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Aegon Life Insurance #NoTension Campaign

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Aegon Life Insurance worked with MindShift Interactive towards the #NoTension Campaign, in an attempt to create high outreach and conversations for their TV Commercial.

With millennials living in the fast lane and with stress going all over the place, the one things Aegon Life Insurance wished to do is remove some of that. Insights showed the excessive need for the same. In a quirky, cool manner Aegon associated with Bollywood actor, Vicky Kaushal as the face of the TVC and launched #NoTension.

Stop worrying about the small stuff and the big stuff they said.

The TVC broke out across key mediums, making a blast on digital too with 10 Million video views. Social media platforms were abuzz with memes, topical content and rich media posts that highlighted various ways to stop stressing and many more routes towards living with #NoTension. From the latest gossip to Koffee With Karan, all forms of content were leveraged with Vicky Kaushal using his own quirky self to make it exciting.

We innovated through the usage of WhatsApp Marketing, creating WhatsApp Stickers with Vicky Kaushal in different actions and statements, hence leveraging the current trend of speaking with stickers - as that's what millennials do these days!

The campaign received adequate media awareness and momentum for its witty angle towards showcasing some of the best modes of living with #NoTension giving the campaign a 2.6 Million overall outreach.

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