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New Star Networks UK

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DELIVERY... Whatever the sizzle being sold it’s all smoke and mirrors unless the delivery gets nailed. #NSN #Telco #UK NewStarNetworks(NSN) @NewStarNetwrks

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New Star Networks UK

  1. 1. N SN started life as a ‘Me 2’ business selling the same set of products as hundreds of other service providers in the UK. What has made us successful is our commitment to getting things done. What continues to give us an edge is that we are always looking at ways of innovating the way we deliver a high quality customer experience. Back in 2010 we were a calls and lines business that specialised in supporting channel partners. Today in 2015 we are still a business that specialises in supporting channel partners, but everything else has changed. Going from a CPS style company to a fully Cloud based proposition has been completely transformative, says UK Sales Manager Ryan Kersey. “Volumes of SIP and hosted calls have ramped up from 6% of turnover this time 14 months ago to approx. 19% in February 2015. This, coupled with a full suite of cloud based IT solutions and MVNO offerings, means we are now running a technical support team with a breadth of capability rarely seen in the industry until now”, states Operations Manager Jaundre Malgas. “With SIP/ Cloud based services originating in South Africa and the USA and plans role out to most of Europe over the next 12 months NSN is starting to think globally, which for me is a very exciting proposition”, Says Kersey. Rising operational star Donnovan Smith recently completed his Prince 2 Project management qualification. “I have never before been so well prepared to deliver complex projects, which is a good thing as we seem to be delivering more and more of these every month”, says Smith . NSN has put down strong roots in the City in Holborn following a closely developed client relationship that has given us both a first class case study and a great working partnership. Essentially NSN is both a service provider and a client of F&L a global accountancy firm that has their HQ in Holborn. “With a strong Sales and Operations centre in central London we have been able to scale up our Partner Sales division”, says Kersey. “NSN have been a total breath of fresh air. Our core business focuses on delivering IT services and every time we have previously stepped into the Calls or Mobiles market we have had nothing but problems. NSN have simply delivered time after time and this is so important as we cannot have our clients cancelling IT contracts when their phones don’t work or when a broadband doesn’t get installed on time. NSN is just like us really, it does what it says on the tin.” Anthony Hart - Taag IT “Whilst pacing the changes in the market NSN has grown at a rate of knots from a company that turned over £940k in 2011 to one that is set to turnover in excess of £5.5M before the end of 2015. This kind of growth has given us all kinds of benefits from strong carrier relationships to catching the attention of high quality new recruits and channel partners. There is a strong possibility we will place well on the Tech Track 100 in 2016 which has long been a personal goal. I have every confidence our success will continue as long as we continue to focus on delivering real value to our customers and partners.” Said NSN Managing Director Mark Shraga IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DELIVERY... Whatever the sizzle being sold it’s all smoke and mirrors unless the delivery gets nailed. ADVERTORIAL www.commsbusiness.co.uk32 Comms Business Magazine | April 2015 New Star Networks Ltd The Hub • 14 Station Road Henley on Thames • RG9 1AY sales@nsn.co • www.nsn.co Call us today on 08000 546 200 Ryan Kersey – UK Sales Manager Open an NSN Partnership today and get access to: Hardware funding: • Upgrade your customers to the cloud for free • Enjoy having a competitive edge • Secure your business for the future Extensive suite of products: • Cloud based telephony & IT solutions • MVNO based Mobile solutions • Intelligent network & Virtual numbers • SIP and Classic Lines & Calls • Broadband, FTTC, Direct Fibre and more High quality partner service: • Field and desk based sales support • Technical support • Marketing support • Customer development and retention support Contact details * sales@nsn.co ( 08000546200 www.nsn.co Donnovan Smith and Jaundre Malgas