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Artificial Intelligence in Education|Evolve Machine Learners

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A presentation about the Global Education Crisis and how AI can help us resolve this issue.

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Artificial Intelligence in Education|Evolve Machine Learners

  1. 1. AI in Education Evolve Machine Learners
  2. 2. What is Machine Learning?
  3. 3. Machine Learning Defined GPU chipmaker NVIDIA defines machine learning as "the practice of using algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and then make a determination or prediction about something in the world."
  4. 4. Global Education Crisis Without learning, education will fail to deliver on its promise to eliminate extreme poverty and create shared opportunity and prosperity for all. Even after several years in school, millions of children cannot read, write or do basic math. This learning crisis is widening social gaps instead of narrowing them. Young students who are already disadvantaged by poverty, conflict, gender or disability reach young adulthood without even the most basic life skills.
  5. 5. Global Education Crisis Students all learn differently, and a good teacher must attempt to deliver lessons in a way that resonates with every child in the classroom. Some students may have behavioral or psychological problems that inhibit or complicate that process. Others may have parents who are not involved enough, in their education. Effective teachers must be able to navigate these many hurdles while satisfying often-changing curriculum requirements.
  6. 6. Global AI Landscape
  7. 7. Building blocks of AI Edtech Platform The best teachers are excellent at 2 things: ● A nuanced understanding of student ● Extremely amazing appreciation with the content and the context in which content is delivered. So to build an intelligent and personalized system that can scale to every student, Student Intelligence and Content Intelligence is needed.
  8. 8. AI and Ed Tech Based on those three types of models, the AI and Ed system through a piece of software and an interface which could be screen based interface or it could these days be slightly different, would interact with the learner and take them down to most optimal path to improve their learning outcomes. Model of School Curriculum (For particular subject like Maths) + Model of Learners (record how learners interact with software and use that recording to make predictions about how that child is progressing) + Model of How to Teach
  9. 9. Intelligent Tutoring Systems Through AI, tutoring and study programs are growing more advanced, capable of teaching fundamentals to students struggling with basic concepts. Already, there are intelligent tutoring systems such as Carnegie Learning that use data to provide feedback and work with students directly.
  10. 10. Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  11. 11. Personalization It can be overwhelmingly difficult for one teacher to figure out how to meet the needs of every student in his/her classroom: remedial students, advanced students, ESL students and the disabled all need to have the same access to learning. AI systems easily adapt to each student’s individual learning needs and can target instruction based on their strengths and weaknesses, meaningless work for teachers and a more meaningful learning experience for students.
  12. 12. Personalization
  13. 13. Course Improvement Teachers may not always be aware of gaps in their lectures and educational materials that can leave students confused about certain concepts. Artificial intelligence offers a way to solve that problem. Coursera, a massive open online course provider, is already putting this into practice. When a large number of students are found to submit the wrong answer to a homework assignment, the system alerts the teacher and gives future students a customized message that offers hints to the correct answer.
  14. 14. Trial and Error Learning made Easy Trial and error is a critical part of learning, but for many students, the idea of failing, or even not knowing the answer, is paralyzing. Some simply don’t like being put on the spot in front of their peers or authority figures like a teacher. An intelligent computer system, designed to help students to learn, is a much less daunting way to deal with trial and error. Artificial intelligence could offer students a way to experiment and learn in a relatively judgment-free environment, especially when AI tutors can offer solutions for improvement.
  15. 15. Future of AI in Edtech
  16. 16. Future of AI in Edtech
  17. 17. 1st - We’re going to build our model to detect pneumonia 2nd - Apply the same concepts to other diseases 3rd - Build Web & Mobile Platform for doctors to use (Applications in 3rd world are HUGE!) Conditions we’ll try to build our model to detect: Atelectasis Consolidation Infiltration Pneumothorax Edema Emphysema Fibrosis Effusion Pneumonia Pleural_thickening Cardiomegaly Nodule Mass Hernia
  18. 18. Bank 3rd Party Cybersecurity System Data Analyst
  19. 19. ● Jobs ● Freelance ● AI Startups How can you build your career in AI & Machine Learning?
  20. 20. Jobs ● Artificial Intelligence jobs posted on Linkedin. 5000+
  21. 21. Freelance ● AI & Machine Learning jobs posted only on upwork today. 200+ ● Average per hour rate of an AI freelance engineer: $40-$100 on upwork
  22. 22. Freelance AI Engineers on Upwork and their per hour rates
  23. 23. AI Startups Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry, AI will now do the same. -Andrew NG
  24. 24. Winner Takes All If businesses and organizations don't adapt, they may well become extinct.
  25. 25. There is an AI solution to every business problem - Finance (Safer Trading, Fraud Prevention, Personalized Investment Plans) - Marketing (Automating Repetitive Tasks, Sales Through Images and Videos, Content Generation) - Customer Support (Handling Multiple Customers at a Time, More Effective Phone Support) - Medicine (Mining Valuable Information From Untapped Data, Effective Treatment Plans, More Efficient Primary Care) - Real Estate (Better And Faster Communication, Automating Property Valuation, Promoting Rental Booking, Relevant Product Recommendations, Customer Engagement) - And More...