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Christy inada week 1

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Christy Inada starts her first week as a playable in GageNation.

Publié dans : Divertissement et humour
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Christy inada week 1

  1. 1. Father Of a Nation Christy Inada Week 1
  2. 2. “All Hail blah blah blah. Welcome to Seaspray Apartments, where we hope Christy Inada will have a better time of it than Kiera Knight.”
  3. 3. Christy: I have four nice points, but since I'm a mean witch, I will cackle and rub my hands together, evilly, just because.
  4. 4. Christy: Now that I have shown my new neighbors not to mess with me, it's time to go to work. Wish me luck HD! “Seriously? You, too? My title is High Drama Llama, and I would appreciate it if you would address me as such.” Christy: Sorry. Mean witch. “Piffle.”
  5. 5. “Maybe it's not the sims. Maybe it's the lot. It's not even ten o'clock, yet, and already someone has knocked over the trash can, and now this one walks by, growling like a zombie, and doing the 'evil hands' bit. Then, she steals the newspaper.”
  6. 6. “Craig stands around, shaking his head for about an hour, probably because the can is already kicked over. But never fear, Craig. The landlady is already on her way over to clean up that mess in the public area.”
  7. 7. Sandy: I'll show HER to clean up the trash! I'll just wait until the landlady has left for the day, and kick it over again! EEEEHHEEEHEHEHEHEEEEE! “Seriously? Cackling? I didn't think non-witches could even do that.”
  8. 8. Sandy: I'll cackle if I want to! Christy Inada cheated on me with Gage. Or something. Anyway, there was definitely cheating going on! HAAATE! “Obviously, it's going to take a while for Christy to climb up the Business career ladder, with such a low friend count. How she managed to tick off so many people, I do not know.”
  9. 9. Christy: I got a great chance card, and got promoted, even though I don't meet the requirements! Ahahahaha! Taking a risk and applying for the job, rather than being a loyal goody-two-shoes really works! “Wow! What are the chances. :quickly searches internet: WOW! Not good chances!”
  10. 10. Christy: I want to earn some more money, so back to work for an afternoon shift. Wish me luck. “Luck!”
  11. 11. “Holy smokes.” Christy: This time, I pretended to trust loyalty, and got promoted to the position, myself. I'm a Business Tycoon! Business is unlocked for everyone in GageNation, AND with the five sim- owned businesses already established, that unlocks a Business District! “Dang! It's only four o'clock.”
  12. 12. Christy: I'm so awesome, I even get aspiration points for cleaning up trash. “No way.” Christy: Hahah. Not really. I'm just still hanging onto it from before. But I nearly had you fooled, didn't I, HD?
  13. 13. Christy: Well, I have my old appearance back, and my own bedroom furnished. I'll hold off on the second bedroom until my kid is born. In the meantime, I'm rolling a want to take a Far East vacation, and since I have over $90,000 in the bank, why not indulge? I think I earned it, along with those two cash bonuses. “Holy smokes.”
  14. 14. Christy: Welcome, all, to the Inada District, and the new GageNation Military Base. Author's Note: I once built the military base lot, for a “Let's Build It” competition on Boolprop.net. I'm rather proud of it, and glad to use it, now, in game. Placing this lot opens up the Military career for all sims, as well.
  15. 15. Christy: I'm a Popularity sim, but I don't care. I'm going to mess with HD's head, because I AM EVIL! “You are beginning to annoy me. Look, why don't you just go play- test that military lot, OK? It needs to be functional, before anyone can join the military career.” Christy: Very well. But I still am holding onto that want to go on a Far East vacation, you know.
  16. 16. Christy: OK, so I checked into the military “base” hotel, and took one of the barracks rooms. There's no need for me to take one of the officers' quarters, because those are set up for couples and small families. And since I'm still a “fortune” sim, I care about saving money and being frugal.
  17. 17. “I'm so tired of that! That's it! Grilled Cheese for you!”
  18. 18. Christy: Nope. Popularity, again/still. Oh, and now, I want to become a General. Which is possible with this fully-functioning military base.
