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Bodegas Martinez Saez

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Bodegas Martinez Saez, based in the Denomination of Origin La Mancha has tasked Messum Export with the introduction of its various wines into the UK and Irish markets.

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Bodegas Martinez Saez

  1. 1. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZOne Man’s VisionForming part of the Denomination of Origin of LaMancha and situated in the San Joséestate, Bodegas Martinez Saez, is the product ofone man’s dream to bring innovation andproduction quality to his beloved wine growinglands.In a clear break with what seems to be the localtradition of making bulk, low grade wine, Don AngelMartinez has, over the last half a century, created abodega that seeks to challenge quantity withquality.The winery, which after years of cleverinvestment, can boast some of the most modernproduction techniques, is set among 115 hectares(284 acres) of sandy La Mancha soil, with anaverage height of over 850 metres above sea level.Aromatic wild herbs of mint and rosemary, extremedaily variations in temperature and a steady but notexcessive annual rainfall mean that BodegasMartinez Saez enjoys a remarkably unique micro-climate in which to care for its array of grapevarieties.With conditions like these its little wonder DonMartinez chose this site to set up camp and preachto the world about the quality and potential of D.O.La Mancha.
  2. 2. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZVital Statistics Location: Denomination of Origin La Mancha Size: 115 Hectares (c. 284 Hectares) Altitude: Average altitude over 850m Varieties: White: Macabeo, Chardonnay, Moscatel Red: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Garnacha, Petit Verdot Vines: Trellis. Average age over 20 years. c. 320,000 vines Average yield 3Kg/vine Soil: Clay and Sand. Poor in organic matter Rainfall: Low. c. 200 l/year Production: c.1m K/year
  3. 3. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZThe WinesBodegas Martinez Saez – Vino de La Tierra Selección Rosa Rosae Duo Chardonnay Moscatel
  4. 4. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZSelecciónVariety: 50% cabernet 20 Merlot 20% Syrah 10% TempranilloVinification:Temperature controlled fermentation for at least threeweeks. Aged in French Allier oak for 14 months and afurther 18 months in the bottle.Tasting Notes:Intense cherry red in colour with light brick tones. Elegantand intense on the nose and strong black fruits in themouth with pronounced but balanced tannins fading toliquorice and Tabaco aromas.
  5. 5. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZRosa RosaeVariety: 100% SyrahVinification:All grapes from the surrounding estate collected andbrought to the bodega within five minutes of harvest. Coolmaceration for at least seven hours, then must is allowedto settle before temperature controlled fermentation.Tasting Notes:Base red with glints of purple and pink. Ripe raspberryand caramelised strawberries on the nose with asurprisingly crisp sweetness due its it’s good acidity. Fullbodied with persistent fruity and floral notes. A lightnessnot common to Syrah has been achieved.
  6. 6. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZDuoVariety: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 50% SyrahVinification:Old trellis wines from the San Jose Estate. Fermentationand ageing of the two varieties is done separately untilthey are combined in coupage. Temperature controlledand devatted after 32 days. Malolactic fermentation innew French Oak barrels for 14 months and aged a further12 months in bottle.Tasting Notes:Ruby red in colour and elegant on the nose. Ripe fruitand fresh spice blend elegantly to lend this wine a wellintegrated delicacy with light milky notes. A complex, fullbodied and tremendously balanced blend that is long inthe mouth.
  7. 7. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZChardonnayVariety: 100% ChardonnayVinification:Cold slow maceration and fermentation at controlledtemperatures. Further maceration on the lees.Tasting Notes:Straw yellow with light vegetable green hues. Stone fruitnotes are present as are crisp slate tones and crispacidity.Its time on the lees lends an intriguing complexity withboth light cream notes and acidity providing ample grip.
  8. 8. BODEGAS MARTINEZ SAEZMoscatelVariety: 100% MoscatelVinification:Slow fermentation at cool temperatures. Controlled tomaintain the natural sugars ay approximately 80 gramsper litre.Tasting Notes:Pale yellow with golden tints and a captivatingtransparency. Immediately floral notes that mellow totropical fruit and citrus quince undertonesFinely balanced with good acidity to keep it fresh andlively and avoid the cloying nature of some many otherpoor Moscatel examples. Lasting citrus fruit aftertaste.
  9. 9. VIÑA ORCE – D.O. La ManchaBy Martinez Saez Viña Orce, Red Crianza – Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Viña Orce, Red – Tempranillo 2010 Viña Orce, White – Macabeo 2010 Viña Orce, Rosé – Merlot 2010 Viña Escamel, Sparkling BN – Macabeo, Chardonnay 2006
  10. 10. MESSUM EXPORTTo assist with their entry into what is an Contact Usentirely new market for thewinery, Martinez Saez has appointedMessum Export as exclusiverepresentatives for the UK and Ireland.With offices in both Spain andEngland, Messum Export is well placed toliaise between supplier and distributor inaddition to offering various ancillary Tel: 0034 675 367 683marketing and promotional supportservices. Email: info@messumexport.com Web: www.messumexport.comBenefits to Importer/Distributor: Skype: mickmessum Proven Minimum Sales On-going sales generation Consumer-centric marketing support Supplier /Distributor liaison Linguistic services