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  1. 01 Why Сhoose MightyCall
  2. 02 MightyCall a secure and reliable
 hardware-free flexible
 offers , cloud-based phone system
 that knows your business needs to be in its customer communications.

 That’s why our & work to maximize
 your business communications for: robust feature set
 supercharged VoIP core Stationary or on-the-go setups New or growing companies Constant or contained callflows Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  3. 03 MightyCall your way — Business communications Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  4. 04 1. Set up the system
 in minutes With no hardware necessary, you can download the mobile app and start using MightyCall within minutes of signing up

 2. The best pricing around With lower per user prices than nearly all the major big name VoIP providers, pay less without getting less

 4. Straightforward
 and intuitive interface User-friendly UI and simplified flowcharts make MightyCall a VoIP system that will delight VoIP users

 3. Safe, secure,
 & reliable 99.99% service uptime means your calls will be as reliable as any other network, and world-class security and compliance make MightyCall one of the most trustworthy VoIP providers around

 5. A full set of VoIP features Get dozens of features for the price you see to bring more power into your business communications

 5 to choose
 MightyCall reasons Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  5. 05 1.0 Get your business phone number:
 toll-free or local Protect your team’s privacy
 with the business number Always know what’s a personal call and what’s a business call Business Phone Features:
 Everything you need from
 a business phone without the fluff Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  6. 06 105 Forger Leo Administrator +1 123 111 1212 102 Jessica Hawk Agent +1 123 288 6702 + 1 104 Allie Trucker Manager +1 703 340 9505 + 2 100 John Gearhead Manger +1 212 111 2222 103 Rachel Welder Administrator +1 256 186 2946 101 Peter Rock Agent Invited +1 123 223 1413 T eam 6/7 Users Seats Used Invite Team Member Members Groups 54 Search by Name or Extension 2.0 Add your team members Set user roles and manage individual access to calls/messages/voicemails Forward calls to them and track
 their performance All your team members can get calls
 on their call phones when
 working remotely Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  7. 07 3.0 Add greetings Add business hours Set call routing rules:
 — call to group
 — call to queue
 — multi-level IVR
 — dial by name
 — voicemail Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  8. 08 4.0 Make & receive calls from
 anywhere on any device: cell phone mobile app (iOS/Android) webphone deskphone/softphone Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  9. 09 5.0 Keep the history of all your client interactions in one place: calls texts voicemails call recordings notes Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  10. 10 6.0 Integrate deskphones with the enterprise grade and get all the advanced call routing features Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  11. 7.0 Integrate MightyCall with the tools you use and stay in the digital ecosystem you’re used to
 Connected to the tools you love

 11 Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  12. A+ live support MightyCall’s support team is ranked higher than other VoIP companies

 Quality of Support VoIP Average: 8.6 9.6 12 Our team is always happy to help Calls Chats Live onboarding Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  13. Read more reviews 00 13 Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023
  14. 14 MightyCall’s plans pricing All plans include Extended roles & Permissions Call Recordings Voice-to-Text Dashboard Softphones & Desk phones API Multi-level IVR CRM integration Call Routing Auto-Attendant Activity Queue Live onboarding Business Hours Webphone Conference Calls Call Queues Voicemail to Email Call Transfer Caller ID & CNAME Vanity Number Custom Greetings VIP & Block Lists Website Widget Call Waiting 3 users
 100 minutes
 50 texts
 5 MMS
 2 numbers

 Free Trial $0up to 7 days from 3 users
 unlimited minutes
 unlimited texts unlimited MMS
 2 numbers

 Business $15 per mo/user
 billed annually $150per month flat fee
 billed annually unlimited users
 unlimited minutes
 unlimited texts unlimited MMS
 2 numbers

  15. 15 Vishal
 +1 (888) 256-8312 ext.1

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 MightyCall in action? Why сhoose MightyCall / 2023