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From Storytelling to Storydoing - IxDA Helsinki meetup 19.11.2015

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From storytelling to storydoing - can the universal language of stories help you in creating truly engaging experiences?

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From Storytelling to Storydoing - IxDA Helsinki meetup 19.11.2015

  1. 1. From storytelling to storydoing IxDA Hel Meetup 19.11.2015 @Futurice Mervi Rauhala @MerviRauhala Photo:Flicrk,rubenalexander(CCBY2.0) Can the universal language of stories help you in creating truly engaging experiences?
  2. 2. @MerviRauhala LEARNING STORYTELLING SERVICE DESIGN COMPANY CULTURE & CAPABILITIES Finally I get to make that witty Chruchill quote for real!
  3. 3. Why are stories so @MerviRauhala
  4. 4. “Neverland is our evolutionary niche, our special habitat.” - Jonathan Gottchal @MerviRauhala Photo:Flickr,CCBY2.0)thejbird
  5. 5. @MerviRauhala
  6. 6. Universial storylanguage - some basic @MerviRauhala
  7. 7. Fighting the monster Rags to riches Voyage – there and back Storyplots we all love
  8. 8. @MerviRauhala The metaplot of all pliots The superstory- mother of all plots?
  9. 9. STRENGHTS: Nice, down to earth, emphatetic, easy to approach, familiar and safe, realiable and honest, common sense, wants to see good in everything WEAKNESSES: Not the best leader and decicion maker, predictable and bit boring, naiive CRYPTONITE: Unexpected events, surprises ”One for all and all for one!” Desire to fit in and belong @MerviRauhala
  10. 10. STRENGHTS: Energetic, innovative, free, questions things, thinks outside the box, not afraid to take risks, makes decicons fast, acts and does things WEAKNESSES: Recklessness, rudeness, takes unnecessary risks, fanatism, fails to analyze things objectively CRYPTONITE: To be captivated or imprisoned ”Rules are made to be broken!” Desire to be free @MerviRauhala
  11. 11. STRENGHTS: Puts others first, serves others unselfisly, rolemodel, helps others to see their selfisness and enables empathy WEAKNESSES: Can become a martyr and be overly sacrificing, may see others only in passive need of help- not as independent actors CRYPTONITE: Hypocracy, powerlessness in the face of huge word scale problems ”I will protect you from everything.” Desire to be freeDesire to help others, empathy @MerviRauhala
  12. 12. STRENGHTS: Lives in a moment, doesn’t take anything too seriously & nothing is too sacred, loves attention, questions things and turnes them upsidedown, speaks up even when others dont dare WEAKNESSES: Witty comments and funny jokes can also be mean and hurt others CRYPTONITE:Dullness, nothing fun and exciting to do ”You only live once!” Desire to entertain, make people laugh @MerviRauhala
  13. 13. STRENGHTS: Determination, resilience, ability to take action and initiative, not afraid of challenges, shows leadership in difficult situations WEAKNESSES: Doer not a thinker, not a great strategist CRYPTONITE: Fear, being a chicken ”If there is a will, there is a way!” Desire to show courage and achieve goals
  14. 14. What kind of stories? What kind of experiences?
  15. 15. From storytelling to @MerviRauhala
  16. 16. ”The user is not a passive participant but actively creating the story by interacting with her environment and the storyelements the service provides. Design should be for all senses creating an immersive storyexperience.” https://www.facebook.com/StorificationMethod/
  17. 17. Start up sequence Presentation Amplifying Acceleration, heating up, culmination Resolution Fade out Anne Kalliomäki, Tarinakone
  19. 19. ” The goal of projects like this is to make people more empathetic, so that they become better global citizens and think about humanity in a different way.” -Nonny de la Peña, CEO of Emblematic Group @MerviRauhala Source: http://www.immersivejournalism.com/project-syria-premieres-at-the-world-economic-forum/
  20. 20. Source: http://www.welovelyka.com/ Storytelling or experience design?
  21. 21. Source: https://unimersiv.com/
  22. 22. ”Story is the same. It’s the telling of the story that is changing.” - Lance Weiler Photo: Flickr, Bago Games, CC BY 2.0
  23. 23. For more story/experience inspiration • Anne Kalliomäki, storydesigner, Tarinakone https://www.facebook.com/StorificationMeth od/ • http://futureofstorytelling.org/ • http://www.lanceweiler.com/ • James Buckhouse https://medium.com/design-story • www.storytelling.fi (in Finnish)
  24. 24. @MerviRauhala Relatable Mystery Conflict and drama Surprise Metapfor Emotional engagement Names and details No jargon! Authentic and credible Simple Thanks!