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  1. 1. Michael E. Field, CVE 7460 WILSHIRE ! WEST BLOOMFIELD! MI ! 48322 ! TELEPHONE VM: 248-761-1592 ! E-MAIL: MEFIELD23@GMAIL.COM 1:4 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY A corporate professional, Audio/Video/VTC Systems Analyst with progressively responsible experience, possessing current technical acuity, strong program management competency, proactive problem solving skills with attention to detail; works well in a team-oriented environment. ! Successful program and project manager. ! Expertise in A/V equipment, video conferencing, Unified Communications and Collaboration. ! Knowledge of video projectors, AMX and Crestron Control Systems as well as PictureTel, Polycom and Tandberg videoconferencing codecs. ! General knowledge of Digital Signage, PC networking and video networked systems for retail, education, municipal, state and federal government. ! Acted as liaison for 5 operating divisions regarding: systems use and capabilities, research analysis, new product solutions, master installation scheduling, material requirements planning - resulting in a fully integrated video conferencing, training and distance learning systems. ! On-site consultant. ! Estimator, pre and post sales - in excess of one hundred million dollars. EXPERIENCE 4/6-10/30/16 MEDICAL LEAVE Non-work related Hip surgery 11/13-1/16 FORD MOTOR COMPANY DEARBORN, MI Video Conferencing Engineer ! Hired to provide expertise on WebEx to Room project. ! Responsible for performing lab testing, documentation and certification of Video Conferencing equipment and operating systems. ! Worked with various video groups on enhancing video conferencing rooms. ! Provided technical expertise for new video projects. ! Designed and documented test plans and results ! Consulted on Prysm project 9/12-4/13 UNIFIED BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES TROY, MI Video Teleconferencing Project Manager ! Provided technical A/V solutions at TACOM/TARDEC government facilities, initial customer relationships and quoting of misc. audio /video projects for multiple client lists. ! Analyzed the needs of the user and recommended hardware solutions. ! Completed systems review of current audiovisual systems. ! Managed repairs and installations of VTC systems and office displays. 9/10-3/12 PRO-MOTION TECHNOLOGY GROUP WIXOM, MI Solution Architect ! Assisted the Technical Solutions Group in design details, initial customer relationships and quoting of misc. projects for multiple client lists. ! Analyzed the needs of the user and recommended hardware solutions for digital signage applications. ! Completed systems review of current audiovisual systems. ! Designed commercial A/V systems from concept to installation. ! Performed maintenance, adds, moves, and changes of all Digital Signage services. ! Monitored the operation and quality for all Digital Signage System Networks. ! R&D setup of touch screen displays and players for client development and delivery of content.
  2. 2. MICHAEL E. FIELD 2:4 ! Daily monitoring of Scala and SignChannel devices on clients’ network. ! Assisted in roll out of interactive display programs for Microsoft, Mercedes. ! Media duplication of client content for distributing, ensuring brand messages are delivered as envisioned. 1/06-10/09 BLUE SHIELD OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO, CA Lead Telecommunications Analyst (Tier III) ! Reviewed, monitored, and interpreted communication systems and process to assure to information and resources including voice, video, data and network. ! Analyzed the needs of the user and recommended hardware and/or software solutions, and maintained telecommunication systems as required. ! Served as a liaison between users, technical staff and vendors for business and technology requirements, problems, services and training. ! Provided administrative, technical and analytical support to all users of telecommunication systems. ! Managed the day-to-day execution activities for MAC requests. ! Performed maintenance, adds, moves, and changes of all telecommunication services. ! Monitored the operation and quality of data telecommunication services of vendors. ! Prepared specifications for implementation of new internal programs or modifications to vendor software. ! Provided formal and informal user training on various telecommunication systems. ! Supported the day-to-day operations of the A/V conferencing services and the Polycom MGC-50 video conferencing bridge ! Provided troubleshooting for audio and video conferencing issues. 11/02- 5/05 GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION WARREN, PONTIAC, MILFORD, MI Operations Technical Support Coordinator ! Main contact IS&S/IT/VTC coordinator for technical problems in dedicated Vehicle Line Executive Teleconference Rooms. ! Performed diagnostic functional problem solving VLE Teleconference Rooms and PC support. ! Created reporting mechanisms, activities and data to executive management. ! Designed, engineered “Floating” Video Display in Warren GM Tech Center lobby. Expert knowledge of video conferencing equipment: standalone and integrated. ! Video engineer and consultant, working with others, in the area of design and structure of two-way interactive NetMeeting and WebEx applications. Also served as a training and resource advisor for video collaboration equipment. ! Skilled specialist in electronic interface equipment integrating PC computers, video projectors and audio equipment, touch screen controls, multiple position computer access systems in a conference room environment. ! GM utilized my expertise in the area of design and engineering as these functions apply to making wise purchasing decisions. ! Managed GM/EDS for Global Video Teleconferencing support. ! Repaired equipment in-house whenever possible, reducing financial costs to the corporation. 6/01-7/02 CITY ANIMATION COMPANY TROY, MI Video Technologist ! Represented the corporation: locally, regionally and nationally with high-profile clients and trade shows. ! Achieved prime positioning for corporate growth by structured marketing; tradeshow involvement, promotional campaigns, demonstrating products, services and technology. ! Technically supported service and sales concerning Polycom video teleconferencing systems. ! Headed sales efforts – winning market share advantage.
