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Ashley Furniture Marketing Show Handout

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Ashley Furniture Marketing Show Handout

  1. 1. USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO INCREASE SALES etc.—but always remember to use Why use social media? Do customers really trust quotation marks around keyword Selling is different these days. The era of the door-to-door salesman is over. The era social media? phrases (more than one word), like Absolutely. You already know that word-of- “Ashley Furniture.” of complete control over your message is mouth communication is one of the most • Search for keywords and phrases in gone. Communication channels like radio, powerful marketing tools. Customers Twitter at http://search.twitter.com. TV and print ads were one-way— naturally trust friends’ opinions. According Continue to use quotation marks organizations had complete control over to a recent Nielsen study, 90% trust around keyword phrases, and also try the message. recommendations from people they know. searching keywords with hashtags, like #furniture. Today, anyone can have a What’s changed? 70% trust consumer • Control your brand presence by communications channel. It’s as easy as opinions posted online. In other words, securing your name in social media. creating a Facebook page, Twitter account, they trust strangers’ comments on the web. You can do this by registering blog or website. Even comments on others’ And they trust them more than editorial individual accounts in social media websites affect sales, because they’re content, newspaper ads, magazines, networks, or by using a third-party searchable. People are now use the emails, TV ads, billboards, radio and brand service like KnowEm, Internet to connect with each other, sharing websites. It’s critical to be aware of what’s http://knowem.com, to check brand ideas, reviews, tips, pictures and more. In being said about your brand—and, when name availability and register your this new era of digital sales, you can’t have possible, to join or lead the conversation. name on multiple websites at once. complete control over the message…but Even if you don’t use social media you can join—and lead—the conversation. now, it’s important to secure your How do I get started? brand name so you can in the future. Find out what’s being said about you and what your peers and target audiences are General Social Media doing. Don’t join Facebook just to join it— do a little research, get to know your target Doʼs and Donʼts Remember, above all else, social media is audiences, and decide how you’ll use it about listening to and engaging your target first. It’s critical to have a social media audiences, not overtly selling. Focus on strategy in place before diving in. customer interaction. Repeat visits and sales will follow. A few places to start: • Sign up for Google Alerts at Each social media platform has its own www.google.com/alerts. You can send tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts, but there are these to your email or a reader. Add some things that apply across the board. keywords related to your company, manufacturers, competitors, products, MediaSauce® | 811 W Main St | Suite 200 | Carmel, IN | 46032 | 317.218.0500 www.mediasauce.com 1
  2. 2. USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO INCREASE SALES DO: DONʼT: • Be authentic and human. It’s okay to • Trash talk. That means about your be personal, humorous and fun. friends, customers and competitors. Corporate cogs aren’t interesting; “real” Just because people can’t see you in people are. Social media is about person doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect return on engagement—it’s about your—and your company’s— connecting with people and building reputation. If you’re having a bad day, opportunities through conversations. it is wise to step away from the • Post a profile picture. It’s important to keyboard. Your comments, tweets and put a face to the name. Using images conversations online are often public. or skipping the picture altogether And even if they’re not, most can easily doesn’t help others connect with you. be made public. Be careful not to slam And social media is all about others online. What you do online, connecting. even outside of work hours, reflects on • Consider your profile as a long-term your reputation and organization. investment. It’s okay to listen first, to • Be a social climber. Don’t just test the social media waters with a few connect with celebrities and “important” comments and contributions here and people, and don’t compete for the most there until you feel comfortable. followers/friends/connections. Aim for There’s no need to rush. Your true quality, not quantity. Build your social Who is MediaSauce? profile isn’t built from one post. It’s just media networks one person at a time. Treat each person as an individual. MediaSauce is a leader in Internet like building a reputation offline. It They are your customers, after all. strategy, web development and interactive takes time. • Overtly sell. Social media: it’s about solutions, helping companies and • Try out different networks. Social nonprofits build lasting connections to drive media networks are not one-size-fits- connecting. That means not hitting their revenues in this Interconnected Age. all. Each has its advantages and others over the head with a sales pitch. disadvantages. It’s perfectly okay not You love your company and products. And you want others to love it too. We meld business, technology and to participate on Facebook or Twitter if storytelling; bringing a unique mix of talent your customers aren’t there. Consider Dominating conversations with sales under one roof. which suit you and your customers pitches instead of listening and best. responding makes you hard to love. MediaSauce’s strategic consulting services • Be Yourself, Be Real. Who are you Share your enthusiasm, but don’t let it provide clients a plan outlining strategies, offline? Try to clearly communicate the affect your listening skills. tactics, timelines and metrics to accelerate same personality online. Just because their business using digital and social you’re behind a computer doesn’t media. Our award-winning creative work mean your personality should change. has frequently garnered recognition for Customers will find it confusing, effective application of design to solve especially when your persona is business problems and build brands. different on each social network. Consistency and authenticity are key. MediaSauce® | 811 W Main St | Suite 200 | Carmel, IN | 46032 | 317.218.0500 www.mediasauce.com 2