  19. 19. Christy: The PX (That's Post Exchange, for you civilians out there) works. Well, mostly. For some reason, I can try on clothes, but I can't buy them. “Grrr. Stupid Kiera Knight getting stuck at Makeover Mania. Someone needs to enable sims to get OUT of those ridiculous clothes she sold to them.”
  20. 20. Christy: The Mess Hall works. Marylena: Hiyah, Christy. I see you have not visited Makeover Mania, yet. Christy: Nope! But I just “love” your new look. Marylena: Do you think it will put off Gage? Kiera assured me it would act as Gage repellant.
  21. 21. Christy: Well, Marylena, if that doesn't work, perhaps you could create some Gage repellant in the Military Intelligence Center (aka Secret Science Stuff Place of Doooom).
  22. 22. Christy: Although, I think their equipment is faulty. That cowplant has been trying to eat that civilian for hours, but it just never happens.
  23. 23. Christy: The second floor of the Secret Science Stuff Place of Doooom is full of aspiration rewards, but there again...
  24. 24. Christy: They don't always work. I have tried numerous times to chase down the cafeteria worker, but it kept timing out, and then the vacuum just disappeared!
  25. 25. Christy: However, the nursery and training center work just fine. “How can you say that? There is no skilling on community lots, without the mod in place, and the Illamanati have not yet released that mod.” Christy: Maybe not, but I earned money by giving a speech at the Law podium, and I met some new people, so that's functional enough for me.
  26. 26. Christy: The wishing well next to the parade ground worked like a charm, and I made some new best friends. Yep, I'm well prepared for my next career, and I think you can definitely mark this lot as A1, even without community lot skilling.
  27. 27. Christy: Well, time to check out, head home, and get to work on my REAL job. LTW, here I come!
  28. 28. Chrsity: First, I'll work out in front of the TV for body skill, then use my Business reward for fast charisma skilling.
  29. 29. Christy: And as the pregnancy takes hold, it's the perfect time to sit in my throne and study mechanical.
  30. 30. Christy: Yes, indeed. If that job in the military would ever FREAKING SHOW UP!!, I'll be good to go.
  31. 31. Kiera: Speaking of frustration, Hey, HD! Have you figured out how to get me home, yet? “Well, I did push through the paperwork for a small handful of downloads, including a couple I HOPE will get you home.” … “Ummmm, nope. And forcing an error and deleting you...”
  32. 32. “... was not a good idea.”
  33. 33. Christa: Oh, Kiera, don't worry. I'm sure HD is not going to drop a bomb on you. I mean, can you even imagine the paperwork? “You have a point, there.”
  34. 34. Christa: Look, I know you feel like you've been stuck in prison, so why don't you come over to my place for a visit? I'm sure you can make it, and we'll see what we can do from here, OK?” “Ahhh, my evil witch. Finally working in my favor.” Christa: What do you mean, HD?
  35. 35. Christa: Holy Boolprop! Kiera Knight is passed out in my living room. Also, she's starving, uncomfortable, and her fun and social bars are tanked.
  36. 36. Christa: Oh, no! I think the High Drama Llama is trying to kill my friend! In my living room, no less! “Correct. I have tried everything in my power to get her to go home, and now, she is utterly unplayable. There's only one thing left to do, and that is kill her off, and adopt Krampus.” Christa: KIERA!
  37. 37. Kiera: Oh, Christa! I feel awful. I'm miserable, and I feel the great clicker in the sky trying over and over again to kill me with all the options of the The Death Creator, Batbox smiting, and even the basic boolprop kill. Christa: Hold on, Kiera! I know you can beat this. You're an atrociously evil witch! Nothing can take you down.
  38. 38. “DANG IT! She's right! Nothing takes this woman down. She can't be played, she can't be sent home, she can't move into another household, and she can't be killed. She's stuck in limbo, forever. I have tried everything in my power, including downloading mods and hacks to try to fix this, and NOTHING WORKS!”
