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Wisdom Credentials 2021

  2. A B O U T U S WISDOM AGENCY is a strategic marketing agency that combines branding, marketing, and digital technology to help our clients grow more effectively. With combined expertise, Wisdom Agency have been able to create a growth solution of our own to stand out from the crowded marketplace. With a compact team of specialists, Wisdom is specially designed to work efficiently with middle-sized businesses assisting clients to reach business goals by excellency of strategy and execution. Wisdom Agency
  3. “How to continue growing” is the biggest challenge today for companies who aspire to transcend to the next level. From incubation to middle-sized and large-sized enterprise, strategy contributes differently to the growth and success of the business. By connecting the dots and optimizing the resources toward desired goals, strategy underpins the smooth operations and thus enhances market competency. For this reason, Wisdom Agency does not sell marketing activities, we sell strategy-led competitiveness rooted in the combination of deep research, insights and marketing activities enabled by modern technology. A strategic marketing agency that in every stage of the business growth Wisdom Agency
  4. Our Philosophy Our belief that wisdom is the ultimate attribute that drives the success of every business. Wisdom Agency continually strive to collect insights and turn them into strategies that can transform business’s prospects. Our Vision Wisdom Agency aspires to heighten the standards of marketing firms in Vietnam by being a sample of authentic work with strategic focus, the commitment to end results and long-term partnership Our Mission Wisdom Agency accompanies our clients keeping up with fast pace of change in global marketing, branding and digitalisation. Our services focus on accuracy of strategy and consistency of implementation for success in the long run. Our Wisdom Agency
  5. Our Authentic Try Harder End Result Wisdom Agency are being true to our ourselves by appreciating our staff’s effort and caring for the welfare of our clients authentically. A large part of our innovations is inspired by the passion of our staff that is always ready to go the extra miles to foresee the end-result then try harder for the best services. Wisdom Agency
  6. Wisdom Agency Our BOD Account Client Service Project Management Strategy Strategic Planning Digital Planning Content Direction Curation Art Art Direction Interactive Design Back office Finance Human Resource
  7. Our Our services are based on four fundamental mainstays on which our business principles thrive. • Brand Research • Brand Strategy • Corporate Identity • Brand Management • Rebranding Launch • Communications Strategy • Communications Campaign • Concept Development • Content Development • Inbound Consultancy • Customer Personas • Content Strategy • Website Content • Email Marketing • CRM • Lead management • Marketing Automation • Digital Audit • Digital Architecture • Website • Search Marketing • Social Media • Analytics & Reporting BRAND COMMS INBOUND DIGITAL
  8. Our Sand Clock Strategy (SCS) is the foundation of our problem-solving thinking and creative fast-tracking process. There may be an abundance of models in business, but an original model is a sign that a consultancy has reached its maturity in knowledge and skills. Sand Clock Strategy (SCS) was integrated from NH Minh’s doctoral study and his participation in international consulting projects. The SCS illustrates the minimal thinking process to get from Problem to Solution and a wide set of 50+ tools for specific purposes like branding, communications or digitalisation. Some of the tools are adapted from renown global agencies such as Interbrand or Landor.
  9. Our Partners
  10. Minh joined Wisdom Agency in 2017 as Managing Partner and he has led and trained the team to follow his philosophy and principles. He is a chartered member of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in UK, expert member of two international consulting organisations which are Landor & Fitch (L&F) and Gerson Lerhman Group (GLG). Under his supervision, Wisdom Agency update and apply the profoundly researched models and the latest trends of marketing worldwide into our daily marketing task work to ensure the best possible solution to our clients. Wisdom Agency
  11. Wisdom Agency is certified partner of HubSpot with sufficient capabilities to consult and implement inbound marketing system for clients across many industries. We have helped clients in education, pharmaceutical, furniture etc. transform their business models, integrating platforms across physical and virtual channels into a single and seamless inbound marketing automation process. Wisdom Agency
  12. Wisdom Agency announced a consortium of four new strategic partners including Mai Linh Media, Digit Matter, Group O, HubSpot. The combination is expected to help fill the gap between the implementation strategy and comprehensively solving customer problems according to the Wisdom Agency strategy Wisdom Agency
  13. Wisdom Agency With BTL activities, Group O will be an important partner to implement events, brand activation activities, in the strategic implementation ecosystem provided by Wisdom Agency. Digit Matter will play a major role in the ATL section. Specifically, Digit Matter will be in charge of implementing marketing activities on digital channels Mai Linh Mediacom will be in charge of advertising activities, building brand awareness on Mai Linh's vehicles. In addition, the agency also takes care of campaigns that integrate online to offline to produce measurable results. Ultimately, HubSpot will help Wisdom Agency customers solve underlying issues of CRM, Automation and Inbound Marketing, and assist in connecting and converting metrics from marketing to sales.
