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micheleshalmon-resume 2016

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micheleshalmon-resume 2016

  1. 1. MICHELE SHALMON Chatsworth, CA | H (818) 407-1396 C (818) 585-5789 LinkedIn URL │ mshalmon@att.net SENIOR-LEVEL SUPERVISOR/MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL Budgeting/Fiscal Control | Workflow Analysis/Streamlining | Project Controllership Tactical, critical and conceptual thinker with formidable record of success delivering leadership and vision necessary to oversee daily operations, human resources and production. Enterprising problem solver, strongly adept at leading dynamic teams to exceed operational goals and strictly comply with all established practices, protocols and procedures. Consummate communicator, with superb interpersonal skills, and the ability to interact with all levels of management, employees, industry peers and customers in support of business objectives. Strong knowledge of banking processes, procedures, guideline and regulations. Technically adept in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), RTA, Hyperspace, Lotus notes applications with some exposure to Power Point and Visio.  Operational Efficiency/Control  High-Level Customer Service  Strategic Planning & Execution  Industry Networking/Negotiations  Staff Training & Development  Production Optimization  Organizational Leadership  Cost Control/Mitigation  Worker’s Compensation Claims  File Auditing/Management  Problem/Escalation Resolution  Relationship Building P R O F E S S I O N A L E XP E R I E N C E KAISER PERMANETE 2009 – Present Appt. Center Supervisor Strategic visionary in charge of leading daily operations, production and personnel administration for the LAMC Appointment Center. Exhibit decisive leadership and direction to a team of 26 appointment center agents including administering disciplinary action for policy violations as well as creating a positive work atmosphere. Key Accomplishments  Lead strategic direction for the portfolio management department by formulating, analyzing and recommending overall objectives, standards and procedures for all assigned areas of responsibility.  Ensure and enforce strict adherence to corporate policies, standards, proceduresand controls to increase operational effectiveness, efficiency and success.  Deliver departmental efficiency by closely monitoring daily activities for quality, completeness and elite customer service.  Enhance operation through careful planning, implementation and adherence to well established production and security methods, procedure and standards.  Improve satisfaction levels and managed customer expectations by assisting in processing complex transactions, distributions, member inquiries or problems in an expedient and efficient manner.  Maintain and uphold ethical standards by executing all processing in compliance with internal and regulatory practices and procedures.
  2. 2. MICHELE SHALMON Page Two of Two -Continued- P R O F E S S I O N A L E XP E R I E N C E (CO N T .) WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK 1984 – 2007 Production Manager Customer Service Manager Leveraged key organizational, process mapping, people management and decision making skills to oversee, lead and direct daily operation including all production and personnel management for the Check Card unit. Mentored, coached and managed a team of 30 + Senior Fraud Investigators. Delivered clear direction banking practices, processes and procedures and enforced regulatory compliance standards for financial Institutions. Key Accomplishments  Mentored, motivated and drove staff to consistently meet 100% production service level.  Achieved a 20% loss reduction in claims processing resulting in an $80K monthly savings.  Increased department productivity by 40% through the strategic use of improved processes and tools.  Achieved a 99% SLA for escalated issues and customer credits thereby increasing consumer confidence.  Reinforced and supported operational success by serving as a key point of contact for Executive Response Team escalated issues as well as playing a key role in the mergers and acquisitions of three financial institutions.  Brainstormed, developed and created guidelines and processes during the development stagesof the Check Card Fraud Unit. P R O F E S S I O N A L CR E D E N TI A L S Awards & Recognition Manager Excellence Award, 2005 Frontline Recognition 4th Qtr., 2003 Frontline Recognition 3rd Qtr., 2002 Frontline Recognition 4th Qtr., 2002 Service Excellence Award, 2002 Frontline Recognition Award 2"d Qtr., 2001 Frontline winner of the year, 2001 Certificate of Appreciation Professional Certifications Efficient Chargeback Processing, 2005 LA Certified Business Response Team, 2005 Adult, Infant and Child CPR certified, 2005 Center for Leadership Studies/Situational Leadership, 2002 Business Writing and Grammar Skills, 2001 Business Writing Basics for Professionals, 2000 Managers and Supervisors Conference, 2000 Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives & Deadlines, 1999 Visa Business School, 1997
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