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2019 CURE OM Symposium

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Kenny and Sue Colbert share the story of their daughter, Kenan Colbert Koll, and how it led to the initial investigation of ocular melanoma diagnoses in Huntersville, NC.

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2019 CURE OM Symposium

  1. 1. • Kenny and Sue Colbert • Parents of Kenan Colbert Koll • We have lived in Huntersville, NC for 25 years
  2. 2. • From Kenan’s blog in her own words… • February 2009 - Diagnosed with Choroidal Melanoma in my left eye • February 17, 2009 - -Saw Dr. Mruthyunjaya at Duke University to work out a treatment plan • February 25, 2009 - enucleation to remove the cancer!
  3. 3. Kenan was married June 20, 2009
  4. 4. Kenan married Billy Koll. The love of her life! Billy was there through every scan, doctor’s appointment, and struggle. We are still very close to Billy!
  5. 5. Starting in February 2009, Kenan got a CT scan every 6 months to monitor her body for any cancer cells that may have traveled from her eye to another part of her body. • March 8, 2011 - CT Scan February 22, 2011 - Kenan had a 6 month check up with Dr. Jablon (her wonderful retina doctor in Charleston who originally found the tumor in her eye and scheduled all of her CT scans)
  6. 6. March 9, 2011 - Dr. Jablon called to tell Kenan they found a spot on her liver they had not seen before. They were suspicious the spot may be melanoma so they sent her to MUSC to have a biopsy to confirm. • March 14, 2011 - Fine needle aspiration liver biopsy at MUSC March 15, 2011 - PET Scan
  7. 7. Based on all of the scans and the biopsy the doctors determined that the cancer had spread to Kenan’s liver
  8. 8. Then, there were lots of trips to Philadelphia Treatment with Dr. Sato and Dr. Gonsalves at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  9. 9. Kenan, like Rocky, ready to fight! October 11, 2011 1st Treatment of immunoembolization
  10. 10. Kenan introduces you to Meredith Meredith was 24 years old and also battling metastatic ocular melanoma. They both went to Philadelphia to see Dr. Sato and Dr. Gonsalves for treatment.
  11. 11. • Meredith, Kenan, and Brian
  12. 12. • Kenan and Meredith had A LOT in common. As you know, about 6 in 1 million people are diagnosed with ocular melanoma. About 3 of those 6 people will have melanoma spread to another part of their body. Unfortunately, Kenan and Meredith fell into that very small population. • Get ready for the weird part… • They both were originally diagnosed in 2009, within 2 months of each other. They both went to the same high school, Hopewell High School in Huntersville, NC • Their Dads were fraternity brothers at UNC at the same time (Go Heels)! • The coincidences really made us wonder and our doctors were shocked by all of the similarities! Kenan stated that she absolutely hated that the two of them were battling this terrible cancer, but she was thankful that they had each other. Kenan felt Meredith was the only person in the world who could understand what goes through her mind on a daily basis and she was a great support system.
  13. 13. Meredith and Kenan
  14. 14. • Kenan and Meredith learn about the third young woman from their high school diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in 2013
  15. 15. Summer was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in 2013 • Summer was 19 years old when diagnosed • She attended the same high school that Kenan and Meredith attended • Summer’s cancer metastasized in December 2018 • Summer is being treated at Duke University Hospital
  16. 16. Summer and Meredith
  17. 17. Kenan and Summer never had a chance to meet in person…
  18. 18. Kenan’s treatments continued
  19. 19. •In between treatments… •Kenan and Billy traveled and enjoyed their lives
  20. 20. Married life was filled with love, laughter, travel, and hospitals!
  21. 21. Chicago, West Coast and San Francisco
  22. 22. Billy could always make her laugh!
  23. 23. Her Brother, Pete still follows her lead !
  24. 24. Kenan was Honored by Roy Williams at his annual Cancer Fundraiser a year before she passed away.
  25. 25. April 2014 Queen’s Cup
  26. 26. May 24, 2014 Kenan requested a day at the beach,
  27. 27. Kenan with her father, husband, and brother… four days before…
  28. 28. Kenan attended an engagement party May 25, 2014 The last picture with my sweet Girl!
  29. 29. That Smile
  30. 30. No Words needed…
  31. 31. Kenan passed away May 28, 2014 • Mrs. Kenan Colbert Koll • June 30, 1985 - May 28, 2014 • Charleston, South Carolina She was only 28 years old
  32. 32. • Thank You • Dr. Mruthunjaya, Dr. Sato, Dr. Orloff • And Dr. Gonsalves !
  33. 33. • Huntersville, North Carolina A cancer Cluster of OM in our town
  34. 34. • July 2014 Vicki, Summer, and Courtney’s 1st TV interview to bring attention to our cause
  35. 35. • February 2015 • The original group of 7 … • We discovered each other through social media
  36. 36. Jessica diagnosed November 2017
  37. 37. July 2016 Senator Jeff Tarte secured a $100,000.00 grant to use for an Ocular Melanoma study in Huntersville, NC
  38. 38. Thank You NC State Senator, Natasha Marcus, for introducing a bill to give $100,000 to the Town of Huntersville to aide in finding a cause for the Ocular Melanoma Cancer Cluster in our area. March 2019
  39. 39. Thank You Senator Vickie Sawyer for filing a bill to name and study cancer clusters in NC March 2019
  40. 40. NC Senate Bill 297 Sawyer files Bill To Study Cancer Clusters in NC
  41. 41. Welcome Auburn, Alabama cancer cluster friends Together we fight to find a cause of Ocular Melanoma.
  42. 42. Together, we are looking for a cause to find a Cure OM!
  43. 43. Team OM Thank You