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Introducing Docs.com for Education

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Teachers are constantly creating great lessons to power their classrooms and inspire students, but where does this great content live? A lot of effort goes into crafting Sways, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes and more within Office Mix, and documents full of useful information that will be useful and relevant not only to those in their immediate classes, but to teachers and students all over the world.

Docs.com can help educators share their expertise with a wider audience but giving their content a home on the web. Docs.com make it easier to publish familiar formats from Microsoft Office along with PDFs and web links. All of the original formatting is preserved and can be viewed inside a web browser, so you can enjoy the full experience of the documents. Individual work or collections can be shared by posting to social media, grabbing a link, or embedding on your own site.

Teachers can use Bing to search right from Docs.com for work from fellow educators and experts in other fields. You can like high quality content, download materials, and follow authors to stay current on their latest works.

All of this discovery can help fuel ideas for your classroom, and by making your collection public, you can inspire others with your work. Use built in analytics to see which content is most popular and where you're getting referrals. Beyond publishing Documents, you can also use the journal to connect with readers by regularly sharing interesting activities.

With Docs.com you can create a portfolio of work that shares your expertise, discover new content and follow authors, and build your public profile as an educator.

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