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Lizzie task 3 evaluation

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Lizzie task 3 evaluation

  1. 1. Task 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. What is distribution? A distribution is a competitive business of launching and sustaining films in the market place. Film’s do not become talking points by accident. A distributors task is to bring films on to the market. They do this by… • Identifying the audience, consider why the audience go and see the film • Estimating the revenue potential of the release • Persuading film operators to play the film developing plans and partnerships to build awareness of the film • Aim to gain as much interest as possible in cinema visits. It is a distributors task to find the largest audience possible for the film being produced.
  3. 3. Examples of distribution companies: There are six major distribution companies in the UK which are directed connected to the Hollywood studios. The UK distribution companies include Vertigo Films, Metrodome, (produced Shifty), e one entertainment, Icon Movies, Arrow Films, Entertainment Film Distributors. The UK also has many independent distributors who handle films made outside of the larger studios. Film Distributors' Association (FDA) represents theatrical film distributors in the UK. FDA organise national press screenings for UK film critics and produces a weekly schedule of new releases.
  4. 4. Comparing my film EXile to distribution companies previous released films: My film EXile was a hybrid of a romantic, crime thriller. The British film “Shifty” was chosen by the British distribution company Metrodome. Shifty was a also a thriller like my film. However, the story lines of both thrillers are different. Shifty is set on the outskirts of London and follows the theme of friendship and loyalty over a period of 24 hours in the life of a young drug dealer. One way my film EXile is similar to Shifty is that it involves elements of crime. This is because EXile is about a murder of an ex-boyfriend and Shifty involves a character who is a drug dealer. However, Shifty does not involve a romantic plot line where as this is an important part of our film – it is the backstory for the murder committed.
  5. 5. Is my film only for a UK audience? I feel that my film EXile would only be suitable to a UK audience. This is because my film would be a low budget production. As my production is a low budget it would mean that I could only use the people available to me. The actors would therefore be British actors targeting a British audience, excluding other countries who did not speak English. The actors and actresses themselves would also probably be new actors starting out and therefore this could loose a international interest e.g. American as most peole see films depending on what actor is starring. The location, props, special effects would all be fitted to a low budget film therefore would not be elaborate. This could loose interest as people want special effects to be big and bold. However we could appeal to an international audience if we used the special effects to our best advantage.
  6. 6. Marketing and release strategies and exhibition options: Possible marketing strategies for my film could be advertising my film on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is because social media sites are a way of getting out information to the young public. This is because most young people have social media accounts. This is then a good way of advertising her film. We could create a hash tag on twitter which would then promote our film. This is a similar idea to what The Dark Knight Rises did to promote there film. They advertised a hash tag and everyone who tweeted the hash tag it would reveal a pixel from a promotional picture. The picture was then revealed as the enemy in the film. We could also exhibit our work at film festivals for example the film festivals that take place at Somerset House. Lots of tourists visit Somerset House and therefore it could generate international interest in our film. However, I feel that promoting our film on social media websites will be the best way to gain interest.
  7. 7. Self- distribution We could self-distribute our film. However this is slightly more difficult however it could be done. We could self-distribute it on Youtube and see the response we get. We could also try and get a small local cinema in our area to show the film for example Everymans in Reigate. We could put an advert in the paper or hand out leaflets to get an audience. Advantages:  Retain and control full rights of the film.  Any profits made do not have to be split with the distribution company. Disadvantages:  Very time consuming, looking for buyers and filling in paperwork  Limit sales to distributors as they may have already have established relationships with buyers.  Need to be aware of legal rights as you could be signing rights away of your film preventing you from showing your film anywhere else.