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  1. 1. Michael Thompson ADDRESS: TELEPHONE: 2041 Laurel Point Road Lancaster. VA 22503 Home: 804-435-1468 E-mail: lanbuilder@va.metrocast.net CITIZENSHIP: CLEARANCE: Naturalized Citizen April 1988. Naturalization certificate number 12339077 DoD Top Secret, Inactive DoD Secret, active EDUCATION: British Professional Qualification - Member of the British Computer Society. Equivalent to a masters degree. SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: A very broad range of experience using many hardware platforms and software development environments. All positions have required being a "hands-on" supervisor and most have required recruiting, training, and developing staff. I have extensive experience in large scale LAN and WAN engineering, process engineering, quality engineering, software development and integrating applications across multiple hardware platforms. I believe that I am able to offer an almost unique blend of experience in PC and network systems, covering engineering, design and maintenance services as well as the ability to design and integrate systems using purpose designed software and standard commercial software. I have extensive experience in planning and managing software development and hardware integration efforts to maximize income on fixed price contracts. I have extensive experience in verbal presentations, and in preparing written reports and proposals. I have considerable success in bringing sales opportunities to closure and a long record of very high customer satisfaction and expansion of contracts after award. CHRONOLOGICAL WORK EXPERIENCE: KPI and Metrics Lead 08/01/2008 – 11/30/2009 A senior member of the quality team acting as an internal consultant, tasked with assisting in the effort to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification by November 2009 and move toward ISO 20000 certification in the following year. A secondary requirement was to define corporate management information requirements and develop a Management Information System and metrics that would provide senior management with the tools needed for process improvement, and optimizing the efficiency of the corporate management processes.
  2. 2. Project Manager - EDS 01/24/2000 - 11/30/2007 Project manager assigned to multiple projects. At NAVINPO, I was assigned as the network manager for the Navy Yard and all CNO networks and assisted in the proposal work for the NMCI contract. After the award of the NMCI contract I was transferred to a new project as the technical lead on the Tennessee Network Integration project, responsible for the establishment of the network operations center and the oversight and planning of the installation and monitoring of the new network. Once the TNNI network installation was completed I was assigned to a special project and was responsible for the establishment of the needed tools, processes and documentation to bring the USGS group in EDS into ISO 9001:2000 compliance within six months of starting the project. After completion of the ISO certification project I transferred to the HUD HITS contract team to win and support the HUD HITS contract. My responsibilities included bringing the HUD HITS contract into ISO 9001:2000 compliance, within 6 month of contract award. This was achieved with zero non-compliance findings at the certification audit. I was responsible for the network design and wireless services on the HUD HITS contract. I was responsible for expanding the wireless services portion of the HUD HITS contract by over 800% over the first 2 years of the contract. Senior Project Engineer - Bell Atlantic Network Integration 12/1/1997 - 01/23/2000 Senior Project Engineer assigned to campus wide network integration projects that included a major ATM backbone network, which was the first operational implementation of Cisco LANE, for the Georgetown University Medical Center with switched Ethernet to the desktop, and for SAIC to support the STARS2 project. Responsible for design, consultancy and pre-sales support on a number of large network integration projects, covering both cable plant design and active equipment network designs. This included a major project to install the first campus wide network with a gigabit backbone and 100 megabit service to users at Catholic university. Responsible for the oversight and management of the implementation of both the cable plant and active equipment installation projects both small and large. Senior Design Engineer - Hi-Tech International Inc. 11/20/95 - 11/30/97 Senior Design Engineer, responsible for the design and management of major WAN and LAN projects, project management, staff development and development of marketing opportunities Supervised major network installation projects. Responsible for liaison with major hardware manufacturers. Prepared designs and quotations for major network projects. Worked with sales staff to bring sales opportunities to final closure, and in the expansion of sales opportunities working directly with senior client staff. Responsible for all SMDS, Frame Relay, and ISDN VTC installations, as a subcontractor to Bell
