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BETT 2014: My Digital BFF

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BETT 2014: My Digital BFF

  1. 1. My Digital BFF (Best Friend Forever) Professor Steve Molyneux CEO
  2. 2. Everyone has a Best Friend Forever Lilo & Stitch Pooh & Piglet Mowgli & Baloo Dumbo & Timothy Q. Mouse Pinocciho & Jiminy Cricket Images Copyright Disney Corporation
  3. 3. Some have a Digital Best Friends
  4. 4. Others have one of a different kind
  5. 5. How many people actually have one? About 25 Million people in the UK use a tablet. Of these about 8.8% (2.2 Million) are aged 0-11. A further 7.2% (1.8 Million) are aged 12-17. Research into the technological lives of young children found that 29% of toddlers could use a smartphone or tablet by the age of three, while more one-in-ten could operate the devices before their 2nd birthday.
  6. 6. The Year of the Tablet
  7. 7. What do learners want?
  8. 8. What do learners want? I want a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT that provides me with the equivalent tools and services as my social environment. One that: encourages me to collaborate with others and work as a team, supports my media-rich creativity and expression, adapts to my individual learning style and needs, and that accommodates my mobile lifestyle.
  9. 9. Learners want more than learning content
  10. 10. As a teacher – what do I want?
  11. 11. As a Head Teacher – What do I want?
  12. 12. How will Teachers use theirs? Deep EMPOWER The learner takes control, using ICT to research, create, share and collaborate. Impact Event Horizon EXTEND Significantly alter the way that teaching and learning takes place using ICT (Peer-2-Peer) etc. ENHANCE Instill deeper and more flexible learning through the use of ICT with social-media. ENRICH Use technology interactively and with a wider range of teaching resources (Apps) and methodologies. EXCHANGE Exchange one technology for another with no stepchange. e.g. replace OHP with data projectors. Shallow Passive Learner Engagement Interactive
  13. 13. How will Teachers use theirs? Time with Teacher Independent learning
  14. 14. How will Teachers use theirs?
  15. 15. Training is paramount Technology The Excellent Educator
  16. 16. The key message from me is……. Institutions, policy makers and educators alike must understand the difference between acknowledging the existence of tablets, and actively designing and implementing an educational environment that can benefit from maximising their usage. Just because the school down the road bought some is never justification for your institution to follow the same route and implement the same model using the same devices.
  17. 17. Me and my digital BFF
  18. 18. www.tablet-academy.com