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2017 New Trends in Social Media


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2017 New Trends in Social Media

  1. 1. #NCBShow17 Session Title Speaker Name(s)
  2. 2. #NCBShow17 RMD Group Introduction… • Nightlife and Restaurant Development, Management, and Consulting • San Diego based with 10+ businesses • 500+ employees, large employer • National and local awards and accolades
  3. 3. #NCBShow17 Panel Format… • 7 Key Topics • Infographic Take-away • Questions and Answers • Complimentary Content Calendar and Presentation Download: rmdgroup.com/consulting
  4. 4. #NCBShow17 Panel Introduction…
  5. 5. #NCBShow17 T1: The Necessity of Engagement • In today’s socially enabled world engaging your audience on social platforms is the most powerful and authentic connection you can make. • 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages them via social platforms, they are more likely to become a loyal customer to that brand. • How can you actively and effectively engage your customers through social channels? • Speaker: Megan Newton, RMD Group
  6. 6. #NCBShow17 T1: The Necessity of Engagement • Engaging with your audience is much more than posting content and counting the likes, reactions and comments it receives. These are important success indicators, but there is so much more you can do beyond the post. Take your social strategy one step further to continue the conversation, start a connection, and build a relationship.
  7. 7. #NCBShow17 T1: The Necessity of Engagement • So how do you fit building a relationship with your audience into everything else you have to do during the day, and what exactly do we mean? Firstly you need a plan of action. Start by creating some tangible action items. Let’s take a look at a “Daily Social Engagement Checklist” as an example. • Daily Social Engagement Checklist (10-15 minutes) – Respond to inbound messages – Monitor and respond to mentions (photo tags, geo-tags, hashtags) • * BONUS of #2- Repost great fan photos! – Engage with MVP’s, influencers, and brand advocates (like, comment, message) – Follow back ‘on-brand’ people who follow you – Connect with one new person (influencer, industry leader)
  8. 8. #NCBShow17 T1: The Necessity of Engagement • Secondly utilize some useful, inexpensive, and current tools can help you efficiently navigate this process. – Hootsuite: popular social dashboard – Social Mention: aggregates all social info into one stream – Iconosquare: cheap Instagram tracking tool – Sprout Social: nicely designed suite of social tools – Zoho Search: easy to use social mgmt. platform – Brand24: comprehensive social listening and analytics tool
  9. 9. #NCBShow17 T2: Tell Your Story Through Video And Motion • As of 2017, online video accounts for 74% of all web traffic. • With over 8 billion daily video views on Facebook, 10 billion daily video views on Snapchat, and over 4 billion daily video views on YouTube, more video content is uploaded to the web in one single month than TV has created in 3 decades. • How can you create content that is relevant to your brand’s story, engaging for your audience, and keep them coming back for more? • Speaker: Savanna Rakofsky, FLUXX Nightclub
  10. 10. #NCBShow17 T2: Tell Your Story Through Video And Motion • Start with creating an “evergreen” style video that you can boost on social media sites for an extended period of time that tells prospective clients who you are and why they would want to visit your venue. • Identify veteran and rookie staff members that you’d like to have in the video and let them tell their own stories of why they love working for you. This is probably one of the easiest yet most effective ways to recruit new employees and tell your brand’s story at the same time.
  11. 11. #NCBShow17 T2: Tell Your Story Through Video And Motion • Identify the true origin of your product offerings. If you specialize in craft cocktails, create a video around your most popular specialty cocktail or seasonal cocktail. Buzzfeed as an example has attracted millions of views over the last year from creating short simple videos showing how to make different cocktails and dishes that make your mouth water just from watching them. This could be a great time for you to try out Snapchat or Instagram Story. Other ideas include creating stories with “behind the scenes” clips or “live” segments from the during operational hours.
