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Preparation of Project Proposal on Innovation_Sir WAV.pptx

  1. 1. Preparation of PROPOSAL WILLIAM A. VILLARE, EdD. Education Program Supervisor- SGOD
  3. 3. Div. Memo No. 166 s. 2020 All supervisors, school heads, teachers, personnel and other staff are encouraged to come up with innovations to facilitate the LEARNING PROCESS and DELIVERY SYSTEMS. It is expected that the output should be in line with respective DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES.
  4. 4. Curriculum Innovations  Innovation is defined merely as INTRODUCING SOMETHING NEW. Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES  Innovation is not the result of thinking differently. It is the result of thinking DELIBERATELY (in specific ways) about existing problems and unmet needs.  In order for the innovation to be approved, it should have impact in education, specifically in the implementation of programs and DepEd orders and more importantly it should be significant in teaching and learning process.
  5. 5. (1) Educational System and Policies/ Management and Administration Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES Include innovations in hiring and recruitment process such as online/electronic system, policies maximizing the implementation of existing laws and DepEd orders such as citizen’s and anti-red tape.
  6. 6. (2) Educational/Instructional Supervision and Technical Assistance Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES Include innovations in the process of conducting instructional supervision and technical assistance, handbook in instructional supervision, tools for monitoring and TA and other related of educational leaders.
  7. 7. (3) Instructional Strategies/ Techniques/ Delivery System Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES Include development of instructional materials, new/modified approaches and styles in teaching, Integration of ICT in teaching include among Learning Modules, Worktexts, Workbooks and others instructional materials (IMs), Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) and GRAPS Performance Tasks-Sheet.
  8. 8. (4) School-based Initiatives for Student Welfare Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES Include special programs such as Comprehensive School Reading Programs, Enrichment Programs, Crafting of Handbooks/ Manuals for students and other which would respond to the existing problem and improve learning outcomes.
  9. 9. (5) Income Generating Project Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES  IGP is a school or community-based initiated projects which anchored on the principle of sustainability, collaboration, empowerment and Community of Practice (CoP).  It aims to augment school’s financial resources to finance existing programs and projects while developing the skills and competencies of students as identified in the K to 12 curriculum.  IGP should adhere to NO collection policy and prohibits any form of solicitation.
  10. 10. DURATION Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES  For innovation on Instructional Materials Development, Educational System and Policies/ Management and Administration, Educational/ Instructional Supervision and Technical Assistance, Instructional Strategies and School-based Initiatives for students welfare shall be implemented for a minimum of one (1) school year.  For Income Generating Projects (IGP) it should be implemented for a minimum of 2 years including validation.
  11. 11. CATEGORIES/ STRANDS Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES  K TO 12 Implementation  The Learning Process (Pedagogy, Strategies, Approaches to teaching)  Assessment and Evaluation of Learning  Professional Learning Community  ICT and Computer-based Education  School Leadership and Management  Educational Psychology  Reading, Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education and Communication  Special Education  Program Implementation and Evaluation  School Governance and Operations  Other relevant strands ( to be determined by the committee)
  12. 12. COMMITTEE Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES  Chairperson : ASDS (Elementary/Secondary)  Co- Chairperson : CID/SGOD Chief (depending on the area and category of the innovations, IGP and special program)  Members : PSDS EPS- LRMDS EPS- Concerned Area  Secretariat : PDO II- LRMDS Division Librarian ASDS Office- ADAS
  13. 13. OTHER DETAILS Innovation Proposal- GUIDELINES  Bond Paper Size: A4  Font Size: 11  Font Style: Bookman Old Style  Margin: Default  Text Spacing: 1.5 Space
  15. 15. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (A) COVER PAGE Title: Name of the proponent: Position/ Designation: Strand: School/Office: Recommending Approval Member 1: Member 2: Member 3: CO-CHAIRPERSON: APPROVED Chairperson: Date of Implementation:
  16. 16. (A) Cover Page- SAMPLE Project SGOD- WAV
  17. 17. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (B) RATIONALE • • Introduction of the existing problems to be solved with baseline data. • Existing solutions being implemented (if there are). • Introduction of the innovations and its possible impact in education.
