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Increase your Following on Twitter With Hashtags!

Use hashtags at conferences and networking events to create an additional way to connect with people. A custom hashtag for an event give people the opportunity to continue engaging after the event!

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Increase your Following on Twitter With Hashtags!

  1. 1. Good people tend to know other good people.
  2. 2. What is Twitter? Twitter is a big ...
  3. 3. Party!
  4. 4. What is Twitter? What does it mean for your business?
  5. 5. What is Twitter? It is a community builder = share content communicate with anyone, anywhere start conversations
  6. 6. Educate, don’t advertise!
  7. 7. Who would like more Twitter followers?
  8. 8. Sooo..... Where are good people? They are in this room with you right now! Some of the good people in this room are also on Twitter, and they want to hear from you!
  9. 9. Let’s All Follow @MooneeValley_1 This Event has a Twitter account!
  10. 10. The POWER of HASHTAGS Send a Tweet right now using #MVBE Gain more followers!
  11. 11. I will now switch to the #MVBE feed and we will live build a community! Gain more followers!
  12. 12. Find Follow Facilitate The 3 F’s of Twitter
  13. 13. Ask not what Twitter can do for you, ask what you can do for Twitter. Add Value
  14. 14. I am giving away one hour of my time, you can pick my brain about anything Just sign up for my next newsletter by sending me your email address to megan@spendloveandlamb.com or Tweet me your email address to @SpendloveLamb or sign up on the sheet at the front of the room! I will announce the winner in my next newsletter! Let’s stay in touch!