  12. 12. #NCBShow17 T2: Tell Your Story Through Video And Motion • Build a list of who your top followers are, and who your top clients are. Give them shout outs either by reposting their content from your venue (with permission) or creating a story or day where you give “shout outs” back to your most engaging followers or top clients. • Always “Entertain”, “Inform”, or “Add Value” when using video. With so much video content to choose from, you must offer one of these features to stand out amongst the masses. Don’t be afraid to let loose and let your followers laugh with you. Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable and authentic with your captions. And lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative with how you tell each story. People like new and fresh stories and perspectives, have come to expect it from who they follow.
  13. 13. #NCBShow17 T2: Tell Your Story Through Video And Motion (cont.) • Here are some video content ideas: – Specialty cocktail creations – Seasonal food items – Recruiting videos – Q&A’s with social influencers – Event recaps – 360 videos – Promotional nights and gimmicks – Behind the scenes
  14. 14. #NCBShow17 T2: Tell Your Story Through Video And Motion • Here are some great video and motion tools: – Boomerang – 360 cameras – GoPro cameras – Phone lenses, tripod, and extension sticks – Time lapse – Slow and fast motion – Imovie – Animated GIFs – Augmented reality (ex. SnapChat filters)
  15. 15. #NCBShow17 T3: Social Story Telling Becomes Informal • Less polished marketing? Seems odd to say but this is where social storytelling is becoming less formal. Instagram Story, Snapchat, Facebook Live, etc. are showing us that our stories are becoming less polished and prepared, and more genuine and authentic. • 14% of marketers experimented with interactive video in 2016, and 43% plan to use it in 2017. • How can we find the balance in positioning our brand minus the make-up? • Speaker: Steven Cox, TakeLessons.com
  16. 16. #NCBShow17 T3: Social Story Telling Becomes Informal (cont.) • Think Storytelling over Advertising. No one wants to be sold to. We are naturally and genetically wired to listen to story. Stories often follow this methodology: – Introduce the protagonist – The quest – The journey – The chasm of death – The victory – Sound familiar in an movie or book you’ve ever seen or read?
  17. 17. #NCBShow17 T3: Social Story Telling Becomes Informal (cont.) • So is the story polished or unpolished? Is it Snapchat or Instagram? The ONLY question that matters is, “how much value are you providing to the person watching or reading?” • Today, people do not expect professionally produced videos all the time. In fact, in some cases they don’t trust them. It’s OK to be raw. It’s required to be authentic. • Maintain directional control of the messaging, but give your team the latitude to use story in an informal way. – Interview patrons – Interview staff – Facebook Live the line outside your bar, or the party inside
  18. 18. #NCBShow17 T4: The Temporary Content Battle: Instagram Story vs. Snapchat • 78% of consumers make purchasing decisions that are influenced by a brand’s social media. • 70% of Instagram users have searched for a brand on Instagram. Millennials are seeking a more authentic brand experience that creates a new channel for communication. • How do you best utilize these platforms and target your audience with temporary content? • Speaker: Savanna Rakofsky, FLUXX Nightclub
  19. 19. #NCBShow17 T4: The Temporary Content Battle: Instagram Story vs. Snapchat • Both are powerful tools but if you’re audience seems to be higher on one rather than the other then spend the time and resources on the platform with more engagement. • If you’re seeing more engagement on Instagram than Snapchat another option would be to create a recurring geo-filter or event specific geo-filter for your location that you can set and monitor so anyone who does visit your establishment and uses snapchat can still post where they are. Then you’re brand is still visible and you don’t necessarily have to be “active.”
  20. 20. #NCBShow17 T4: The Temporary Content Battle: Instagram Story vs. Snapchat • Here is a great example of creating a custom geo-filter that was hugely successful. At FLUXX we create fun geo-filters for our artists and events. Last year we created a geo-filter our DJ Khaled event. The design had a “Major Key,” flowers, our logo, and location. We ran the filter from 9pm-2am and it reached over 12 million people just from that night! And the cost was only roughly $7. • Geo-filters can be created simply in Photoshop. This is such an in-expensive way to get your brand in front of lots of people, whether a small or large event. Instagram hasn’t launched Geo-Filters for businesses however they just started launching filters for cities so we will most likely see more options for businesses as they evolve.