  39. 39. Kiera: EEEEEHHEHEHEHEEEEHEHEEEE! I WIN! Christa: Kiera! You're going to live forever! Kiera: And I never have to bother raising my kid, either. He'll just stay at home in a broken apartment, lying like a lump with a stupid nanny. This is AWESOME! “I hate you both. But I have one more thing to try.”
  40. 40. “Pack your bags, you evil witch. I'm going to try to merge you into Kiera's household and see if you can get her back that way. If not, you'll move into an ordinary lot, and I'll just swear off apartments for the rest of GageNation.” Christa: I'm so going to break things. Maybe if we all glitch together, we can escape the Illamanati and their biodomes, forever!
  41. 41. “Yeah, I'm going to back up the neighborhood, right now. If it doesn't work, you won't be unplayable, too, Christa.” Kiera: Well, I couldn't take them down completely, but at least I threw a major monkey into their wrench. Christa: I don't think that's quite the phrase, but I'm so proud of you! You go, girl! And never look back! Kiera: Forever young, Christa. Forever young.
  42. 42. “Nice place you got there, Christa.” Christa: Thanks. I just bulldozed the apartment complex and bought the lot. But I'm not really an architect, and I haven't decided what I want to build, yet. “Great. Because YOU FORGOT TO MOVE INTO KIERA'S PLACE! Get moving! Out! Out!”
  43. 43. Christa: Well, there's Kiera's apartment, and no, I did not get the option to merge into the household. “Grrrrr.”
  44. 44. Christa: So... Can I take that Far East vacation, now? My aspiration is low. “I really hate you right now.” Christa: Hey! It's not MY fault! If you want to punish someone, well, you can't punish Kiera, but it's NOT my fault! “Illamanati are not known for their fairness.”
  45. 45. Christa: What is that supposed to mean? “Well, let's just say, as long as you're building a house, be sure to build a big nursery.” Christa: You didn't. “I did! I downloaded Trips and Quads.” Christa: Oh, come on!
  46. 46. “You're going to have to make up for me losing Krampus. So there.” Christa: Do you have any idea how juvenile you sound right now, HD? “That is High Drama Llama to you, Peon!” Christa: Oh, come on. Well, at least let me do a prettacy, please?
  47. 47. “I suppose a prettacy would be agreeable. Nothing official, of course.” Christa: Of course. But now that you've agreed to that, you can't make me breed with Gage again. One batch is enough! “Hehe. Says you.” Christa: Oh, Come ON!
  48. 48. Christa: Well, it's a good thing I had a lot of money, because I spent all of it, building this place. It's a good, sturdy building, with room for a playground, or swimming pool, or garden, or whatever I decide in the open yard on the left.
  49. 49. Christa: Downstairs, we have an empty foyer, an open kitchen/dining area, a communal bathroom, my bedroom, and the nursery. I haven't furnished it, yet, because I'm waiting to see just how many kids the Illamanati see fit to saddle me with.
  50. 50. Christa: Upstairs is a balconey, two more bedrooms for when the kids grow up, a large living room, and a smaller room, probably for crafts or the like. And I haven't put up any lights, except out front by the entry gate. I need to make some more money, quick.
  51. 51. Christa: As much as I want my LTW, it's just as well that it's not available today, because as long as I stay on top of the Business career, I get paid $2100, Monday through Thursday. Right now, that's pretty important. Besides, it's nice being head honcho. Or is that honcha? Hmmm, that gives me an idea.
  52. 52. Christa: Hi, welcome wagoneer. What's your name? Anyway, how would you like to become playable? You'll have to give birth to a Gage-baby, but you could live here with me, and help me out with the babies. Between the two of us, we should be able to manage just fine, and even support each other in getting our lifetime wants. You have to admit, it's a nice house. You'd be comfortable here. You could even have the master bedroom, since all I need is my throne.
  53. 53. Brittany: I'll have to consider it. I mean, I don't get played a lot, but having a Gage baby is a long way to go, just to get some action as a playable. Troy: If you wait a generation, you could marry his son. Surely the kid would look better than him. Brittany: You never know. His genetics are strong.
