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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Michael Anderson DP Cyber Driller Profile: A well travelled, experienced, and highly adverse person who has a wide range of individual and, more importantly, team capabilities with a high degree of self discipline, ambition and will to succeed. A highly motivated, decisive and adaptable person who: - Communicates very effectively at all levels within any organisation. - Approaches every challenge with a logical and methodical manner, always striving for excellence in every aspect of task. - Recognises himself as an important team player in any situation, but also has initiative and leadership qualities. - Can accept and execute any level of responsibility or instruction. - Identifies the requirement to adapt to, and respect different cultures, whilst endeavouring to keep own personal identity.
  2. 2. Personal Details: Name: Date of Birth: Marital status: Nationality: N.I. No: Passport No: Driving License: Michael Anderson 9th of December 1975 Married British JG 89 91 02 C 720085499 / 500 Full UK driving license Address: Tel No: Mob No: Email: 36 Rowan Grove, Smithton, Inverness, IV2 7PG, Inverness- shire, Scotland, UK +44(0)7554 396 949 eran.ou@hotmail.co.uk Education: Institution From – To Subject Grade Result Fraserburgh Academy 1992-93 Maths, English, Chemistry, Geography, Technical Drawing Physics. 6 Highers 3 x ‘A’ 3 x ‘B’ Fraserburgh Academy 1987-91 Maths, English, Chemistry, Geography, Art, Technical Drawing Physics, Physical Education. 6 Standard grades 2 O grades All 2’s 2’s Additional Courses/ Certificates: Certificates/Courses Issue Date I.W.C.F. – Drilling Supervisor Level - 4 OPITO approved HUET Basic Safety Training Current Offshore Medical Driller Cap. – Offshore Driller Cap. – Onshore M.E.M. Offshore Lifeboat Coxwain Training (Twinfall) Exp: 6th of Feb. 2018 Exp: 30th of Sep. 2018 Exp: 30st of Sep. 2018 Exp: 18th of Mar. 2017 Comp: 6th of Apr. 2011 Comp: 8th of Jun. 2012 Comp: 18th of Jan. 2013 Exp: 19th of Nov. 2016 Other Courses of Interest: - Safety reps course - Pressure Vessels - BOP Dow ntime - BOP Equipment - Drilling Practices - Banks man / Slinging - Rigging andlifting - Fire team member - Helicopter fire fighting - Drillingcalculations - Safety leadership training - Safety Focus 1 - Safety Focus 2 - Safety Focus 3 - Confinedspaces - Portable radiouser/ Short range radiocertificate
  3. 3. Work Experience: Javea Alarms – Technician / Fitter (June 2016 – Dec 2017) I began working with Javea Alarms after I was made redundant from my offshore job. My duties included the setting up and installation of all security equipment including keyboards, bells, sensors, control pads and cameras. I was also involved in the maintenance side of already installed sytems, travelling throughout the Costa Blanca area. Ocean-Rig – Driller (2013 – June 2016) I began my career with Ocean-Rig by joining the DS Athena while it was in the Samsung shipyard in Korea. I partook in the commissioning of all drilling equipment and also the final integrity testing before the vessel was released for drilling operations with Conoco Philips in Angola. I have then served as main well driller overseeing our dual activity operations. Countries: Korea, Thailand, South Africa and Angola. Transocean – Assistant Driller / Driller (2006 – Present Day) I began my career with Transocean on the DS Deepwater Discovery as assistant driller, I hence became proficient in all areas of their Cyber base HITEC system at both assistant driller and drillers level. I was then transferred to a DP converted semi submersible, the S706 on which I worked as driller for 4 years. Countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon and Brazil. Dolphin Drilling – Roughneck / Derrickman (2005 – 2006) During my time at Dolphin I continued to improve my knowledge and experience, gaining promotion to Derrickman and also relieved as Assistant Driller on a number of occasions. I worked on the Borgsten Dolphin in Uk waters.
  4. 4. Global Sante Fe – Roustabout / Roughneck (2001 – 2005) Over 5 years I gained valuable knowledge and experience in a vast array of offshore drilling and drilling related operations. Working as a Roughneck and Roustabout my duties included deck maintenance, banksman and slinger, crane maintenance. Rigs worked were the jack ups: Galaxy 3 and Magellan and also the semi submersible Rig 140, all of which were in UK waters. Infantry Soldier – 1 Highlanders / British Army (1996 – 2001) As an infantry soldier I experienced a wide range of roles including: peace keeping, public duties and regimental recruitment. As a former member of the British Army I was well trained in a variety of roles such as telecommunications, security guarding, warehousing, first aid and latterly, in team leading and man management. However the main bulk of my time in the British Army was taken up by deployment to Northern Ireland. In 3 operational tours I became well experienced in public order, patrolling and security. Languages: English is my first language but I can communicate effectively in both Spanish and Portuguese. About Me, SelectedAchievements and Military Decorations: I live on the Costa Blanca in Spain with my lovely wife Amanda. My interests include running, weight training, football and socializing with friends. Was an active member of the Scottish Schools Athletic Association and Scottish Amateur Athletic Association middle distance squads between the ages of 14-19 after winning a large number of decorations at local, district and national level whilst competing for both Fraserburgh Running Club and Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club. In 1998 awarded the General Service medal for Service in Northern Ireland and in 2000 awarded Top Student in British Forces Telecommunications Cadre.