  21. 21. #NCBShow17 T4: The Temporary Content Battle: Instagram Story vs. Snapchat • Whether Instagram Story or Snapchat, keeping content consistent is a key to success. If you don’t post every 48 hours (preferably every 24 hours) then you probably won’t pop up at the top of your followers feeds. • The more you post, the more “tuned in” your followers will be. They want to see those behind the scenes moments every day, even the boring ones. That’s what makes you feel authentic to them. • Humanize your business by associating a face/faces to your brand and then find ways to share your stories consistently.
  22. 22. #NCBShow17 T4: The Temporary Content Battle: Instagram Story vs. Snapchat • Utilize camera and editing tools to spice up your content. You can upload content onto your story from the last 24 hours so you can always make edits on your computer first, then download the content to your phone and upload to your story. • If you don’t have a professional camera you can always use your cell phone or a GoPro to create content. Here is a list of useful apps: – Photoshop, VSCO, Snapseed, Lightroom, Hyperlapse, and Boomerang
  23. 23. #NCBShow17 T5: Co-created Content For The Win. • Millennials believe co-created content is 50% more trust worthy, 35% more memorable than branded imagery. • Millennials love to be involved in helping companies co-create services, products, and their brands. • What are some simply ways to devise co- created campaigns to connect and engage millennials? • Speaker: Sanja Komljenovic, ONA Creative
  24. 24. #NCBShow17 T5: Co-created Content For The Win. • When it comes to connecting to millennials I always ask, is the millennial your target consumer? If so, to connect spend some time understanding their needs and wants. Millennials, value quality, authenticity and spend their money on experiences rather than abundance. A simple strategy when approaching the millennial consumer is to find local micro-influencers that have quality content on their social feed. • You're more likely to get people who may not have a large following but have a high engagement rate -- i.e. they get lots of likes — to post around your venue for free or cheap. It is important that these people authentically love your product or can be introduced to your product in such a way that they learn to love it. These micro-influencers could be foodies, great photographers, local VIPs or even local brands and non-profits.
  25. 25. #NCBShow17 T5: Co-created Content For The Win. • Engage them with either an exclusive experience at your bar or nightclub or even simply comp them a meal in exchange for a review on their social. These experiences don’t have to be complicated, it could and should be something your establishment already does. Then help the micro-influencers create content for their channels that you can re-post or share on yours. • Or you can ask one of these micro-influencers to take over your social channels for the day and take your audience (and hopefully a portion of their audience) through their curated experience at your restaurant or nightclub. My advice is to continue to build on these positive relationships and get them to make connections to other local micro- influencers. These people tend to hang out with other like minded people, so re-invest in them from time to time and see where they take you.
  26. 26. #NCBShow17 T5: Co-created Content For The Win. • Another easy way to get people to create content around your restaurant on social is to create visually appealing ‘instagramable moments’ within or outside of your space. People will snap and share across social media and with friends. Example: funny A-frame signs, unique tile greeting, photogenic wallpaper, creative food & cocktails, or interesting menus. • The result will be increased and dedicated engagement amongst content creators and brand loyalists.
  27. 27. #NCBShow17 T6: Influence The Influencer • Consumers are 65% more likely to choose a brand based on the recommendation of another customer or employee rather than buy from a brand based on an ad or company promotion. • Utilize social influencers to lend credibility to your brand and extend your message outside of your network. • You already have influencers for your business, so what are the building blocks for an effective social influencer strategy? • Speaker: Steven Cox, TakeLessons.com
  28. 28. #NCBShow17 T6: Influence The Influencer • What is Influencer Marketing? – It’s where brands partner with voices that consumers already trust. It’s designed to tap into an existing community of engaged followers within a very specific niche. • Why use it? It’s about trust. – We all know that our key demographics are using social. – We also know that, according to Nielsen, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations (think Yelp). – And No ONE - I repeat - NO ONE - wants to sign up to be marketed to (32% of people us ad blockers now). They want to sign up to be entertained, inspired, to learn, to get some sort of benefit. – Instead of just responding to celebrities, our new generation is responding to mini-celebrities: people with a following within their own sub-culture.
