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Lancome #GoNoFilter Instagram Campaign

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Lancome India created buzz across digital towards the launch of their new product, DreamTone, leveraging a campaign to bring out the true beauty of women, asking them to #GoNoFilter.

MindShift Interactive leveraged their experience in devising an Instagram Influencer Marketing based campaign. The strategy adopted lead to a result of the campaign being named as the Highest Outreach campaign on Instagram.

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Lancome #GoNoFilter Instagram Campaign

  1. 1. #GoNoFilter  Campaign   February  15,  2014    
  2. 2. Objective   To  create  awareness  about  Lancôme  India’s  new  product  launch  -­‐   DreamTone    
  3. 3. Insightful  Digital  Outreach   Challenge   •  Lancôme  wished  to  break   away  from  the  clutter  and   create  noise  for  the  launch   of  their  new  skincare   product  ‘DreamTone’   •  Our  audiences  were  not   actively  using  Facebook  to   engage  with  brands   Insight   •  Women  love  their  skin   •  Women  love  to  talk  about   all  things  pretty   •  They  don’t  like  discussing   their  skin  problems  online   •  They  love  SELFIES   •  They  looooove  Instagram   Solution   •  Organized  an  OfKline  Event  in   Mumbai  &  Delhi  to  launch   DreamTone  and  our  7-­‐day   Photo  Challenge   •  InKluential  Instagrammers  in   the  beauty  &  lifestyle  domain   participated  &  got  their   inKluencers  to  indulge  as  well   in  the  #GoNoFilter  Challenge   •  #GoNoFilter  brought  out  the   brands  necessity  to  showcase   your  Klawless  skills  &  skin  
  4. 4. #LancomeLove  –  InBluencer  Meetup   What?   •  #LancomeLove  Event  -­‐22th  Jan  in  Mumbai  and  28th  Jan  in  Delhi  to   announce  the  Launch  of  DreamTone   How?   •  A  luxurious  Tea  Party  was  organised  at  the  Lancôme  Boutique  involving   education  about  DreamTone  and  a  relaxing  pampering  and  rejuvenation   for  our  15  niche  bloggers  and  twitter  /  instagram  inKluencers   Overall  Impact:     •  Over  40  images  of  the  event  and  products  were  shared  on  Instagram   and  Twitter  by  our  InKluencers  using  #LancomeLove   •  All  the  InKluencers  were  excited  to  get  started  with  the  #GoNoFilter   Challenge  
  5. 5. #LancomeLove  –  InBluencer  Meetup  
  6. 6. #GoNoFilter  Campaign     Why  #GoNoFilter?     •  Lancôme  DreamTone  thinks  that  you  don’t  need  a  Kilter   to  beautify  yourself  or  your  photos.  The  way  you  look,   things  you  say  and  do  are  pretty  amazing  the  way  they   are,  so  #GoNoFilter!   How?     •  For  7  days,  InKluencers  on  Instagram  posted  Photographs   of  what  Inspired  them,  without  a  Filter  and  engaged  their   followers  to  participate  as  well   •  We  selected  2  people  who  successfully  participated  in  the   Challenge  and  recognized  them  our  Lancôme’s  Instagram   presence  along  with  gratifying  them  with  beautiful   DreamTones  
  7. 7. #GoNoFilter  Campaign  -­‐  Impact     Followers  on  Instagram  nearly  doubled  from  670  to  +1200      
  8. 8. #GoNoFilter  Campaign  –  Impact   Participants   •   ~125-­‐150  Reposts  (No.  of  people  participating  in  the  7  Day  Photo   Challenge)     •  ~1000  posts  using  the  #GoNoFilter    
  9. 9. #GoNoFilter  Campaign  –  Impact   Engagement   •   Average  engagement  has  been  consistent  at  7-­‐8%     •  ~2.9K  likes  received  for  60  posts  plus  ~300  comments   •  Increased  product  queries      
  10. 10. Glimpse  Of  DreamTone  Launch   •  Lancôme  India  launched  DreamTone  over  a  lavish  sundowner   themed  evening  hosted  at  Palladium  Hotel  Mumbai  on  the  4th   February  2014   •  Celebrity  Cosmetologist,  Dr.  Rekha  Sheth,  and  Stylist,  Nishka   Lulla  amongst  other  beauty  and  lifestyle  experts  /  journalists   added  a  dash  of  beauty  to  the  evening  
  11. 11. #GoNoFilter  –  Instagram  Outreach     #GoNoFilter Outreach  via  Influencer  activity 49000 Outreach  via  Reposts: 50000 Sub  Total   99000 Ourtreach  via  7  Day  Challenge 693000 Grand  Total 792000
  12. 12. #GoNoFilter  -­‐  Twitter  Outreach   Total Tweets= 154 Tweets Highest No. of Tweets = 18 Tweets (4th Feb at 3.30PM)
  13. 13. #GoNoFilter  -­‐  Twitter  Outreach   •  Total  contributors  =  47   •  Total  Tweets  =  154     •  Direct  Reach  =  50,824   •  Total  Timeline     Deliverables  =  169,145  
  14. 14. Contributors  &  their  Tweets  
  15. 15. #GoNoFilter  –  Tapping  the  Right  Audiences   ‘House  of  Misu’  Instagrammed   several  pictures  of  DreamTone   and  tagged  us  to  share  with   their  1400  followers   Entrepreneurs,  Stylists,  Bloggers,  Fashionista’s  etc.  have  been  aesthetically   inclined  to  share  and  converse  about  their  purchases,  favorites,  etc.  
  16. 16. Highlights   •  Drove  awareness  and  sales  enquires  about  DreamTone   •  Increased  brand  awareness  and  engagement  with  Target  audience  and  InKluencers   •  A  benchmark  case  study  for  Instagram  InBluencer  Marketing!  #MindShift   Total  Posts  using  #GoNoFilter   1,000   Increase  in  Followers     ~600   Targeted  Participations   125  (Average  klout  of  400  Follower  per   person)   Total  Post  Engagement   2900  (50  Likes  per  post)   Total  Campaign  Outreach   +792000     1st  Indian  Campaign   with  massive   Outreach  
  17. 17. #GoNoFilter  Effect!   Click!
  18. 18. Thank  You