  18. 18. SAMPLE (B) RATIONALE At the aftermath of 3 typhoons in the last quarter of 2020, SDO Camarines is one among the heavily damaged Division in Bicol Region. To assist the School Heads and principals to expedite the immediate restoration of damaged facilities and procure the necessary supplies, the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) spearheaded the conduct of “Oplan Ayuda”. A mechanism to ensure full utilization of school MOOE for Fiscal Year 2020 as implemented by Division Memorandum No.256, series 2020. During the consolidation of proposals, the committee encountered so much difficulties because many School Heads submitted a proposal where items are without specifications but necessary in the procurement of goods and construction materials to ensure that needed items are the once delivered to schools and end-users. To address such problem, this proponent, the Education Program Supervisor in SGOD conceptualized and prepared this innovation for the consumption of School Heads, Unit Heads of SDO and other procurement staff. This proponent has prepared a template for proposal, list of items and a Division Memorandum for adaption in the field. This innovation: project SGOD WAV- A Simple Guide to an Organized, Detailed, Well-Accomplished and Valid Proposal aims to address the delay in the processing and approval of Project/Procurement/Proposal submitted at the SGOD Office for approval of the top management. Project SGOD- WAV
  19. 19. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (C) OBJECTIVES • • Minimum of 3 but not more than 5 objectives • It should address the problems presented and be in line with the curriculum competencies / mandates of DepEd. • Objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable, result-based oriented and time-bound. • Objectives should be taken the K to 12 competencies depending on the learning area and Grade Level that will be addressed by the curriculum innovations and income generating projects.
  20. 20. SAMPLE (C) OBJECTIVES This innovation has the following objectives: 1.Guide the School Officials in the preparation of their proposal (Project/Procurement/Activity) 2.Fast track the processing of proposal at SGOD Office for approval of ASDS/SDS. 3.Comply with the requirements of accounting and auditing office that item must have proper specifications. 4.Promote efficiency and effectiveness in office operations and transactions. 5.Value the habit of work accuracy. Project SGOD- WAV
  21. 21. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (D) Expected Outcomes, Beneficiaries and Impact in Education • • Not more than 2 paragraphs. • Clearly states the impact of the innovation to education, specifically the teaching and learning process. • Identify the beneficiaries of the innovation and how they will be affected by the innovation. • For IGP, identify how the income/ proceeds will be used and its impact on improving learning outcomes.
  22. 22. SAMPLE (D) Expected Outcomes, Beneficiaries and Impact in Education This innovation in improving the processes in the preparation of proposal will greatly contribute to efficiency and effectiveness of School Heads, Unit Heads at SDO and their support staffs in the area of procurement of goods, supplies and materials as well as construction supplies needed for immediate use in the school/office. This will also save time and effort by promoting the accurate information and needed details which are compliant with accounting and auditing rules and regulations. Project SGOD- WAV
  23. 23. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (E) Activities/Strategies / Methodology • • Detailed description of the process • Sequentially arranged activities • Resources, persons responsible and time frame
  24. 24. SAMPLE (E) Activities/Strategies / Methodology • Proponent will prepare the draft documents. • Enclosures will be referred to Accounting and BAC for validations and further suggestions. • Initial output for review of the SGOD Chief for comments/suggestions. • Revised/Edited copy for approval of SDS. • A Division Memorandum together with its enclosures will be issued and for dissemination to the field using the Division Office Website, Group Chat, Messenger and other authorized platforms. • During implementation the proponent thru the assigned committee will gather feedback from the End-Users. • Further revision within one year if necessary. Project SGOD- WAV
  25. 25. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (F) Detailed Budget / Financial Plan • • Source of Fund/s • Expenses for materials • Expected Income (for IGP) • Observe the NO collection policy
  26. 26. SAMPLE (F) Detailed Budget / Financial Plan The cost of materials needed is very minimal and will be shouldered by the proponent. Project SGOD- WAV
  27. 27. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (G) Persons Involved/ Working Committee • • Working Committee • Terms of References of every committee
  28. 28. (G) Persons Involved/ Working Committee DOCUMENTATION COMMITTEE -Joseph Cruzana -Roshelle Robusa  print draft, edited and final copies of documents.  coordinate with accounting and BAC Office for comments/suggestions of the template.  record/summarize the feedback  maintain file copy  prepare certificates for the committees. REVIEW COMMITTEE - Pedro Pelonio - Josephine Doroin -Delfin Bondad  provide feedbacks, suggestions as to the content, details, templates, among others. Monitoring and Evaluation COMMITTEE - ASDS Millano - Pedro Pelonio - William A.Villare  gather feedbacks from the End-User  monitor AOMs from COA for further improvements/compliance to accounting and auditing rules. SAMPLE Project SGOD- WAV
  29. 29. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (H) Monitoring and Evaluation ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE OUTCOMES MONITORING
  30. 30. SAMPLE (H) Monitoring and Evaluation ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE OUTCOMES MONITORING Interview of School and Unit Heads July to Dec. 2021 Gather Feedbacks Pedro Pelonio William A. Villare Project SGOD- WAV
  31. 31. Innovation Proposal- FORMAT (I) Sustainability Plan • • Include the process on how the innovations will be sustained and maintain in the school. • Activities and improvement of the innovation in short and long-term basis.
  32. 32. SAMPLE (I) Sustainability Plan • This innovation maybe revised if necessary once feedback is gathered from the field and End-User or if there are new policies/guidelines that will render any process/requirements to be non-complicated. Project SGOD- WAV
  33. 33. “Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way.“ Tom Freston (born 1945), Co-founder of MTV