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Kinect Effect Infographic

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Infographic showing how Kinect is being used in innovative ways across the health, education and defense sectors.

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Kinect Effect Infographic

  1. 1. THE KINECT EFFECTIn less than a year, Kinect, the innovative voice and gesture recognition technology from Microsoft,has not only transformed gaming, but has inspired innovation and creativity across industries. November 4, 2010 – Kinect for Xbox 360 DebutsNov. 15, 2010 Nov. 29, 2010 Jan. 03, 2011 Mar. 09, 20111 million units sold 2.5 million units sold 8 million units sold 10 million units sold = 250,000 units Mar. 09, 2011 | “Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device” in 60 Days Kinect Sparks Innovation Globally Individuals and academics outside of Microsoft and throughout the world have embraced the Kinect Effect, creating imaginative new uses and applications. Tedesys (Spain) Royal Berkshire Hospital (UK) Gesture-based operating room application (TedCas) Rehabilitation programme for stroke patients Tiger Place and University of Missouri (US) Lakeside Center for Autism (US) Monitoring gait of senior residents to prevent falls Skill building for children with autism Commercial Applications in Development 200+ Commercial Applications 25 Industries 20+ Countries kinect.com What innovations will Kinect inspire next?