  54. 54. Brittany: On the plus side, I am already in the Culinary career, as a dishwasher, and I could keep my job, since there's a position open. Or, since it's so low-level, it wouldn't be a huge deal for me to lose it, either. Christa: If the hours work out, we could switch off. Someone would need to be home with the kids. Oh, and we have to name one of them Sproglet, for Kiera's sake. I think her son Krampus worked some demon magic, actually.
  55. 55. Brittany: Yeah, I heard about that. It really shook things up among the Townies. Scary stuff. Christa: Just think if he had grown up! What could he have done? I think the demons are just more than the Illamanati can handle. Still, Kiera's a friend, and I want to honor her, so either you or I need to name a kid Sproglet, for her sake. Brittany: I haven't decided to move in, yet, you know.
  56. 56. Brittany: Let me sleep on it, OK? There's no rush, after all. Christa: Well, I was sort of hoping to have some help when the babies are born. Brittany: Yeah, no. I'm not ready for that. Maybe tomorrow, or later in the week, after I've gotten to know you better, you can ask me again. For now, I think it's time to leave. Thanks for the mac and cheese, though, and for the offer. It's a nice house.
  57. 57. Brittany: Aaaah! Too late! I didn't want to see this! Christa: Ooooowwwwww! I didn't know it would hurt this much. Brittany: Ewwww! It's disgusting! And pain! I'm a jock, and I don't mind twisted ankles, pulled muscles and bruises, but THAT is just TOO MUCH! I do NOT want to give birth, just so I can be playable! No thank you! Christa: But what will I do for childcare now?
  58. 58. Christa: FOUR?! Are you kidding me, HD? “That's High Drama Llama. And I take this very seriously. You were complicit with Kiera, and some discipline needs to be maintained, or the residents will lose all respect for the Illamanati.” Christa: But how am I supposed to manage? I spent all my money building this place.
  59. 59. “It is not the responsibility of the Illamanati for sims who over- stretch themselves. You built too much, and that's on your own head. However, I would remind you that use of the nanny is not restricted.” Christa: The nanny is awful. “Eh, she'll keep them alive. And you have maternity leave. Make use of it. In the meantime, introductions, please.”
  60. 60. Christa: Right. Intros. OK, the girl on the left is Anna, I'm holding Belle, the girl on the right is Clara, and the boy in the middle is Sproglet. “If he turns into a demon child, I blame you.” Christa: Now just a minute! “Good luck.”
  61. 61. Christa: OK, Nanny. Just keep them alive while I get some more money. I'll have to do the Downtown time warp for a while, but I know where I can make some bank.
  62. 62. Christa: Well, isn't that nice? HD put in the comm-skilling mod, at last. “Only because it makes no sense that actions that would earn you skill points at home don't do it elsewhere. It's only for reality.” Christa: Uh huh. Well, thanks! I need charisma for military.
  63. 63. Christa: Now that we're best friends, perhaps you'll change your mind. If you let me skill you up now, you'll be ready to succeed as a playable. Brittany: You do make a good case for it. Christa: Well, with maxed charisma, I'm good at persuasion.
  64. 64. “Hey, what's this? You're supposed to be getting ready to have another Gage baby.” Christa: I got a blind date as a networking reward, and we hit it off. Anyway, I know I can't try for baby with Sebastian, here, but there's no law to say I can't woohoo with him. “True. Enjoy your date.”
  65. 65. Christa: Not only have I boosted my aspiration, but I've also made some new friends, maxed my charisma and mechanical skills, earned some creativity, and earned over $10,000! I think it's time to go home.
  66. 66. Christa: Gage, I think you should meet your children. Gage: Wow! Four of them!
  67. 67. Gage: Hehe. I am such a stud!
  68. 68. Christa: Listen, Gage, I found another woman to be a babymama for you. I invited her over to meet you tonight, OK? Gage: That sounds great! But remember, HD... “Will you people stop calling me that?!” Gage: … told me that you're supposed to have another baby with me.