  3. 3. Atlantic on the TEMPO contract. Provided project planning and management consultancy to the Bell Atlantic engineering group. Program Manager - SMS Data Products Group 07/19/93 -11/17/95 Senior engineer managing multiple fiber optic network installations for DoD clients on the TEMPO contract. Responsible for the installation of the first switched backbone network in the Pentagon. Clients included Secretary of Defense, C3I, OUSD(A), OUSD(P), OGC, OSD- Comptroller, IPSG, BUPERS, Navy JAG. Navy Public Works, Defense Printing Service, Air Force Logistics Group, Army Information Management Center. Total value of contracts managed exceeded 9 million dollars. All contracts completed on time and within budget. Prepared project plans, recruited staff and directed on-site installation and support work. Provided technical leadership and training to staff on installation projects. Responsible for technical design, client liaison and resource allocation. Lead Information Engineer - ADEENA Corporation 03/08/92 - 5/14/93 Provided technical leadership to the staff supporting the Cruise Missile Program and the AEGIS Program of the Department of the Navy. Responsible for the formulation of the Information Resource Management Strategic Plan for the AEGIS Program. The strategic planning activities required being familiar with all new DoD and Navy regulations and defining the impact of the new DoD CIM initiatives and regulations on the AEGIS program. Senior Analyst - Cordant 08/06/90 - 02/08/92 Responsible for the planning, cost estimating, and scheduling of tasks awarded under the TAMS contract. I ensured that all resources required for a task were available and provided technical guidance to TAMS staff. Responsible for the design and programming on software development projects for a number of studies relating to statistics and cost optimization for the FTS2000 network. Most of the development work required operating in a prototyping environment to prepare systems in the minimum time. Responsible for the selection of hardware and software, and network design to support all office automation and client/server software development services. Lead Analyst - Trawick and Associates 09/01/87 - 08/06/90 Worked as a consultant on site to Centel Federal Systems working on the TAMS (Technical Assistance and Management Support) contract for GSA in support of the FTS2000 project. Responsible for the selection of all hardware and software used in support of the contract to a value of about $2 million. Responsible for the design, installation and administration of two local area networks for the project. Designed four networks to support GSA in the administration of the FTS2000 project. Planned the linking of all networks in the Centel Federal Services group.
  4. 4. For three years supported the US Secret Service Network Control Center. The tasks involved maintenance of the systems on a real time message switch and support of ancillary systems. The work involved producing conceptual designs for solutions to interface the Secret Service message system with NCIC, NLETS and various other classified computer systems running on diverse hardware. Designed and developed a trouble reporting system for managing computer equipment fault reporting and repairs for use by NARDAC. Developed and supervised the implementation of a training plan for naval technicians for PC and peripheral maintenance as part of the NARDAC support contract. For GTE Telecom designed and supervised the development of the billing system, the vendor accounts system, the customer accounts system, call charges processing system and control accounts system in addition to several major extensions to the Network Account Management System. Project Manager - Computer Data Systems, Inc. 07/15/86 - 08/31/87 On a contract with GTE Telecom to design, develop and install two major systems for Telecommunications order processing and tracking, and for Telecommunications billing and accounts. The systems were developed using high productivity programming methods developed my myself on PCS. After testing the software was installed on a Unix local area network in the client's offices with no code changes. Responsible for the supervision of all staff allocated to the project, for the technical and design quality assurance and for negotiations with the client. As a result of the success of the programming methods I developed, I was asked to investigate the application of these tools in other sections of CDSI. Evaluated and introduced the use of the Microfocus COBOL tools that allow CICS and IMS code and programs to be developed on stand alone PC computers and uploaded to the IBM mainframe when fully tested. Project Leader - Computer Data Systems, Inc. 03/19/84 - 07/31/86 Department of Transportation contract - Responsible for the design and installation of two major distributed data collection systems for the National Accident Sampling System (NASS), and the Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS). Responsible for the design of both the NASS and FARS systems and supervised all technical aspects of the programming and installation of these systems. Evaluated software development and communications packages which were proposed for the NASS and FARS systems. Responsible for the design and implementation of a microcomputer system which allows users to access the Department of Energy contract budget data base, extract information from the data base and download the information to the micro-computer for inclusion in LOTUS 1-2-3 spreadsheets for modification and manipulation or printing. Director of Computer Services - Applied Health Physics 10/10/83 - 03/17/84 Responsible for design and installation of computer systems for personnel radiation exposure
  5. 5. monitoring, Health Physics Laboratory reports, leak test monitoring and recording, radioactive waste inventory, shipment control, inventory, invoicing, and client accounts. These systems were developed using a system generator called Tomorrow's Office on an IBM XT under MS/DOS.