremendous challenge posed by an ever-changing Web, which is increasingly global (or should we say “glocal”), ever more social and mobile, as well as closely intertwined with core business activities.

Even though this book mentions social media a lot, and although social has become an integral part of the digital marketing mix, our aim is much broader than that, hence the subtitle.

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  • Here are the subjects covered by ‘Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss’:
    1/ How Significant Is Digital Marketing? Depicts the History of the Web, its characteristics and evolution. Digital marketing isn’t a fad, it can be likened to a tidal wave which transforms our economies, redefines our businesses, revolutionises the rules of marketing and communication,

    2/ Content At The Heart Of A Digital Marketing Strategy: ‘content is King’ is an understatement. All digital marketing strategy is based on this raw material we call ‘content’ and the name of the game is ‘how can I use it cleverly?’,

    3/ Implementing One’s Digital Strategy: creating content is crucial but is by no way sufficient. This chapter will demonstrate how one can devise an effective digital strategy,

    4/ Structuring One’s Digital Strategy: creating a Website or a blog is easy. Managing change within a business, evolving its governance and skillset is more difficult. In this chapter we will see how this is done,
    5/ For Those Who Missed The Boat Of The Digital Revolution: if you are still wondering what digital marketing can do for you and your business, especially a small business, this chapter was written for you. If this is not your case, here you will find rock-solid arguments for convincing your co-workers.
    Yann Gourvennec has a twenty-year-old digital marketing experience, including a long-standing practice as a Director of Digital and Social media for international Telecom leader Orange. He is a lecturer, a keynote speaker, an author and blogger. In early 2014, he founded his digital marketing agency Visionary Marketing. Among his clients are Asterion, Business & Decision, Celum, Orange, SFR and Youstice @ygourven
    Hervé Kabla, is a blogger and entrepreneur, with in-depth knowledge of technology and start-ups. He is the founder and CEO of Be Angels, a digital marketing agency with a focus on B2C and B2B social. Be Angels supports its clients with the implementation of their digital marketing strategies throughout social media. Among his clients are Yoplait, Allianz, EY, Sage and MSD. @hervekabla
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    4. 4. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 4 These are the slides from Master Digital Marketing Like A Boss with a few additional ones because we are nice people • in this presentation you will find slides which will help you build your own presentations • You can come back to it as many times as you like, we will not withdraw these slides • All we’re asking for is a mention or two of the like-a-boss.co minisite for details about the book, please check http://like-a-boss.co like-a-boss.co
    5. 5. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 5 5 main sections Check the slide notes which will give you more details about each section SECTION I: HOW SIGNIFICANT IS DIGITAL MARKETING? SECTION II: CONTENT AT THE HEART OF A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY SECTION III: IMPLEMENTING ONE’S DIGITAL STRATEGY SECTION V: FOR THOSE WHO MISSED THE BOAT OF THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION SECTION IV: STRUCTURING ONE’S DIGITAL STRATEGY like-a-boss.co
    6. 6. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 6 Differences between online and offline writing What doesn’t change… what changes… 1. Spelling 1. A picture is worth 1,000 words 1. Adapt to your audience 2. Check your headlines 3. From essentials to particulars 6. Write for online readers 7. Links, links, links 8. Repetition is not a crime 9. Addressing readers directly 6. Divide your pieces into sections like-a-boss.co
    7. 7. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 7 10 golden rules for a successful business blog Set your objective and target your content Assess necessary time Defining blog’s organisation Put care into your content Your writers in the spotlight Promote your posts Measure results Different kinds of posts Take care of headlines and pictures Stick to current events like-a-boss.co
    8. 8. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 8 David Parkinson’s 5 tips on how to manage a global social media strategy Listen: pay attention to your community, consumers and market requirements. You need to understand what you are trying to do with social media in different countries Local sensibilities: be aware of local sensibilities. The way we deal with an Indian consumer is different to how we deal with an Italian consumer Cross-functional: social media has to be cross-functional, it can’t be in silos Consumable: ensure that everything you do is consumable on all platforms and shareable Be realistic: don’t expect social to be a magic bullet. Even if you have one million fans only 16% will see what you say and only about 5% of those will actually care like-a-boss.co follow David at @David_Nissan
    9. 9. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 9 How technologies mature Maturation phases Technological disruption happens Change and disruptions are clear (e.g. travel & tourism, analogue photography, mail order companies, news …) Technology blends with the real world Innovation helps improve and enhance past processes (e.g. online banking, ecommerce, e-government (taxes)) C1 +/- digestion results A1 B grey area or ‘digestion’ zone technological innovation is maturing for the best of 10 years on average Technological innovation fails It is discarded until it can be recycled, or turned into a niche product (e.g. 1st generation tablet PCs, voice recognition, unified communications,…) Negative Assumption Innovation is toxic and disrupts the current status. Chaos is around us, people feel threatened A2 C2 C3 Positive Assumption Innovation is positive. Our lives will change for the better. All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. Things will never be like they used to be.
