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From E-Gov to Connected Governance | Role of ICT in the Era of Connected Governance 25

What is Web 3.0?
A web of meanings and connected knowledge.

Web 3.0 is the third stage of internet evolution that is
starting now. It is a web of meanings. It connects
knowledge. It represents meanings and knowledge about
things so both computers and people can work with them. It
adds new levels of intelligence to the user interface, social
collaboration, applications, and the infrastructure of the
Web 3.0 is not about re-inventing the internet; itʼs about
making the internet more useful, and our experience of it
better. Web 3.0 makes the internet more connected, open,
and intelligent. Users are served by systems that present
personalized information, are context-aware, can link and
share information in relevant ways, connect with relevant
people, better organize the digital life, combine and
integrate processes, arrange dates and tasks, give
meaningful answers instead of data in bulk.
Semantic technologies tap new value by modeling
knowledge, adding intelligence, and enabling learning.
Web 3.0 gives us architectures of learning and knowing over and above
architectures of social participation and “perpetual beta” that emerged
during web 2.0. Web 3.0 systems will gain new knowledge and get better
with use and with scale of adoption.
Source: Mills Davis, Project10X

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