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Milan Mangaroo's Resume

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My user experience/user interface design resume

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Milan Mangaroo's Resume

  1. 1. T o o l s Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Adobe XD Sketch Balsamiq Invision U X / U I S k i l l s User Research Task Analysis Information Architecture User Testing Journey Maps Graphic Design User Personas Typography E x p e r i e n c e Feb 2013 – Feb 2019Nautica Textile/Graphic Designer Aug 2012 – Feb 2013Aeropostale Assistant Colorist E d u c a t i o n May 2011B.F.A. Fashion Design School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University Jul 2019CareerFoundry UX/UI Design Certification E milmangaroo@gmail.com T 804-878-7288 M I L A N M A N G A R O O UX/UI DESIGNER S u m m a r y Former textile and graphic designer turned UX/UI designer mastering the latest design software to create interesting and innovative design solutions for a product users would love to interact with. Wireframing/Prototyping • Over 700 hours of training with industry-leading mentors • Focus on UX/UI design with a comprehensive, hands-on training spanning from user research to prototyping, user testing, and website/app development • Developed several real world projects during the course, using software such as Sketch and InVision • Designed and developed best selling graphics for women’s t-shirt division. Collaborated with designers and vendors to generate 20 graphics per season. As a result, this division had the highest sales 2 years in a row. • Streamlined the textile design and development process to better meet deadlines. Worked closesly with designers and buying teams to coordinate meetings, and with overseas team to to deliver artwork and evaluations on time. Resulted in meeting deadlines days earlier than projected. • Remodeled color approval process to create more consistent and cohesive collections. Worked closely with overseas team and created new guidelines for factories to follow. Collections received better feedback and more comprehensive sales from buyers. • Organized color inventory to allow for easier access and more efficient design meetings. Worked with Pantone sales for ordering and organizational needs. As a result, meeting prep time reduced by 15%. • Standardized palette designs to follow the brand identity. Worked with Senior Colorist to establish layout and distribution. Resulted in more efficient interdepartmental collaborations.