SharingEconomy: The Buzzword of the Moment

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This presentation covers the diversity behind the so called sharingeconomy: a word that lately and increasingly is being used as a buzzword without the necessary understanding of the complexity and meaning that it represents.
This presentation and talk was given in Pisa, during the Internet Festival on October the 10th 2013.

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  • Great slides with good conceptual figures.
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  • Thanks for this important and thought provoking piece. People reading this might be interested in a site recently launched by the South Australian government (Zero Waste SA The new site, Share N Save ( maps the 'sharing' assets in communities in Adelaide and SA and makes them searchable by postcode. By curating what communities are already doing (and this is just the desktop research, we are yet to go out with maps!), we can help people find and connect with what is already around them; lift the profile of all of these initiatives; build connections between them (for example, the food swaps and community gardens; the hackerspaces and Men's Sheds) and encourage more people to participate and replicate. There is a LOT more we want to build into this site, so watch this space!
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  • Very cool!
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  • Interesting how long term sharing sites like CouchSurfing and HospitalityClub do not get mentioned but Air BnB does. This seems a trend that successful sharing is only reported on after it is following an old economic model or rather it has been monetarized. That to me is the interesting aspect of this sharing economy. By the way hospitality sites are facing problems in Spain, France and Germany with laws regulating hotel rooms possibly making these sites illegal or regulated out of practice. Dunno yet if that will happen. Something similar is happening in Finland with time banks requiring taxation for professional rates for those that offer their services through them, with professional rate taxes and social insurance payments being demanded at the full commercial rate being talked about. It remains to see if this will be successful.
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  • good one
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SharingEconomy: The Buzzword of the Moment

