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PC Pro - Office 2010

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PC Pro - Office 2010

  1. 1. THIS IS THE YEAR HER SCHOOL REPORT GOES FROM FRIDGE TO FRAME WITH OFFICE 2010OFFICE 2010 MAKES HER NEW PC A MUST-HAVE TOOLMake this the year you get Microsoft Office 2010 for her new PC. With new and improvedfeatures like 3D text effects in Microsoft Word, video editing in PowerPoint and simple taggingand search in OneNote, she can put that new PC to fantastic use. Make this year great, getOffice 2010 on her new PC. GET MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 Office.com
  2. 2. THIS ISNOTES MAKE HISTORY HIS HISTORY THE YEAR WITH OFFICE 2010OFFICE 2010 MAKES HIS NEW PC A MUST-HAVE TOOLIt’s easy for him to keep notes organised with Microsoft Office 2010 on his new PC. WithMicrosoft OneNote, doodles, images, video and audio can be captured in one easy-to-accessdigital notebook. Web content can even be grabbed and referenced. Make this year great,get Office 2010 on his new PC. GET MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 Office.com