    10. 10. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 10 Phases and evolutions of an Internet revolution Takeoff and landing: the Web is at last accessible to most and prices are sinking. e-commerce is booming… the price to pay is a spectacular bubble that bursts Mobile Web heyday: the Web becomes mobile first with Apple’s creation of the iPhone which leads to more popular usage and widespread access to the Internet on the move … even though Microsoft had invented that with Windows CE 5 years earlier! 1 6 89-90 genesis B U B B L E 94-95 3 4 bubble aftershock Web 2.0 01-02 2001-2 2 takeoff & landing  mobile Web heyday 2007 5 Web/mobile/ social media convergence 2011-12 Genesis: The Web is owned by happy fews. TV mentions it (mostly in UK and US) but average punters have not seen anything yet Bubble aftershock: the market is being purged and new Internet champions are born at the most improbable of moments. Digital matures and develops Web 2.0 : True explosion of creativity and birth of social networks as spotted by Tim O’Reilly’s trained eye. Convergence: not the most innovative period but one of maturity with all Internet access modes now converging under the auspices of cloud computing giants who provide access to files ATAWAD** * starting from WWW, not Internet, invention ** Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device like-a-boss.co
    11. 11. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 11 under the radar functional beloved sensitive characteristics little or no buzz make it work or fix it! conversations health, safety, children tactics do something different community management (forums/social media) nurture community (ies) reassure 4 types of brand on the Internet and Social Media http://like-a-aboss.co with the help of Synthesio like-a-boss.co
    12. 12. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 12 brand type under the radar functional service companies for B2B B2C characteristics little or no buzz people talk about …features, bells & whistles strategy think out of the box and your brand may exist online Social CRM and community management are prevalent (forums/social media) Online (and offline) service companies DNA like-a-boss.co
    13. 13. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 13 brands consumers business professionals types of content • entertainment • « lifestyle » • experience • no in-depth analysis required • in-depth content • explanations, demonstrations • visions, analyses • in-depth analysis types of exchanges • « likes » • comments and opinions • cyber-babble • rational views • exchange of views • expertise and debates contributors • UGC • guest blogging • content acquisition • expert views • UGC • guest expert partners preferred platforms • Facebook • Pinterest • Instagram • Google+ • Twitter • LinkedIn / Viadeo / Xing • SlideShare • ScoopIt results • visits • virality • brand stickyness • exchanges • awareness • authority Discrepancies between B2B and B2C blog
    14. 14. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 14 7 variables for brand DNA by Thierry Spencer corporate culture brand characteristics brand awareness number of clients/ecosystem size frequency of purchase nature of relationship user / buyer experience
    15. 15. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 15 Potential content marketing tactics for your digital marketing • benefits • Shows expertise • risks : •Avoid one-expert blogs • Finding experts internally • positioning your blog EXPERT BLOGGING • benefits • Shows expertise, exposes vision • risks : • Content too banal • Lack of original content •Marketing automation issues (lead gen) WHITE PAPERS • benefits • Rich content • Entertaining • risks : • Production cost • Content unprofessional… or too professional • Lack of credibility MULTIMEDIA • benefits • Position brand as expert in chosen area • risks : • Evaluating partners or clients • Focusing on the negative • Internal skills BAROMETERS • benefits • High quality content based on contributors’ expertise • risks : • Credibility must be established (Why us?) •Avoid content creation in too many places •Marketing automation a critical success factor EXPERT INTERVIEWS AND COLLABORATION • benefits • Let people learn but don’t be too didactic • risks : •Development hurdles • Standing out from the crowd • Scaling and growth SERIOUS GAMES • benefits •No need to create a blog of your own • risks : • Your content tends to sit on spaces you have no control on risks • benefits • Best viral marketing is done with good products • risks : • Easier said than done • Good products (in customers’ eyes not yours) •Digital director not forcibly in charge GOOD PRODUCTS like-a-boss.co