  3. 3. MICHAEL E. FIELD 3:4 3/95-4/01 CLOVER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. WIXOM, MI Senior A/V Technology Integration Engineer/VTC Systems Engineer ! Directly reported to the Vice President of Professional Services. ! Managed and supervised 6 Clover offices across the country on video integration and video conferencing. ! Key corporate liaison: Engineering, Education, Information Systems, Estimating, Sales and Technical Support Divisions. ! Supported sales and distribution of Sony Broadcast products. ! Comprehensive design knowledge of voice and Polycom, Tandberg and PictureTel video teleconferencing systems. ! Wide-ranging design knowledge of audio/video, VTC and CCTV systems. ! Conducted industry competitive research employing: Internet, libraries and industry publications. ! Monitored and analyzed quality control effort, PictureTel 900 beta test site. ! Program managed full-cycle deployment of design, architecture, new technology, integrated projects, cost estimation, client specifications, product and service installation, maintenance and on-going technical support, profit and cost effective goals and scheduling ! Historically delivered products and services on-time, within budget ! Instructor: corporate staff, client on-site end user and training lab venues ! Oversaw proposal, contract agreement guidelines to ensure rendering of detailed specifications. ! Attained critical deadline expectations, displaying organizational skills with dominant focus on details. ! Exemplary relationship management with K-12 teachers, college and university professors, administrators and board members. ! Project manager/engineer on State of Maine educational video conferencing project. ! Initiator, vendor relations, targeting and reviewing quality performance and cost effectiveness. Sales Engineer ! Achieved prime positioning for corporate growth by structured marketing; tradeshow involvement, promotional campaigns, demonstrating thorough products, services and technology - gaining a competitive advantage, resulting in increased share and return on investment. ! Serviced in access of 300 accounts. ! Cited in access of 20 times for exceptional professional conduct by colleagues and executive management. EDUCATION – TECHNICAL CERTIFICATIONS B.A. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, BUSINESS MARKETING Blue Shield 2007 Combined Refresher Training BlueCross BlueShield (BCBSA) Brand Training Blue Shield IT Change Management Blue Shield Incident Management Course Blue Shield HIPAA Privacy Training Blue Shield Brand Training Blue Shield Security Awareness Training Blue Shield Comprehensive Code of Business Conduct Training Extron Product Training and Quality Assurance Program General Motors N.A. IS&S Product Development / IT Processes Training Autopatch Product/Technical Certification, Level 1 and 2 Polycom (PictureTel) Certified Video Engineer (CVE), Technical Program AMX NetLinx Designer AMX WebLinx Designer AMX Touch Panel Design III AMX Installation Support and Access Programming AMX Intensive Product Training and Quality Assurance Programs
  4. 4. Crestron Programming and Product Training MICHAEL E. FIELD 4:4 Certified Technical Specialist (CTS) General DataCOM MAC 500 Video Conferencing Bridge Configuration and Networking Polycom/Accord Networks MGC-50/100 Video Conferencing Bridge Training FVC.COM Video Networking Training, Technical Support Levels 1 and 2 General DataCOM MAC 500 Video Conferencing Bridge Configuration and Networking Polycom/Accord Networks MGC-50/100 Video Conferencing Bridge Training FVC.COM Video Networking Training, Technical Support Levels 1 and 2 COMPUTER SKILLS SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE: Scala Content Manager, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad iOS 9, iMovie, and Windows 7, PC compatible proficiency, Cisco Lync/Meeting Place, SMART Technologies, Cisco WebEx, MS Office Suite 2013, IE 11, BlackBerry, Visio 5.0, VIDEO CONFERENCING: PictureTel, WebEx, Tandberg, VTel, Accord, Polycom, vBrick, Radvision, vCon, Sony, FVC.COM and Cisco IPTV, CCTV Security. REFERENCES Upon Request