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BETT 15: Watch out Dragons Den

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BETT 15: Watch out Dragons Den

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BETT 15: Watch out Dragons Den

  1. 1. Watch out Dragon’s Den! Broadclyst Community Primary School go global. Meet the ten year olds in the boardroom…
  2. 2. Watch out Dragon’s Den! 1. Broadclyst Community Primary School’s annual Enterprise Challenge 2. Achieving a Global Enterprise Challenge 3. by harnessing the Power of Office365, Lync and Sharepoint
  3. 3. Broadclyst Community Primary School A 200 year old Microsoft Showcase School in the heart of Devon.
  4. 4. Broadclyst Community Primary School
  5. 5. “Encouraging creativity in the classroom is primarily the task of the teacher. Harnessing the power of divergent thought and marrying this with the power of ICT will be the aim of many teachers who espouse the use of computers in the classroom.” Promoting Creative Thinking - University of Plymouth, August 2001 International Symposium on Education, Romania
  6. 6. An Enterprise Project Project based learning through a team based business enterprise…
  7. 7. Enterprise ProjectA Global
  8. 8. 20 schools around the worldA Global Enterprise Challenge 10 international companies 10 ‘subsidiary companies’ of the international company in each country To develop and market a product to become the most successful and entrepreneurial company Compete to become the most successful company globally $50 £30 Company Start-up Funding €40
  9. 9. What is Real Distance Learning? How do you function as a team, when your team mates are thousands of miles away?
  10. 10. Lync Call
  11. 11. Next year, will it be you? BCPS will soon be recruiting schools for the 2015-16 Global Enterprise Challenge… gec.education @GEChallenge _____ bcps.org.uk @bcpschool _____ @anthonylees _____ @MSFTEdu
  12. 12. Axis12 Ltd C516 Capita Business Services Ltd B260 Civica UK Ltd C200 European Electonique C240 Firefly Solutions C221 itslearning F161 ITWorx D250 RM Education Stone Computers C102 Viglen Ltd E148 Webeanywhere Limited F380 University Collabco/ MyDay F188 Watch out Dragons Den! Broadclyst Community Primary School go global. Meet the 10 year olds in the boardroom! To find out more visit these partners: