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BETT 2012: OneNote & SharePoint: Anytime, anywhere collaboration

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Presentation from Adrian Edgar at Culford School on how OneNote & SharePoint can help support independent social learning.

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BETT 2012: OneNote & SharePoint: Anytime, anywhere collaboration

  1. 1. Anytime Anywhere One Note and SharePoint 2010 in the Classroom Adrian Edgar Culford School Collaboration
  2. 2. Microsoft One Note
  3. 3. What is One Note?
  4. 4. Capture ideas Keep organised Why use One Note? Collaborate
  5. 5. One Note and Modern Languages
  6. 6. Reading Listening Interactive Notebooks Speaking • Covers the three main concepts. • Brings work to life. • Using standard techniques learnt in the Pre-Prep. If you can use Word, you can use One Note. Year 10 German
  7. 7. Demo of Working with German interactive
  8. 8. One Note and ICT A Level
  9. 9. • Building a portfolio of notes • Supporting homework planning using Outlook and tasks. • Use of alerts to inform pupils and teachers ICT A Level
  10. 10. Invitation to share and collaborate
  11. 11. Alerts – “Sir, I’ve finished my homework”
  12. 12. • All notebooks in the same place. (on the LG) • Access to pages organised in a neat orderly fashion at anytime. • Ability to mark online with diagnostic comments and dialogue. Viewing pupil work in One Note
  13. 13. Everyone’s notebook in one place Access to all pages in a neat orderly fashion Diagnostic comments on pupils work.
  14. 14. A summative comment and grade that the pupil can see as soon as it is marked
  15. 15. One Note and History
  16. 16. Capture Ideas Keep Organised History Digital Notebook Collaborate • By far the most developed use in school • All pupils in Year 9 • All GCSE and A Level pupils • Full course material provided in a One Note Package
  17. 17. The process • Pupil copies the package from a common share • Unpack and open in One Note and save to their network share • Accesses My Site / Shared Documents • Pupil share the notebook to the copied URL on the Learning Gateway • The pupil gives the teacher “contribute rights” • One Note synchronises to Learning Gateway
  18. 18. Live Demo
  19. 19. Enhancing Learning using One Note Varsity College, Queensland, Australia
  20. 20. For more information… @adrian_edgar @microsoft_ed_uk
  21. 21. Dell Corporation Limited B20 LookRed Solutions B20 GGfL & Hitachi Solutions Europe Ltd G30 Itslearning D50 ITWorx A95 Lp+ ltd E10 Micro Librarian Systems C20 RM Education E60 Serco F20 SIMS and OPENHIVE from Capita D20 Uniservity E125 Viglen Ltd B70