  69. 69. Christa: That's fine. I'll have a single birth. And she can move in and have a single baby, and we'll be full up, and HD can't make us have any more after that. Gage: Unless she moves out. Christa: That's the whole point. We'll live together and take care of all the little ones as a team. Gage: Ah! Smart!
  70. 70. Brittany: Gee, you have such an aura about you. Gage: That's my animal magnetism, babe! Christa: Hehehe! My evil plan is working. I will have a servant to take care of the little ones, so I can focus on my lifetime want.
  71. 71. Christa: Welcome to the household, Brittany. Tell HD more about yourself. Brittany: Well, I'm a Fortune sim, and a Scorpio. I want to become a Criminal Mastermind, and I have two bolt chemistry with Gage! Christa: Perfect. You can't even try for that job for a while, yet.
  72. 72. Brittany: Actually, with the Sim Mulitplier of 12, and 12 playable sims, counting Kiera and Krampus, we have over 100 population, and I can. Christa: Darn. HP, does that count? “I am not messing up the count by discounting them, even if I can never play them again. I played them. It counts. She can get the job, if she wants it. Pay the nanny for childcare.”
  73. 73. Christa: Well, I guess we'd better get on with it for that second baby. Just a singleton this time, though, to leave room for Brittany's kid. Gage: Gotcha. I'll hold back on the magic juice. Christa: Errr. I think we just have to convince HD not to use the Trips and Quads mod again. Gage: That, too.
  74. 74. Christa: Thanks, Gage. I am done conceiving, now, so you can start dating Brittany. I'd appreciate it if you were discreet, but if I get jealous and fall out of love with you, it doesn't really matter, anymore. Gage: Hey, thanks for being my baby-mama. You made good kids, so far. I want to go hold them again.
  75. 75. Brittany: Thanks for the dates, Gage. I'm finally ready to woohoo with you. I'd preer to do it in the car, but we can use the closet, if you prefer. Gage: Whatever works, babe. Brittany: The car, then. Extra aspiration points, and we stand a better chance of not getting caught by my roommate.
  76. 76. Gage: Are you ready for the best part of the night? Brittany: I sure am! In fact, if we don't manage to get it right on the first try, I'll be happy to try again and again. Gage: I find three tries usually do the trick.
  77. 77. Brittany: Thanks, Gage. You sure know how to show a girl a good time. Gage: Anytime, babe! You know, if you move into your own place, we can try for baby as many times as you want to fill your house. Brittany: I think I'll stay here, thanks.
  78. 78. “It's birthday time! I see you are not waiting for the babies to grow up naturally.” Chrisa: Nope. Birthday cakes in the wee hours of the morning. It may mean less time as toddlers, learning their skills, but I'm sure they'll be fine by the time they grow into adults. Brittany: Caaaaake!
  79. 79. Christa: Anna goes first. She's a Virgo, 10/2/10/6/7. Super neat, shy, super active, relatively playful, and pretty nice. Awww.
  80. 80. Brittany: Belle is also a Virgo, 10/1/10/6/3, and definitely Gage's child.
  81. 81. Brittany: Clara is a Sagittarius, 3/6/7/7/4. Pretty well balanced, I must say.
  82. 82. Christa: Sproglet claims to be a Libra, but with a personality of 9/10/3/3/10, I don't see it. “Demon child! He's going to glitch up the game!” Christa: Maybe he's just confused? He is very young, you know. How is he supposed to know the proper personality to match the zodiac? “Aaaah! Run for your lives! Demon child!”
  83. 83. Grand Llama: Calm down, High Drama Llama. I'm sure everything will be alright. … Get back here! Anyway, just to be on the safe side, we're going to move the family out of the house, and then back in again. After all, Christa moved a few times, and although she lived for a week, it's still only Thursday at her house. This will re-set things, and it will be all ready to go for the next rotation.
  84. 84. Grand Llama: The Inada family ended the week with a net worth of $76,540, which means they owe taxes of $3,827. All hail me, and the Illamanati. End of report.