  29. 29. #NCBShow17 T6: Influence The Influencer • What’s the Process to utilize Influencer Marketing? – Channel: Choose the right channel for your audience and message. – What to look for in an Influencer: • Audience Size: Find micro-influencers who have a total audience size of 5,000 - 25,000 followers on the channel that’s important to you. • High Engagement: These micro-influencers normally have a much higher engagement than the larger influencers. Find people where they have built a “tribe”. This isn’t about awareness, it’s about influence.
  30. 30. #NCBShow17 T6: Influence The Influencer – Topic Authority: Everyone in here is in a niche market. • Are you a club? Find the guy or gal that absolutely loves your brand. They are there each week anyway. • Are you a sports bar? Find the person that is crazy about your local sports team. • Are you a whiskey bar? Give your mixologist a bigger voice.
  31. 31. #NCBShow17 T6: Influence The Influencer • How do you find them? – Hashtags: Use specific hashtags. Not #bar, but #whiskeybar. For the most part, you need to find local people as well. Hashtag your area of the city: Not #sandiego, but #gaslamp. • How to work with micro-influencers. – Relevancy: First and foremost, your brand must be relevant and authentic to who they are and the audience they have created.
  32. 32. #NCBShow17 T6: Influence The Influencer – Build a relationship: Think of them as people you’ll have a long-term relationship with vs. a transactional relationship with. Actually get to know them. – Engage with them: Before going in with a formal request, follow them, engage with their posts and initiate conversations. This helps you better understand their personality and interests so you can determine their fit with your brand. It also helps you approach them with a more personal request, which is more likely to get a positive response.
  33. 33. #NCBShow17 T6: Influence The Influencer – Be clear on what you want them to do: Have a set number of posts per month. List your non-negotiables (such as racial bias), then give them the freedom to create. – Make them a fan and ambassador: It may be a $$$ post, but it may be “front of the line” status, or a picture of them up on the wall above the pool table.
  34. 34. #NCBShow17 T7: Social Language And Self Expression • Social language and self-expression encompasses several forms you’ll need to learn, use, and keep relevant when communicating with your clients. Emojis, Bitmojis, personal GIFs, Memes, annotation applications, are all ways consumers are communicating today with their brands. • How can you break through these language barriers and utilize them to communicate and build brand loyalty with your customers? • Speaker: Megan Newtown, RMD Group
  35. 35. #NCBShow17 T7: Social Language And Self Expression • Words are diminishing and image-based conversations are becoming the new form of communication. People want brands to treat them more like a friend and less of a consumer, so integrating visual storytelling, aka, GIFs, memes, emojis, and bitmojis into our messaging is a fantastic way to communicate and build a connection….and luckily, it’s easy. • Before diving into some tips on how to use visual storytelling, here are a few more reasons why you should be using this tactic: – 92% of the online population uses emojis in email or on social media. – Emojis receive 57% higher like rate, 33% higher comment rate, 33% higher share rate. – Facebook has just changed their algorithm to put more weight into emoji reactions on posts, signifying the huge importance of emojis. – Humanizes your brand, sets the right tone and is great for short attention spans.
  36. 36. #NCBShow17 T7: Social Language And Self Expression • Here are some examples and tips: – Deadpool movie marketing & Shoreditch Bar (order cocktails with sequence of emojis). – Tag users next to emojis. – Retweet, comment with certain emoji. – GIF ideas: How to make a cocktail, picking a club outfit, how to pop champagne, and fun staff introductions. • Find GIF’s: Giphy, GifBin • Create GIF’s: GifMaker, EZGif, MakeAGif, Boomerang • Find Memes: Reddit, Memebase, Giphy, memes.com • Create Memes: Canva
  37. 37. #NCBShow17 In Summary… • Engage • Video • Live • Co-create • Influence • Self Express
  38. 38. #NCBShow17 Q & A… Thank You for your time! Visit us at www.rmdgroupsd.com