  1. Economy #Sharing (and real promises behind a collaborative and shared economy) the buzzword of the moment Simone Cicero meedabyte workshops & consulting Pisa – October 10 2013
  2. Founder Blogger and Editor Core Member Event Chairman Int.l Branches Chair
  3. future is
  4. a bit of history
  5. picture credits: Seagle
  6. 1983 1991
  7. 2001
  8. 2006 Digging deep into the promises of Internet mediated mass collaboration
  9. 2007 Anticipating much of the new approaches to consumption and ownership
  10. 2008 picture credits: Cidsoe
  11. picture credits: Images Money
  12. 2009“challenged the conventional wisdom that common property is poorly managed and should be either regulated by central authorities or privatized” Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences awarded to Elinor Ostrom
  13. In the meantime: Social Networks
  14. Chris Anderson
  15. 2010 First to explain the collaborative consumption trend in details
  16. Getting mainstream in business thinking
  17. OuiShare Fest, 2nd-4th May A grassroot, emerging stewardship movement picture credits:
  18. main motivations3
  19. From Altimeter’s The Collaborative Economy
  20. A rising friction between capital and society
  21. Disownership
  22. Pervasive Internet
  23. Keynote 2012 “We're just increasing our humanness and our ability to connect with each other, regardless of geography” Amber Case, (Cyborg Anthropologist) - SXSW Keynote 2012 iper-socialization
  24. “you cannot ignore the growth of social media, which will be ruthless to businesses that are judged to be making the world a worse place, not a better one. So many companies are waking up and realising that they can be inside the tent, shaping solutions, future-proofing their businesses, strengthening their ties with their existing consumers and reaching new ones” Paul Polman, Unilever CEO
  25. Rational Benefits 1. Financial – saves me money 2. Environmental – is good for the environment 3. Lifestyle – provides me flexibility 4. Lifestyle – is practical 5. Trial – provides access to goods/services Source: Campbell Mithun research
  26. Source: Campbell Mithun research Emotional Benefits 1. Generosity – I can help myself and others 2. Community – I'm valued and belong 3. Lifestyle – I'm smart 4. Lifestyle -- I'm more responsible 5. Cultural – I'm part of a movement
  27. fundamental aspects4
  28. consumption
  29. “collaborative consumption describes the shift in consumer values from ownership to access. Together, entire communities and cities around the world are using network technologies to do more with less by renting, lending, swapping, bartering, gifting and sharing products on a scale never before possible”
  30. “collaborative consumption describes the shift in consumer values from ownership to access. Together, entire communities and cities around the world are using network technologies to do more with less by renting, lending, swapping, bartering, gifting and sharing products on a scale never before possible”
  31. “The new status symbol isn’t what you own - it’s what you’re smart enough not to own.”
  32. Airbnb Rent a Room renting
  33. 11/10/2013 2008
  34. 11/10/2013 2010
  35. 11/10/2013 2012
  36. “Earn up to $1000 a month renting your car We pre-screen all drivers and provide $1 million insurance on every rental. You control your price and decide who rents your car and when.” Relayrides Share your Car renting
  37. EatWith Cook for strangers (and meet) sharing
  38. SwapClub (Italy) Swat stuff swapping
  39. Production
  40. Production Knowledge and information Finance and Capital Work and infrastructures Design Organizations
  41. Task Rabbit Particles of work Work
  42. Local Motors A distributed car manufacturer: customer/user participates to the design and build phase (people actually build the car themselves) Design
  43. Coworking (Turin Toolbox) A shared office with shared creation contexts Infrastructures & contexts
  44. Infrastructures & contexts
  45. Techshops Uno spazio di lavoro condiviso per creatività, artigianato, meccanica, elettronica
  46. Knowledge
  47. Information
  48. Knowledge and tools
  49. Knowledge and tools
  50. Knowledge and tools
  51. Organizations
  52. FinanziamentoCapital
  53. Finanziamento Financial Tools
  54. Produzione = Conoscenza Organizzazio ni Finanza A general trend: exponential growth (network effects)
  55. differences
  56. common aspects2
  57. Disintermediation (p2p)
  58. Efficiency
  59. Unused Resources
  60. Don’t reinvent the wheel
  61. Key challenges
  62. “In short, Software is eating the World”Marc Andressen Abundance economy
  63. Economics is: "the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses." Lionel Robbins – “An Essay on the Nature and Significance of Economic Science” (1932)
  64. People vs Profits (business as usual)
  65. Gentrification
  66. Lobbying frictions Aprile Luglio
  67. July Sept.
  68. solidarity deregulation Abundance through Informal Economy Everybody should be able to participate
  69. Laws are inadequate taxes insurance certifications and permits …
  70. “Fundamentally, economic value is created from economic inefficiencies ... While this all started slowly, today (thanks to digital revolution) every sector of the global economy is being affected by the relentless drive for efficiencies*” John Winsor (CEO of Victors & Spoils and Chief Innovation Officer of Havas) * = hard to increase GDP Another kind of recovery
  71. Social intervention contexts
  72. Cities: places for sharing offline + online
  74. “The Sharing City not only creates new jobs, increases income and efficiently uses resources, but it will reproduce communities that disappeared, due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, in a modern mode using information technologies and social networking services.” Park Won-soon, major of Seoul
  75. •Support to sharing nonprofits and corporations • Promotion of sharing enterprises • Publicizing Seoul’s brand as the Sharing City • Subsidizing and Incubation for Sharing Startups and Enterprises • Incubating approximately 20 sharing startups • A Sharing Promotion Committee • An International Sharing City Conference • Facilitate communication between sharing enterprises and central gov. • Correct obstructive statutes or systems (laws) key items9
  76. Enhanced G-Local Economies
  77. What’s the role of the state?
  78. “to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a "big society" that will take power away from politicians and give it to people” The big society
  79. “the partner state, is a state form that enables the social creation of value by its citizens. It protects the infrastructure of co-operation that is the whole of society.” The partner state
  80. “This transition will take the country from a phase of dependence on finite resources to one of infinite resources, such as science, technology and knowledge” “change the productive matrix towards creating a society based on common, free and open knowledge” FLOK Society
  81. Best Opportunities3
  82. Generate extra income: share car, house, tools, work1
  83. Entrepreneurship: know and learn to use new tools2
  84. Social Enterprise: prepare for the social, participative welfare era3 “Social enterprise an organization applying commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders”
  86. thanks!(and stop with buzzwords it’s time for the Homo Collaborans) Simone Cicero meedabyte
  87. And HUGE thanks to: Since his presentation is strongly based on collaborative efforts and previous presentations. Special thanks to @albertcanig @btincq (