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Groupcall Emerge App

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Groupcall Limited, are committed to the support of management and administration in school, in parallel with their long-term commitment to teaching and learning. Groupcall have just launched the Emerge App which is available as a Windows 8 app, available to all teachers to download and use now!

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Groupcall Emerge App

  1. 1. Struggling for time to catch up? Is your admin and class management ‘To-Do’ pile growing? Ever feel tied down to your desk? Introducing the School Management Information Systems App... Up-to-the- minute access to MIS data Mobile working Available on Windows 8 devices Empower teachers with a modern MIS app Anytime, anywhere access Groupcall Emerge MIS App can help teachers with…
  2. 2. Timetables Download the Windows 8 App: http://aka.ms/Kco8gz Find out more about Emerge App: http://aka.ms/Evei8x Find the best Windows 8 device for you: http://aka.ms/Vt9cbh Behaviour & Achievement records Sibling Data Medical records & notes Make attendance a breeze for: Registration Groups Great for PE! Classes Houses Next steps Day & weekly view View students & staff Locate a student or staff member Taking Attendance Student Details Time Table