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Guardian at MediaCom Engage October 2013

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Amanda Tushingham and Ivan Lazarov from The Guardian tell the story of the journey from local newspaper to multi-media news outlet. Case studies show how brands can harness the same techniques by working in partnership.

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Guardian at MediaCom Engage October 2013

  1. 1. Telling stories in a digital age
  2. 2. In brief… Changing consumer trends Changing content trends Making most of digital landscape We’ve come a long way… Partnerships – how brands are utilising these innovations
  3. 3. We’ve come a long way… From Manchester newspaper to global digital news brand
  4. 4. Our digital journey Conversations began in 18c coffee houses
  5. 5. Our digital journey 1996 1999 2010 the whole picture
  6. 6. And now… Diversity is key The Guardian in Print Guardian Weekly The Guardian’s desktop site m.Guardian .co.uk iPad Edition The Guardian Kindle Edition Guardian on Flipboard Windows App Blackberry 10 App Android App iPhone App Guardian Eyewitness for iPad Guardian on Google Currents Guardian Witness the whole picture
  7. 7. …we reach a global audience across 1000+ devices in 2013 ~85 million monthly unique browsers on Web, Mobile & Tablet UK 26 m unique browsers North America Europe minus UK 27.8m unique browsers 11 m unique browsers Asia 8.6m unique browsers South America 1.0m unique browsers Oceania Africa 2.0m unique browsers Source: Omniture Site Catalyst June 2013 3.9 m unique browsers
  8. 8. What has our strategy been?
  9. 9. A digital vision from the top “The Guardian is unique: it has no owners beyond a Trust which ploughs back all its profits into journalism. Its staff are free to think and write what they want. Their only relationship is with the readers. Guardian readers are passionately committed to the values and mission of the paper. One way of describing the mission is to change the world one word at a time.” Alan Rusbridger the whole picture
  10. 10. Key initiative: Re-imagine Storytelling We’re answering: How do we take better advantage of the flexibility of digital to tell better stories? How do we use behavioral data to better target content? How do we make better use of graphics and interactive? What’s the best method to scale our design in a responsive Web approach?
  11. 11. Multimedia: Firestorm story 17 minutes Users: over 100,000 Dwell times: A ground-breaking multimedia project that blends 1) longform writing, 2) video documentary, 3) audio material, 4) and interactive elements.
  12. 12. Key initiative : Digital First Journalism Our content is informed by live data/ consumer trends We’re answering: How do we embed audience understanding throughout the organisation? How do we encourage the behavior we want out of a digital newsroom via our tools? How do we get journalists excited about the capabilities of digital ? we best train & educate the team?
  13. 13. Digital First Journalism – John Henley
  14. 14. We put data at the center of everything we do
  15. 15. “Each one of these mobile phones is an infinitely powerful publishing system” Alan Rusbridger, Editor-in-chief, the Guardian
  16. 16. Access to news anywhere, anytime What will this mean for newspapers in the future? “Five years from now, what will your average reader look like? He or she will have an ultra-powerful tablet, and a subscription on that tablet. The knowledge about the readers and the things they care about will be much greater than today. The evidence is that newspapers will thrive in this new model” Eric Schmidt interview with Alan Rusbridger the whole picture
  17. 17. Audience growth is driven by digital and cross-platform GNM weekly total audience by platform 6,000 5.3m '000s people per week 5,000 4.6m 4.9m 4.1m 24% 4,000 5.5m 31% 43% 45% 22% 3,000 21% 20% Digital only 19% Print + digital 22% 25% 34% 30% 2011 2012 2,000 1,000 57% 56% 49% Print only - 2008 2009 2010 Source: GNM Total Audience, Wave 2 2012 the whole picture
  18. 18. Accessing content by time of day Breakfast Commute Morning Lunch Afternoon Commute Evening Bed Source: Touchpoints 4 the whole picture
  19. 19. Open journalism gives a more complete picture. And we do it because, if we don’t open ourselves, people will simply do it elsewhere. Why compete when you can collaborate? It’s better commercially. Alan Rusbridger the whole picture
  20. 20. Open stories the whole picture
  21. 21. Open has changed the way we operate Our culture i Our communications Changing the way we work i Our content Commercially the whole picture
  22. 22. How do we harness these innovations to create better partnerships? Putting content and relevancy at the heart of what we do.
  23. 23. GuardianWitness Operationalising Citizen Journalism the whole picture
  24. 24. GuardianWitness Video Operationalising Citizen Journalism the whole picture
  25. 25. Positive sentiment improvement (improvement since Witness launch) % sentiment of conversations about EE Source: Keller Fay Talk Track; EE brand = EE only (excl. Orange and T-Mobile) the whole picture
  26. 26. Brand USA 1 in 4 of British adults talking about US travel were GNM readers 3.3% of GNM Audience talked about travel to the US in May 2013 0.5% of GNM Audience talked about travel to the US before the campaign the whole picture
  27. 27. Brand USA video the whole picture
  28. 28. Zurich Insurance Life Navigator the whole picture
  29. 29. Summary of results Over 93k UUs Recall was 35% vs 26% GNM benchmark 71% of users recommend Increase scores across key brand terms the whole picture
  30. 30. 5 tips for delivering great content Know your audience Find the human story Work with experts in story telling Be flexible Add value the whole picture