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Quality Tool

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This is to improve quality

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Quality Tool

  1. 1. Quality we wantWhich is effective
  2. 2. • Every business has to grow up in terms of satisfaction to the customer by the improvement in quality of the product or service with reliability. This leads to the profit of the organization or the company and gives value to it in the global market.• Quality is conformance to the requirements
  3. 3. Objectives to quality improvement• Targeting the failures• Analyzing their root of cause• Finding the solution• Performing the idea to problem• And looking the outcome, whether it satisfies us or not• If yes then OK, else try again the trial
  4. 4. Problem occurs when
  5. 5. concerns with• The persons involved• Their information level• Their practice level• The status of the problem, whether at ground level or at management level• Quantity of problems
  6. 6. For solution of all these issues
  7. 7. Example• Let a quality manager arrange a meeting to find out the approach to improvement of quality.• He asks his 4 departments to attend the meeting.• One persons from each department come with his idea to the meet• Now, the QM has 4 different ideas to improve the quality.
  8. 8. By the Best One Technique Selection of Individuals• Find the information level/ rating (predetermined knowledge, qualification, data collection etc.) and practice level/ rating (experience, training, courses etc.)• Plot the information level and practice level for each individual on BOT Chart.• Find which combination is nearer to the line of quality• The nearer combination is for the best quality as they can remove more and more defects.
  9. 9. Defect Removal
  10. 10. Thank you for your interest