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London College of Fashion - Surface Book in action

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Microsoft Surface Book has allowed a freedom of creativity and a freedom of the way in which students are able to engage with making digital as an experience… and the outcomes are truly creative!

Students at the London College of Fashion have been experimenting with Surface Book in a way that enhances the creative experience for the students.

Their focus lies within the digital space and the Surface Book has been a great tool to experiment and create with. Students were encouraged to collaborate through different medium within the Surface Book - drawing, sketching, communicating etc., all as part of the creative process using the device.

"The best part about Surface Book was that I was able to work from anywhere... The pen is so responsive - with one click I was able to start sketching." - Tim Pituscan, Fashion Illustration Student

"The students have loved participating - having access to the latest and most cutting edge technology that their peer group can possibly have, has been a great learning environment." - Lynne Murray, Director, Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion, UAL


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