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Ram Card Manager - the secure delivery solution

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Ram Card Manager (Pty) Ltd.

The shareholders have agreed to find a New Commercial / Business Venture or Investor to re-brand and re-market the software.

The Credit Card and Cell Phone Face2Face and Consolidated delivery market in South Africa is worth + R100m per year, this system has been tried and tested with its embedded Revenue Earning IP and Methodology with major SA Banks,Financial Institutions and Cell Phone provider.

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Ram Card Manager - the secure delivery solution

  1. 1. Investor required for Logistics Software Company – ROI – a potential Cloud SaaS opportunity – Virtual Call Centre – Tender Opportunities<br />Secure Item Logistics Software<br />Secure Item and Credit Card Manager with Vault and CSD Call Centre modules can be fully integrated to Social Media, Microsoft CRM , Microsoft Share Point , Aarto, 3rd party Logistics Track and Trace , Document Imaging , Mobile Handheld Devices , Warehouse-It or Winfreight Brokerage Software for in-house ,sub-contractor or Owner Drivers delivery’s.<br />(Includes Credit Card Delivery IP and Methodology for South African Banks and NCA Module) <br />The software IP and Methodology modules will enable SME’s to take on the lucrative Face2Face delivery of credit cards and Cell Phones for Banks , Mobile Service Providers and Financial Institutions that require FICA and RICA. <br />Features include;<br />FICA and RICA Business rules and document tracking.<br />Inbound and Outbound CRM and CSD modules linked to SMS, Email and Social Media customer delivery pre-alerts and non-deliveries pre-alerts, includes call scripts and call back management tools.<br />Integrated links to secure vault and warehouse for pick, pack and returns management.<br />Built in business rules to upload delivery tracking data “live” to Banks, Mobile Service Providers and Financial Institutions’ mainframe systems.<br />Fully Integrated Crystal Reports module; reports can be modified and loaded in a “live” environment enabling proactive management of secure item or card delivery issues.<br />Provides capabilities to Market, Sell and Distribute Credit Cards via Warehouse or Secure vault , Cell Phones , Laptops or any item requiring secure delivery, with point (3) integration.<br />Fully Integrated Route scheduling module by zone and postal code<br />Integrated with Calendar for Public holiday pre-alerts and consignment scheduling as point (7)<br />3rd party Customer Delivery Address Cleaning with GPS module<br />Full Waybill / Label and Bank Client Signature Form (CSF) Modules; integration toolkit for client pre-prints.<br />Product Marketing and Sales Services to Corporate Institutions for their Products, the system is developed in ASP.NET2 with a SQL2005/8 or Oracle Database and can be installed on any domain or intranet.<br />