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Will you show your colors

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Are you sticking to what everyone else does, the rules they taught you and the general status quo?

Or are you willing to live life on your own terms - including your WORK life and everything involved?

In this infographic you see the 4 biggest mistakes people make with regards to building their Personal Brand:

- They don't live according to their own unique values
- They dress like everyone else does and don't stand out
- They are two different people at work and at home (and feel bad about it)
- They show up inauthentically, hiding parts of themselves

Yes, this is generic and you may not recognize everything. But we're all programmed, and we all want to belong. Are you aware of how you're currently leaving opportunities on the table? How can you really build your personal brand?

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Will you show your colors

  1. 1. I’m reliable, professional and result- oriented. I’m reliable, professional and result- oriented. I’mreliable,professionalandresult-oriented. Me at work Organized, together, structured, focused, goal- oriented, laser-sharp... ...sitting at my desk (or in a plane), wanting to be the best, but secretly desperate for the weekend to arrive. Dare to stand out. Me in Reality I feel like I can't show that I struggle sometimes. I'm expected to be competitive and strong, but I'm tired of keeping my back straight at all times and being responsible constantly. I have a soft side, but... can I show it? Me NOT at work Dancing, moving, lots of Netflix & chill, comfy clothing, flowy dresses, hard rock concerts. I'm intuitive, sexy and friggin' funny. I feel like an entirely different person. I miss that person when I'm at work. Ever questioned whyyou dress the way you do? Or why you're someone else at work, hiding your brilliance? The business look White shirts, suit & tie, black leather shoes. Pant suit or pencil dress, high heels, black eyeliner, red lips. But... you can't wait to get home and put on something comfortable. Turn that business-proof look into a YOU- proof look. WILL YOU SHOW YOUR COLORS? "I value..." Yes, you're reliable, professional and result- oriented. You value quality, service and integrity. Great! But everyone says the same. What do YOU really value? Set your own standards and behave accordingly. Have a little laugh today. Sure, you might recognize yourself somewhat in the examples, but they're not intended to ridicule anybody. They're designed to make you think how humans tend to conform to rules or expectations, without questioning if these customs fit them. Most people hide the brilliantly unique parts of who they are. White or maybe blue? Blue says I'm reliable... I might go for it! Me on the outside I'm confident. I got my sh*t together. I live a successful life and I'm the go-to expert with 20- something years of knowledge and experience. I'm a warrior who will fight to reach my goals. There's plenty of sameness. Get real, show YOU! Your values, your skills, your traits, your colors, your style. You might be surprised by people's response... WWW.BEABRANDREBEL.COM | INFO@BEABRANDREBEL.COM | POWERED BY MICHELLE COOPS Personal Branding - Start with YOU