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The Winfreight Track & Trace system has been designed to manage & track every parcelthroughout the multi-depot delivery pr...
2• Debriefingo Route Debrief – When the route manifest arrives at the depot, the manifestbarcode is scanned and the system...
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Winfreight track trace

Winfreight Track and Trace Software

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Winfreight track trace

  1. 1. The Winfreight Track & Trace system has been designed to manage & track every parcelthroughout the multi-depot delivery process, eliminating misroutes and theft while at thesame time streamlining the entire operation. Route & Delivery manifesting is made easy dueto the various industry rules that have been built into the system. The system is entirelyinternet based and can be run across a local network or the internet, making it easy todeploy to new depots. The Key function areas are outlined below:• Waybill Inductiono All waybills coming into the warehouse are “quick” captured entering the basicfields only. The waybill is automatically routed, and labels are printed out perparcel. (1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10 etc).o• Floor Reporto Waybills Due for Manifest – new waybills to be manifestedo Waybills on delivery – manifested waybill on deliveryo Waybill Exceptions – waybills with exception scanso Waybills delivered – successful deliveries• Manifestingo Route manifest – the user will select a route (JHB - DBN) and the system willautomatically display all waybills that should appear on this route. The user thenscans these waybills onto the vehicle and the system will alert the user if theyhave missed any waybills or scanned waybills for another route onto this vehicle.The manifest cannot be closed off & printed until all waybills for that particularroute have been scanned, if a waybill needs to be held back it needs to bescanned into exception first.o Delivery Manifest – Once the waybills have arrived at the depot and have beendebriefed, they will go through a similar process as above and a deliverymanifest will be generated. The delivery manifest differs to the route manifest inthat it has place for the client to sign on each line. This step will only apply tocompanies that offer a door to door service and not to line haul companiesoffering a depot to depot service.o POD manifest – once POD’s are returned to the depot, they are scanned ontothe POD manifest which is sent back to head office. This step allows the PODreturn process to be monitored.Winfreight Track & Trace
  2. 2. 2• Debriefingo Route Debrief – When the route manifest arrives at the depot, the manifestbarcode is scanned and the system will display all waybills expected on thatmanifest. The staff will then scan all the waybills off the vehicles and the systemwill identify any missing or misrouted parcels. A delivery manifest can only beprinted once the route manifest has been debriefed.o Delivery Debrief – Waybills returning from delivery are either scanned asdelivered (POD) or scanned into exception.o POD debrief – POD’s returning to head office from the various depots arescanned back into Head Office.• Exception Scanningo Exception scanning is the process of flagging a waybill that needs to be held backor has a problem. By moving the problem waybill into exception, the remainingwaybills can be manifested without any hassles. This allows the managementcomplete visibility of all parcels within the delivery process. Typical examples ofexceptions scans are :Hold for CollectionAwaiting InstructionsDamagedIncompleteClarification for payReturn to senderNobody at homeRefuse to accept• Tracko Once of the main purposes of the Track & Trace system is to be able to track acertain waybill or parcel when a query arises. By completing all of the abovesteps, the system generates complete tracking. Below is an example of a waybillthat has gone through the entire delivery process:WAYBILL PARCEL ACTION DATE ACTION USER12345 12345/1 01/Jul/2009 17:00 Waybill Inducted into system - JHB Joseph12345 12345/1 01/Jul/2009 19:21 Waybill Manifested onto Linehaul Route JHB –DBN , manifest no 675432John12345 12345/1 02/Jul/2009 03:04 Waybill scanned into Depot from route - DBN Peter12345 12345/1 02/Jul/2009 10:14 Waybill Scanned onto Delivery Manifest ,manifest no 675433Peter12345 12345/1 02/Jul/2009 13:31 Successful Delivery - POD Peter12345 12345/1 02/Jul/2009 17:20 Waybill Scanned onto POD manifest - DBN Joe12345 12345/1 03/Jul/2009 11:00 POD Scanned back into Head Office - JHB Joseph