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International Covid Response

  1. International COVID Response Imaan, Zak, Austin, Megan
  2. Table of Contents 1. Problems being Faced 2. Travel 3. Global Response 4. What has Changed?
  3. Problems being Faced
  4. Problems people are having with covid They need to wear mask everywhere to avoid getting sick, most places are closed and you need to stay at least 6 feet away from everyone else, and it makes it difficult to see family. Travel is limited and if you live in a big city you are at a real risk. The issues with covid are also making it more difficult to deal with other issues such as racial issues and wildfires and hurricanes. It is hard to get food, and there are no jobs which means no money. Politics have to deal with covid with the whole mask wearing situation. Some politicians say it’s not necessary to wear them, while others say it is. The BLM protest have also interfered with covid because of the number of protesters going without mask and not social distancing.
  5. Problems people are having with covid. Families are having trouble getting food and having trouble with school. People are losing their jobs, struggling with money, and healthcare. Families are struggling to pay house bills, and homelssness is still an issue. nd-families/
  6. Travel
  7. Travel Restrictions At the beginning of the covid epidemic traveling to other countries was not possible but now in most countries you are able to travel. The CDC does not recommend traveling and if you do there are restrictions some countries have other certain restrictions.The CDC also recommends researching the country and their covid restrictions and the number of people with the coronavirus.
  8. Source Source Completely closed Partially open Canada United States Chile Russia Argentina China Colombia Germany India Australia North Korea Saudi Arabia Peru Turkey Most countries are open to travel with restrictions these are just some of the countries that can and cannot travel with restrictions as of September 18, 2020 Some countries that can travel
  9. What happens when someone gets covid while traveling If you were traveling and you caught covid-19 you would need to be put into quarantine in the country you tested positive in for covid until it is safe for you to go home. If you are traveling with anyone they will need to self quarantine as well for 14 days. Usually countries require you to get a covid test before traveling. Source
  10. Global Responses
  11. CDC Goals and Objectives One Strengthen capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to local COVID-19 cases Two Mitigate COVID-19 transmission in the community, across borders, and in healthcare facilities Three Support governments, nongovernmental organizations, and healthcare facilities to rapidly identify, triage, and diagnose potential cases to improve patient care and minimize disruptions to essential health services
  12. CDC Goals and Objectives Four Address crucial unknowns regarding clinical severity, extent of transmission, and infection with support for special investigations and other forms of cooperation between CDC and country partners Five Ensure readiness to implement vaccines and therapeutics when available.
  13. Top 3 Best International Responses Despite being next to the source of the outbreak, Taiwan has kept public health their #1 priority since this spring, where they quickly closed their borders and banning mask imports while using aggressive precautionary measures South Korea was quick to react to COVID-19, keeping their cases low, all the while developing tests and medical supplies. This has helped their economic status and kept them stable through these tough times Singapore also used aggressive approaches like contact-tracing and conducted widespread testing. Due to awful living conditions, they were hit with a second wave, but they were able to keep their economy stable with multiple, and respectable stimulus checks
  14. What has changed?
  15. Things that have changed for people at home. Many parents have been struggling to educate their kids because of what has changed because of covid. Lock downs have been happening in many countries, only a certain amount of people can go into stores at a time, and you can’t see you friends and sometimes your family in person, all because of covid. You also have to wear masks, and you have to stand at least six feet apart from other people.
  16. Things that have changed in public. Another thing that has changed because of covid are people’s behavior. Because of covid it has gone from happiness and normal, to depression and violence in just the first month. Reasons for that are black lives matter, the president voting, and terrorist attacks. People do not know if this is going to get better or worse.
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