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E-Workshop: Including Children & Youth in you work to end poverty

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Nearly 70 individuals joined us on March 12 celebrating Global Money Week and engaging with representatives from AGFUND and Child & Youth Finance International on ways to include children and youth in work towards the end of poverty.

Nasser Al-Khatani, Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND)
Jared Penner, Child & Youth Finance International
Ignacio Bianco, Child & Youth Finance International
Jesse Marsden, Microcredit Summit Campaign (Moderator)

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E-Workshop: Including Children & Youth in you work to end poverty

  1. 1. Jared Penner Manager, Global Engagement and Evaluation Ignacio Blanco Banking and Financial Institution Coordinator Nasser Al-Khatani Executive Director Use the Q&A box on the right to send your questions to the Panelists. Tweet your thoughts! @MicroCredSummit, @ChildFinance, @AGFUNDProgram #Commit100M and #GMW2015 Including Children & Youth in Your Work to End Extreme Poverty
  2. 2. Campaign Commitments • Seek joint Commitments reaching 10 million children and youth through 50 financial service providers. • Integrate the Progress out of Poverty Index in all CYFI Country and Partner Surveys. • Celebrate Global Money Week, March 9-17th 2015. • Open an AGFUND bank in the Sudan by 2013, and one in Palestine and the Philippines in 2014. • Set up a microfinance degree in universities spanning 7 different Arab countries. • Double the beneficiaries in their arena by 2014 from 250,000 to 500,000. Join AGFUND and CYFI – Make your own Campaign Commitment Visit: mcs2015.org/commitonline Email us to learn more: mycommitment@microcreditsummit.org #Commit100M #GMW2015
  3. 3. SchoolBank – Objectives: Increase financial inclusion through a school adoption program Impart Economic Citizenship Education(ECE) through the schools To develop the next generation of economic citizens + 1 2 Each bank branch will adopt a school in its vicinity to open bank accounts and offer transaction support School teachers are trained to teach the Economic Citizenship Curriculum in each school 3 #Commit100M #GMW2015
  4. 4. Why the SchoolBank approach works 1. It links financial inclusion and financial education – optimally preparing the children for their future 2. It is a structured approach which makes it easier to: − Scale up − Ensure consistency in quality − Create sustainable impact (continued provision of financial services to children) 3. Using the school adoption program (where each bank branch adopts at least one school in its vicinity) dramatically increases the reach of the program, even in rural areas 4. Dependent on the operating model chosen, it can be much easier for children in rural areas to become financially included as they do not need to visit a bank branch to deposit and withdraw money 5. We can link technological solutions to the project to increase the impact, through partnerships with technological and telecommunications companies 4 #Commit100M #GMW2015
  5. 5. Poverty Alleviation Women Empowerment Civil Society Open Education Early Childhood Development AGFUND's 5 Areas of Interest 5 Since 1980, AGFUND has supported 1472 projects in 133 countries. #Commit100M #GMW2015
  6. 6. -Remittances -Currency Exchange -Cash Disbursements Takaful -Health insurance -Solidarity -SME -Rural Finance Microfinance -Individual -Solidarity Group - Education - House Improvements -Welfare -Partnerships (NGOs & MFIs) -Current Accounts -Deposits -Savings Accounts -Youth Savings -Kids Saving -Investment Funds Insurance Credit Savings Other financial services Products leading to Financial Inclusion * AGFUND banks offer these products according to the license issued by the relevant government authorities. 6 In Yemen: 95,000 Savers 33% Youth & 10 % Kids #Commit100M #GMW2015
  7. 7. Join AGFUND and Child & Youth Finance International in announcing YOUR CAMPAIGN COMMITMENT: mcs2015.org/commitonline Feel free to contact us: mycommitment@microcreditsummit.org Don’t forget to tweet your takeaways of this E-Workshop @MicroCredSummit,@ChildFinance, @AGFUNDProgram, @GlobalMoneyWeek #Commit100M and #GMW2015 Including Children & Youth in Your Work to End Extreme Poverty