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Whip your content into shape within 30 days

Take your old content to new heights or learn to develop highly sought after content that can improve your business within 30 days.

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Whip your content into shape within 30 days

  2. 2. ONLINE BUSINESS CONTENT BOOT CAMP Take your content from zero to hero in 30 days. Learn how, why, when, what and where to tackle the tough issues in your content.
  3. 3. Content Work Up Day 1-10 Welcome to the first ten days of content rework. If you are experiencing issues with content that is not converting, being shared, not being liked or loved by your audience. This presentation is for you. What is good content? It is content that resonates deeply with the audience, highly informative and easily digestible. It does not matter what form it is in, there are many styles to it. In the first ten days, you will need to work on the titles, subtitles, research and writing style. Each of these areas impact the final piece. Over the next ten days, experiment with a blog or article format and develop your title. A title has to be catchy with a hint of sexiness to it. Your subtitle can help add an air of mystery. Your research material can help you develop a solid punch of information that your readers want. You will have to cut your research down into useful facts and information before composing the article or blog. Your writing style can be fun or conversational, especially if the subject matter is a bit dry. Practice this for the next ten days and you may have to do a lot of revisions.
  4. 4. QUICK TIP 1: EDITING AND REVISIONS During the ten day process, you will need to edit the content and sometimes reformat it to make it smooth. You want a style that is captivating without sacrificing you message. Towards the end of the piece, you will need to pay attention towards your personalized message.
  5. 5. PROGRESSION OVER 10 DAYS • Ground Zero • After 10 Days • Low engaging content • Increased Interest • Low shares • Better Attraction with Titles • Low likes • Stronger Writing • Low or no comments • Increased confidence • Focusing on wrong issues • Refocused on right issues • No developing full content capability • Developing content to Full capability • Could increase shares, likes and comments
  6. 6. COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO VICTORY Get your whole team involved, even if you are just a small company of a husband and wife. Insight and opinions are great tools to help create the right content.
  7. 7. DAY 11-20 • In the first ten days, you learned to research, work on titles, sub titles, research and writing styles. In days 11-20, you should focus on the core of your message, develop it for your audience that is engaging and enriching. You can do this by using your new writing styles to try out in a small experimental feed. Writing for a marketing purpose is already difficult, you cannot leave the feeling, the passion to deliver your promise or your values on a personal out level out of the mix. These next days you have to focus on editing and writing in your message, welcome to transparency. What are you trying to teach or instruct your audience about? What kind of content are you developing that will make you reach your goals? These next few days are one of the most difficult elements to focus on and it can crush spirits. This is where creative force meets intelligence and explodes into a piece of content that goes viral. Most times a real life story can be the right ticket in this situation, but you cannot leave out the humanity or the love to reach the minds and hearts. Focus on your audience as well and you can breed solid content. Remember to focus on transparency, your marketing message, your audience, writing and editing for this week.
  8. 8. QUICK TIP 2: PICKING CONTENT TYPES You may not decide to use an article or blog, you can use other formats such as PowerPoints and Videos. You should have an idea of what format you want to use before you hit the publishing stage. In most cases, some content can change several times before hitting the editor’s desk. During days 11-20 in the workshop, try to pick the format as early as possible. You can always change it later.
  9. 9. PROGRESSION Days 1-10 • • • • • • • • Stronger Grasp for ideas Increased Interest Better Attraction with Titles Stronger Writing Increased confidence Refocused on right issues Developing content to Full capability Could increase shares, likes and comments Days 11-20 Polished ideas 2-3 per content Focused on the Audience Stronger Creative skills Stronger Writing skills Pushing content to next level Strong CTA that pushes Shares, Likes, Loves and comments to new level • Strong Editing and Review skills • • • • • •
  10. 10. PRETTY AS A PICTURE Content will go through several revisions on its way to the top to be published. It may not always be perfect, but as long as it hits the primary objectives for your business, you can allow the flaws to slip into the night.
  11. 11. DAYS 21-30 • The last days to the content workshop are here. This is the time for review, editing, minor adjustments, decisions to keep or toss away, testing in small groups or publishing on the channels. The primary takeaway is editing and minor adjustments to the content layout and structure. Minor skills required include fine print scanning, cut and pasting lines and critical editing. This is the last week to bring up your skills from 1-20 and keep working them and your content will become great. Remember that your content will require adjustments, such as line by line editing to deciding if its worth keeping. It is ok to toss away an article or infographic that does not meet the projects criteria.
  12. 12. QUICK TIP 3: WHEN TO TOSS AWAY There comes a time, when you have to toss away an article, blog, video or script and start from scratch. Try to decide early on in the project if the piece can be saved. You can tell by examining the item carefully by reading or viewing it and matching it with the parameters. A warning, if you change your parameters too often, your content will suffer. If you are like a few days from publishing the item and want to toss it away. The reason better be a darn good one, such as budget cuts or the producer has failed to meet the requirements. This will put you in a bind, you may want to postpone the project or delay it for a few more days.
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