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Tools for students with SEND - Microsoft in Education

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In any given class of students, there may well be some learners with individual difficulties - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, or SEND. They may be physical impairments related to vision, problems with hearing, or other mental struggles that make it harder for them to understand and engage with different communication mediums or particular aspects of day to day classroom activities. Not only can this be troubling for the individuals affected, but for the teacher whose responsibility it is to make sure all of their students have equal opportunities to develop their learning, keeping the class pace as a whole can become more challenging.
As part of Microsoft's aim to empower every student on the planet to achieve more, there are a number of tools and functions available across Windows 10 and Surface devices to help both teachers and students in fulfilling this goal.

- Visual Impairments
○ Narrator
○ Magnifier
- Learning Impairments
○ Speech recognition programs
○ Windows Hello
○ Surface Pen/inking
- Mobility and Dexterity Impairments
○ 5 ways Surface and Windows 10 can help
§ Speech recognition
§ Sticky keys
§ Keyboard shortcuts
§ Windows Hello
§ Light, mobile devices
- Hearing Impairments
○ Skype video
- Language Impairments
○ Narrator
○ Turn on Toggle Keys
○ Turn of Filter Keys
- Assistive Technology Products
○ OneNote Literacy Toolbar
○ Visolve
○ Talkingtiles
○ Tap to talk
○ Office 365

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Tools for students with SEND - Microsoft in Education

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