    16. 16. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 16 How and with whom to share your content by Alcatel’s S. Lapeyrade • Test platforms and your users and assess whether work can begin • Learn, aim, get results and correct aim again TEST AND LEARN! • IRL communities already exist • Spot those employees who are already active on social media IRL AND ONLINE COMMUNITIES • Don’t be too formal • Don’t be a control freak • Transparency is a must, be open to debates OPEN UP YOUR MIND • Don’t be a fashionista • Respect your brand • Be real and honest DON’T BE A FASHION VICTIM • gain visibility through networking • earn trust and respect • avoid silos and duplication • open up • evolving your WHY DO THAT? follow Stephane at @lapeyrade * IRL : « in real life » as opposed to things happening online on the Internet like-a-boss.co
    17. 17. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 17 3 professional European social networks compared to Facebook 1+bn members USA: 2004 50 languages consumers, brand pages, entertainment, gamification … 80% outside USA ~200 million de members USA: 2002 multilingual B2B average user 41 years old 60% outside USA 49 million members France: 2002 French / English B2B Growing in Russia and China 11,7 million members (of which 6.4 ghost members) Germany: 2003 (née Open BC) Originally int’l, now on German speaking countries B2B German-speaking users source: Karalys, Socialbakers, AIM Group, Media Aces & Wikipedia, Quinty.com, Le Figaro, Viadeo & LinkedIn (July 2013) like-a-boss.co
    18. 18. what tool for what purpose? some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 trivia, quizzes, entertainment, contests, gamification, CRM coupons, exclusive offers, serious gaming hard selling, in-depth content trivia, quizzes, entertainment, contests, , in-depth content, gamification, CRM coupons, exclusive offers, serious gaming hard selling content infographics keynotes lead generation (B2B) hard selling content, trivia, events, live blogging lead generation (consulting or similar) hard selling,, Corporate content links to contentt, Q&A, linking via groups, networking, partnerships lead generation hard selling link-baiting
    19. 19. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 19 entertainment in-depth content niche universal (SEO?) ? What tool for what message like-a-boss.co
    20. 20. 20 Social Technographics Groups (2007 - 2010) Creators Publish a blog Publish your own Web pages Upload video you created Upload audio/music you created Write articles or stories and post them Critics Post ratings/reviews of products or services Comment on someone else’s blog Contribute to online forums Contribute to/edit articles in a wiki Collectors Use RSS feeds Add “tags” to Web pages or photos “Vote” for Web sites online Joiners Maintain profile on a social networking site Visit social networking sites Spectators Read blogs Watch video from other users Listen to podcasts Read online forums Read customer ratings/reviews Inactives None of the above 19% 25% 12% 25% 48% 24% (US) 14% (Eu) 37% 19% 21% 6% 51% 29% 73% 49% 2010 update Source: Q2 2007 44% US Social Technographics® Online Survey, N= 10,010 US online adult population (at least monthly participation) 18% 40% 2010 update 2010 update 2010 update 2010 update 2010 update the Forrester metrics and slides have been approved by Forrester for release in this book and slides
    23. 23. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 23 3 ways of measuring R.O.I sell engage save all of the above like-a-boss.co
