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Neuromarketing presentation

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Neuromarketing presentation

  1. 1. Neuromarketing Selling to the Reptilian Brain
  2. 2. Neuromarketing • Neuromarketing is based on the concept that the human brain is divided into 3 parts:
  3. 3. Neuromarketing • The idea is to appeal to the reptilian brain- to use a prospect’s instincts to drive rational and emotional decisions – Our consciousness is constantly playing catch-up to our subconsciousness
  4. 4. 4 Steps for Selling to the Reptilian Brain
  5. 5. 6 Stimuli to Ignite the Reptilian Brain
  6. 6. How do these steps and stimuli work together?
  7. 7. Diagnose the Pain • Self-centered is the most important stimulus here – Prospects don’t care about what you can offer, they only care about how it affects THEM • Light a fire under their chair, then present them with the extinguisher – Re-ignite the pain!
  8. 8. Action Item: Come up with some possible pains prospects may be experiencing and script 2 or 3 open questions to best diagnose them.
  9. 9. Differentiate Your Claim • Contrast is the most important stimulus here – How do you stand out? • Neutral claims don’t carry any importance • Demonstrate that you are “the” solution, not one of many • “TOP” claims: – Therapeutic – Original – Provable
  10. 10. Action Item: List the top reasons clients buy from us (from THEIR perspective), attempting to address them as “TOP” claims.
  11. 11. Demonstrate the Gain • Tangible is the most important stimulus here – Tangible items are processed by our brains INSTANTLY (subconsciously first) • Props make a presentation instantly more tangible • Help identify a uniqueness words can’t convey • If not face to face, expand understanding through visual metaphors
  12. 12. Demonstrate the Gain • Prove your value through the three sources of gain: – Financial • Tangible, more money gained – Strategic • Degree to which risk/uncertainty is reduced – Personal • Degree to which people are affected in emotional/psychological balance
  13. 13. Action Item: List the financial, strategic, and personal benefits for each of your claims.
  14. 14. DELIVER!!! • Three different stimuli will help you deliver to the reptilian brain – Beginning & End • Attention is at its highest during the beginning and end of a presentation – Visual • Similar benefits to the tangible stimulus – Emotion • Emotions derive from chemicals in the brain that produce motion and trigger decisions
  15. 15. DELIVER!!! • There are 6 message blocks to deliver to the reptilian brain • Think of breaking an hour long meeting into 6 segments of 10 minutes each • General recommendation to retain attention in sales is 10-12 minutes • Since attention is at its highest at the beginning and the end, those will be the most important pieces
  16. 16. 6 Message Blocks to Deliver to the Reptilian Brain • Grabber – Capture the attention of your audience early so they will want to hear more – Use a mini drama, word play, rhetorical questions, a prop or a story • Claims: 1,2,3 – A mnemonic spelling of the 3 (or fewer) unique or compelling reasons for your prospect to buy from you – By repeating them, your claims will become memorable takeaways
  17. 17. 6 Message Blocks to Deliver to the Reptilian Brain • Big Picture – Present a simple, graphical representation that illustrates how your solution will positively impact your prospect’s world • Proofs of Gain – For each claim, give proofs like customer success stories – The gain should be financial, strategic, and/or personal
  18. 18. 6 Message Blocks to Deliver to the Reptilian Brain • Handling Objections – Reframe the objections by addressing the Reptilian Brain – The simple use of logic will NOT diffuse an objection • Close – Repeat your claims one more time – Ask “what do you think?” and “where do we go from here?” – Let your prospect comment and commit freely
  19. 19. 7 Message Boosters to Increase the Impact of Each Message Block • Use “you” – Using the word “you” makes your prospects take ownership of your solution • Show contrast – Create a sharp difference between the pain your prospects experience before your solution and the relief of that pain with your solution • Vary learning styles – Most messages are only auditory. Use the two other learning styles, visual and kinesthetic, to keep your audience engaged
  20. 20. 7 Message Boosters to Increase the Impact of Each Message Block • Be credible – Your passion, energy, and conviction can be sensed by the Reptilian Brain of your audience • Trigger emotion – Prospects forget how painful their problems really are – Reenact their pain and make it personal
  21. 21. 7 Message Boosters to Increase the Impact of Each Message Block • Tell stories – Because the Reptilian Brain cannot differentiate between reality and a story well told, stories are soft but highly effective influencers • Aim for less – Make every second, every object, every word of your message count! – The Reptilian Brain welcomes simplicity – Make things easy for your prospects without dumbing down the message