[Dove] Mobile Strategy

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28 Feb 2015

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[Dove] Mobile Strategy

  1. S Team 1 Michela Caltran | Roushan Kumar | Roman Malyshev Francis Martinez | Gregory Vanhaute | Ding Zhao
  2. 1. Presenting the App 2. What areas of the mobile areas of focus, does the app address and in what degree? 3. How does the app fulfill the promise of SoLoMo? 4. Does the app leverage social media? How? Does it do it well? 5. What utility does the app provide for the consumer? 6. How does the app market your company's product or service? 7. Does the app focus on a particular subset of customers? 8. Is the app effective? Any suggestions you might have to improve the app? Agenda
  3. Presenting the App When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful? Don’t be camera shy. Be confident. Embrace the camera. Show us your smile!
  4. Mobile Areas  Dove Photo Booth is an app directly connected to the Self Esteem campaign launched by Dove in 2004. The structure is very simple: the user can take a series of consecutive photos and share them on social media, like Facebook and Instagram.  The application is clearly based on Connection, since it is based on sharing photos online and connecting with others who used the same app. It is another example of how Dove is focusing its campaign on Social Media, in order to spread awareness and to position itself as a thoughtful and caring brand.  Dove Photo Booth also provides Content: the app features the Beauty Legacy Video from Dove’s Self Esteem Campaign. Content Connections
  5. SoLoMo Mobile Users can take their pictures anywhere anytime and share them online. Local When sharing their pictures, users can also share their location. Dove can collect information about its target. Social It connects multiple users who share their picture on Facebook and Instagram. The photos will appear with the Dove Logo and it will help spread Brand Awareness.
  6. S Dove Photo Booth works only in relation with Social Media: users take photos and share them on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #feelbeautifulfor to interact with other people. S Based on the search data from Facebook and Instagram, the number of users who shared their photos, made comments or clicked the ”like” button is less than three hundred, which means this app didn’t catch people’s attention and didn’t get them to interact. Social media
  7. S Dove encourages its customers to feel confident with their real beauty by sharing a collection of four non-filtered pictures on social media. Furthermore they can connect with people who share the same passion for Dove and sustain the same campaign #feelbeautifulfor. S The consumer can directly watch the Beauty Legacy video on the app but doesn’t have any acces to information about Dove products. We can conclude that the utility is purely emotional and not very informative. Utility for the consumer
  8. S The app supports the multi-channel Self Esteem campaign by giving the consumers the opportunity to share their personalized Dove photo booth pictures on various social media with the specific campaign #hashtag. S As a result the app’s goal is a combination of Awareness and Customer Engagement on social media. Application Goal
  9. S The target user for this application matches the typical Dove consumer: S Woman. Age 18 and above S Intermediate or advanced web user S Concerned about her appearance S Uses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter S Wants to feel beautiful and confident with her body S Focus on customer
  10. Improvements S The app’s connection to social media is very strong and it is in line with the company’s multi-channel strategy. However, since the number of users who actually used this service is too small, the app proved to be uneffective and not engaging enough. S Possible improvements to enhance the SoLoMo model: S More content about Dove products Ratings about products Connection to Digital store Daily hair care tips Local weather
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