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  2. Hello! If you are viewing my portfolio then probably you are looking for a Product Manager to turn your ideas into a kick ass app. My name is Ayush and I do just that. Along with my group, we work on ideas that we believe have po- tential to make a difference. AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO 01 / I AM
  3. I BELIEVE IN TURNING BIG IDEAS INTO TRULY AWESOME MOBILE APPS “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” “Focus is about saying, No. And the result of that focus is going to be some really great products where the total is much greater than the sum of the parts.” Yes, Steve Jobs said both of the above. I am a fan. AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO 02 / I AM
  4. BUY NOW EXPERTISE REQUIRED PAYMENTS / M-COMMERCE PROJECT DETAILS PLATFORMS : iOS, Android, Web CLIENT: BuyNow WorldWide BuyNow is a mobile-commerce App that enables consumers to instantly purchase products and/or services from any multi-media Ad – simply by send- ing a Text Message or a Tweet. We helped the client to build an ecosystem that enables consumers to buy products and/services from any multi-media Ad. The ecosystem includes a custom web solution , iOS app and Android App. The bespoke web solu- tion is scalable and capable of handling million transactions and tweets. 03 / MY WORK AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  5. JAYU EXPERTISE REQUIRED BLE / LOCATION / PAYMENTS / PROMIXITY / GEO FENCING/ M-COMMERCE PROJECT DETAILS PLATFORMS : iOS, Android CLIENT: Jayu Rewards Jayu is the digital rewards platform that does all of the work. What do we mean by this? Jayu makes it possible for businesses and customers to build re- lationships without lifting a finger. We believe that people consider their time valu- able, and don’t always have time to digitally interact with a business when they want to. While keeping this in mind we developed a simple and stimulating rewards platform that works for businesses and people behind the scenes. 04 / MY WORK AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  6. CITY LOCAL LIFE EXPERTISE REQUIRED LOCATION / PAYMENTS / SOCIAL NETWORK PROJECT DETAILS PLATFORMS : iOS, Android CLIENT: City Local Life City Local Life is a great new way to see what is cur- rently going on in many cities under 4 categories; nightlife, adventure, events, and lifestyle. Real time photos and videos that help you see what going on in cities around the world. Stay con- nected with friends and family no matter how close or far they may be. Whether you’re out on the town, on an adventure, at an awesome event, or simply just doing the daily routine capture it with a photo or video and share how you live. 05 / MY WORK AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  7. YOUGOVI EXPERTISE REQUIRED VIDEO PROCESSING / VIDEO FILTERS / SOCIAL NETWORK / COMPITETIONS / ANALYTICS PROJECT DETAILS PLATFORMS : iOS, Android CLIENT: YouGOvi App Inc YouGOvi is a video sharing platform where users can upload their videos and people can vote for the best videos. It allows users to select a Competition and upload their videos and photos created with in-App GOvi- cams or from your phone. Other users will then vote for the winners in each category. Users win Cash by participating in the competi- tions, be eligible for Tournaments to continue their chances, and increase the possibilities of receiving Instant Prizes. 06 / MY WORK AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  8. SONGSKETCHA EXPERTISE REQUIRED SOUND PROCESSING / TONE GENERATION / GUI- TAR STRINGS MAPPING PROJECT DETAILS PLATFORMS : iOS CLIENT: SongSketcha SongSketcha is a songwriters work pad specifically designed for sketching out your song ideas as they come to you. It’s quick, easy to use and is loaded with features. SongSketcha also has a unique feature, which en- ables you to fly your chords into place onto dedi- cated dots above your lyrics with a simple touch. Once you choose your key, a chord palette pops up loaded with the most common chords in that key and are at the ready to place above your lyrics. 07 / MY WORK AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  9. WINDOWLIKR EXPERTISE REQUIRED VIDEO PROCESSING / M-COMMERCE PROJECT DETAILS PLATFORMS : iOS CLIENT: WindowLikr WindowLikr offers immersive, integrated technol- ogy, attaching end-users directly to their favorite content in a fluid and uninterrupted fashion. Windowlikr is both device and operating system agnostic, ensuring that interactive content always reaches its maximum intended audience. WindowLikr’s platform seamlessly integrates a brand’s diverse content and analytics data streams. 08 / MY WORK AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  10. HOST OF STARTUP GRIND PUNE Startup Grind is the largest independent start- up community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 215,000 founders in over 185 cities. We nurture startup ecosystems in 70 countries through events, media, and partnerships with or- ganizations like Google for Entrepreneurs. The cornerstone of our global community are monthly events featuring successful local founders, innova- tors, educators and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies. We host Startup Grind Pune chapter. 09 / STARTUP GRIND AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  11. HOSTING MEETUPS Mindbowser first IoT meetup in Pune created a lot of enthusiasm among the local tech community. The meetup comprised of an introduction to the technology, a Q&A session and then followed up by practical implementation. The audience seemed awe struck at the capabilities of beacons and other BLE based devices. As it was the first IOT meetup in Pune, for many this was the first acquaintance to the technology. 10 / STARTUP GRIND AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  12. CONTRIBUTIONS GUEST SPEAKER AT BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY COMMUNITY WEARABLE DEVICES DEVELOPMENT APPS INDIA JULY, 2015 CONVERGE MARCH, 2015 WEB SUMMIT, DUBLIN OCTOBER 2013 SILICON BEACH FEST, LOS ANGELES JUNE 2015 This group is a platform where people can discuss about the latest and upcoming technology of Blue- tooth Low Energy. It is the second largest Blue- tooth Low Energy group on LinkedIn. This group is a platform where people can discuss about the latest and upcoming technology of wear- able devices. This group also focuses on applica- tion development for wearable devices like Google Glass & iWatch. 11 / CONTRIBUTIONS AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO
  13. SUMMARY  7+ years of experience as a Product Manager. Worked in New York, London and set up team in India  Accomplished Product Manager with a hand on experience in managing product requirement defi- nition, product planning and product lifecycle man- agement.  Advising clients on business models, product rev- enue generation and GoTo market strategy.  Experience in team building and managing glob- ally distributed teams.  Acting advisory to few startups and have been invited to numerous conferences as speaker. 12 / SUMMARY AYUSH JAIN PORTFOLIO WHY CHOOSE ME?  Thought Leadership: A book on best mobile app development practice in draft stage.  Strong Communication: Native English speaking skills developed with my experience in working in 3 continents till date  One Stop: Ability to take care of everything from idea inception till launch.