    24. 24. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 24 SAMPLE ROI CALCULATION OF A blogger PR TOUR** overall estimated benefit : €82k to €114k ~ €50 – 75k €18.9k FREE DISPLAY > 6 banners x 6 blogs for 3 weeks > CPM: €0.30 > (5000 impressions/blog/day on average) x 6 blogs ~ €4 – 6k LIVE ORANGE BLOG FROM 600 TO 1300 DAILY UNIQUES FOR 2 WEEKS > +700 DU x 14 days = 9,800 > 9,800 x (€0.51 - €1 CPC) +12 000 Twitter impressions on promoted tweets Twitter 1st referrer amongst social networks : 25% of visits +15% new followers (from 100 to 130 per day) UGC MULTIMEDIA > 6 Orange videos ~ €500 x 6 > 7 photo slideshows (€1K) 8 new bloggers recruited impact +4% recurring visitors US and UK in 2nd and 3rd position 100 POSTS > ~ €500 - €750 per post SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Dailymotion > ~ €500 - €600 per blog €4k ~ €5 – 10k Orange blogger bus tour, Sept 2012)
    25. 25. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 25 Word of mouth and advertising synergies like-a-boss.co 4 5 7 top tips for better synergies Optimise existing budgets and save. Then invest on promotion once savings have emerged Choose the right tools: don’t keep up with the Joneses on flavour of the month; don’t try and be present on all platforms, use your head beforehand and apply common sense Support your online actions with offline ones: don’t try and do all things online, try and find help IRL Start with earned and owned media and end up with paid media. Your employees are your best allies. Start with free sharing techniques paid should only come next. Show your interest in others! Your content is worth something because of the people who read it, not because of your brand signature. 1 2 3 6 7
    26. 26. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 26 Passive openers - 15% of lists - 14% of clicks Addicts - 4% of lists - 35% of clicks Passive - 75% of lists - 31% of clicks Choosers - 6% of lists - 20% of clicks Email reader typology by Hervé Bloch Follow Hervé at @hervebloch like-a-boss.co
    27. 27. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 27 # Publicise hashtag Share hashtag as much as possible Announce event bit by bit blogs webTV Facebook Twitter etc. Share info gradually with external bloggers html Html Buzz kit 1 2 3 4 Event facilitation and content sharing with social media
    28. 28. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 28 Experts, perceive why and how Web content can be beneficial to their business, clients, partners and employees. They set up proper “newsrooms” and use Web content for SEO to the full. They even reduce the part of SEM within their budgets. They write blogs and do social media but with a purpose in mind… from day 1 Content marketing evolution B Zombies, have completely forgotten about the purpose of their Web content but they go on anyway, unabated. They create content for content’s sake and fail to differentiate. In large enterprises, employees tweet each other to generate noise C1 Grey area or “digestion” zone 10 years (1999-2009) during which the most advanced companies reap the benefits of Web content. Enterprises lag behind self-marketed individuals and even e-commerce fails to seize this opportunity. Strong reactions in businesses which don’t want to turn into media houses Newbies, arrive late in that game and want to keep up with the Joneses. As they are beginners, they tend to spend vast amounts of money on content creation which is done entirely externally and fail to use their own resources properly. They also like to mimic existing sites Genesis digestion maturity A C2 C3 Discovery phase 1995-1999 few companies understand how Web content works, except pure players and Web portals. Pioneers carry out first experiments cc 2014 visionarymarketing.com 28
    29. 29. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 29 How to contact us • Hervé Kabla – twitter: @hkabla – hervekabla.com • Yann Gourvennec – twitter: @ygourven – visionarymarketing.com like-a-boss.co
    30. 30. some rights reserved - Kawa - Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss - 2014 30 Steal our ideas! We love Seth Godin’s unleashing the ideavirus. As he advises, feel free to steal our ideas (by the way we stole his in this slide!) 1. Share this file with whomever you like 2. Share it on Twitter, our handles are @hervekabla and @ygourven 3. Take anything you need and evangelise… we have no other purpose! 4. Share your own views and help us by sending your suggestions 5. Contact us via http://like-a-boss.co/contact This deck on slideshare at http://like-a-boss.co/slides read or read again “unleashing the ideavirus” http://bit.ly/ideavirusvm like-a-boss.co
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