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Digital marketing bites for the food, retail & hospitality industry

Learn with my winning digital marketing tactics for the food, retail and hospitality industry. I have developed 12 digital marketing tactics or bites specific to social media, content & video marketing as well as web strategies that businesses should implement into their digital marketing right now. 

Topics covered:
• How to boost engagement on social media
• Content marketing tactics to whet the appetite of your customers
• Video marketing strategies to tell your unique story
• How to create brand advocates for your business 

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Digital marketing bites for the food, retail & hospitality industry

  1. 1. 12 Digital Bites 4 Digital Marketing Objectives • How to boost engagement on social media • Content marketing tactics to whet the appetite of your customers • Video marketing strategies to tell your unique story • How to create brand advocates for your business
  2. 2. A Tip in a Tweet  Personalization, video & real-time marketing are the biggest trends in social media marketing. Adopt this strategy & the algorithms will thank you for it! @tweetsbyJSB
  3. 3. Digital Bite 1 | PERSONALIZATION IS LIKE SALT Objective Boost engagement on social media
  4. 4. The Happy Pear on Snapchat
  5. 5. The Happy Pear on Snapchat – People, Food, Personality, Life, Family, BTS
  6. 6. Digital Bite 2 | VIDEO, THE SECRET INGREDIENT Objective Boost engagement on social media
  7. 7. By 2020 80% of all content on the Internet will be video
  8. 8. Digital Bite 3 | PAY TO PLAY Objective Boost engagement on social media
  9. 9. Pay To Play – But Get Your Return
  10. 10. Strategic Facebook Advertising
  11. 11. Digital Bite 4 | THE RIGHT CONSISTENCY Objective Content marketing tactics
  12. 12. Be consistently social
  13. 13. Digital Bite 5 | VISUAL STORYTELLING Objective Content marketing tactics
  14. 14. Curate Customer Generated Content
  15. 15. Digital Bite 6 | Long Tail Keyword Research Objective Content marketing tactics
  16. 16. Produce Content People Want!
  17. 17. Keyword research pays off!
  18. 18. Digital Bite 7 | STORYTELLING NOT SELLING Convert brand advocates Objective
  19. 19. What’s your story?
  20. 20. Digital Bite 8 | OWN YOUR COMMUNITY Objective Convert brand advocates
  21. 21. Bring your community on a journey….ultimately to your website!
  22. 22. JSB Top Tip A UTM code is a simple code that you can attach to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name. This enables Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you. Set up UTM’s in Google Analytics to track source of all leads and conversions
  23. 23. Digital Bite 9 | WHO’S EATING AT YOUR TABLE? Convert brand advocates Objective
  24. 24. 10 Digital Marketing Metrics  Website Traffic: total visits, traffic by source, new V returning visitors  Conversion Metrics: Bounce rate, total conversions, click through rates, cost per conversion  Revenue metrics: Cost per lead, cost per acquisition, return on investment
  25. 25. Digital Bite 10 | CONTESTS & REWARDS Objective Convert brand advocates
  26. 26. Please don’t LIKE & Share!
  27. 27. Digital Bite 11 | How To / Educational Objective Video marketing tactics
  28. 28. Read my blog posts
  29. 29. Digital Bite 12 | Go Live Objective Video marketing tactics
  31. 31. Want more digital tips? Email me or tweet me! joanne@digitaltraining.ie @tweetsbyJSB
  32. 32. Want to learn practical digital marketing skills every month? Join my community.
  33. 33. Bigmarker.com/digitaltraininginstitute