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Iconnix (Pty) Ltd.

Kuepper Int (Pty) Ltd. name changed to Iconnix (Pty) Ltd.

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Iconnix (Pty) Ltd.

  1. 1. rGonnlx lconnix [FtyJ Ltd 964 474 'Fax: DBBG 1 35 1 95 E-mail: info0ricon nix.co.za' fileb: www.icsn nix.co.za Teh OB0O Date:25lLLl2AL3 Ref: Kuepper International Name Change Dear Customer and Supplier 2013 has been a great year at Kuepper lnternational , one of our plans for the year was to rebrand our main trading company with a more relevant name for the great products we supply our customers. As of 5th November 2013 Kuepper lnternational will now trade as ICONNIX (Pty) Ltd, please can you note important information below: - This is just a trading name change , our company reg. number/directors and great team remain the same Af f invoices from25ltV2013 will reflect the new name change Our bank account details remain the same The change will not affect EFT payments setup on your online banking We have also launched or brand new website www.winfreight.co.za, please go have a look and send us any ofyour valuable feed back. lf you have any queries regarding the name change please do not hesitate to contact us Neil Shraga ike Shra Nick Shraga Registered 0ffice: Meyersdal Eco P.O. Box ffice Park,Meyer€dal, Johannesbury 167741, Ersckendowns, 1454. Regis$ation Number: 19B,A/AA477S/ 07.VAT Number:466O174295