  14. Wisdom Agency is contributing member to Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA), an organization that promotes and rewards digital communications excellency in Vietnam. In 2018, we were honoured to received the Digital Award for The Best Campaign category. Since then, we have sharpened our skills and perfected our execution operations to improve the quality of our work. Wisdom Agency
  15. Our Clients
  16. Featured Projects
  17. Research Branding Strategy & Packaging Wisdom Agency Marketing Communications
  18. Mai Linh is one of the largest Vietnamese brands which is associated with transportation. After years of development, Mai Linh is now operating in several business sectors such as media and garage. Thus, Mai Linh Group needs a strategic partner to redirect the overall strategy from building winning positioning to renewing the brand identity that both inherit the Mai Linh Group’s root strength and facilitate the future plans and projects. Mai Linh, Landor Singapore and Wisdom Agency collaborate in a united branding project for its all business sectors, identify its new brand territory and the necessary architecture to expand its business across ten verticals. We work closely with internal team to communicate change be ensure smooth transition at every branch touch point. The work includes but is not limited to brand design, internal communications and engagement workshops. Research & Branding Wisdom Agency
  19. Research & Branding Wisdom Agency Research, Brand Strategy, Consulting, Corporate Brand Identity, Communications, Internal Engagement The spin-off of an entirely new business division as Mai Linh Media and a brand facelift. The continuous work with Mai Linh include internal engagement, research for customer insights in new market and brand designs for business units across all verticals. Relationship between the two entities is on continual basis to refresh, sustain and uplift brand equity with the aim to become top valuable transportation brands in Vietnam.
  20. Research Branding Strategy & Pakaging Wisdom Agency Marketing Communications
  21. For over 60 years operating in the Vietnam market, Vianco brand image had been lesser and lesser effective in attracting modern consumers. Thus Vianco needed to refresh the brand not only brand image, brand identity but also its positioning to gain back the younger segments. A comprehensive new brand strategy was designed. Collaborating with Helius Research, the work involved a process from research from both internal side (CEO) and external side (customers from 3 types of cookers and 6 cities, retailers). Based on the research and understanding of the product direction in the future, we give the most suitable brand architect with various product lines.Then restructuring brand portfolio, developing new brand identity as well as branding strategy for each sub brand. Based on the new branding position, developing the IMC campaign to promote the brand. Research & Branding Wisdom Agency
  22. Market Research Brand Strategy for Vianco and Vianco Sub-brand Re-Packaging Media planning and execution, TVC • Branding Developing the brand and branding strategy that helped Vianco bounce back and recover during the recession because of a pandemic outbreak. • IMC - Facebook: Facebook engagement: 12,335, Video views: 120,651, Minigame interaction: 3000 (including 360 comments, 200 shares) - Google Instream ads: 270,000 impressions and 191,373 views - CSR campaign: provide free lunch for people in need during the hard time of pandemic Covid-19 Research & Branding Wisdom Agency Research Report from Helius with Wisdom’s direction.
  23. Re-Packaging Wisdom Agency Original 40% change 60% change After 1 year 80% change After 2 years After years of earning many loyal customers, we decided not to renew 100% of the packaging at the moment. But we create a process of alternate packages from 40% to 80% change in 2 years, therefore, the loyal customer would be used to the change of their familiar brand.
  24. Market Research Branding Strategy & Pakaging Wisdom Agency Marketing Communications
  25. The fresh bread category of Huu Nghi after 12 years of fast growth on Northern market needed a brand rejuvenation to catch up with the new trends of consumption in food industry to ready for the new era of growth and ambitious and to launch its expansion on Southern market. A new brand identity and Southern trade plan were designed for new launch. The work involved an intensive chain of actions from market research and findings to marketing to ensure that all following elements are properly set. After that, From new brand architecture to value proposition, Wisdom worked closely with Huu Nghi Food’s marketing team, AC Nielsen’s team to revive the historical brand. Market Research Brand Strategy for Staff Southern Business Development Strategy Renew Packaging Re-Branding Wisdom Agency Research Report from AC Nielsen with Wisdom’s direction.
  26. Re-Packaging Wisdom Agency Staff – the leading fresh bread brand of Huu Nghi – is now a top five leading brands in Ho Chi Minh city. There are changes applied in fresh bread category which are being monitoring daily to ensure strategic accuracy.
  27. After rebranding and repackaging all of the product SKU, Huu Nghi questioned to launch and spread it to customer who is familiar with the- old-Staff in the North and not well-known in the South. Base on the company and business strategy, with the support of the new rebranding section, we design a from head to toe communication strategy for relaunching campaign. Creative production: Music TVC, Product Video, Shooting, Key Visual, Website Production Influencer Marketing Staff – with a new look of modern and clean, new voice of young and fresh has gained a huge interest from both internal member of Huu Nghi and external customer. Re-Launching Wisdom Agency
  28. Brand Strategy Marketing Communications Digital Integration Wisdom Agency
  29. Clients since 2016 and likely to be for more years to come - 2016: initial cooperation on brand and marketing - 2017: launching of the first financial service for consumer – the VF-iSaving - 2018: launching of VF-iTrade – the online individual trading platform - 2019: digital integration enhancement, building of the marketing tech stack
  30. Wisdom Agency first worked on the adaptation of the re- branding and building those first blocks of marketing and digital presence such as website, social and search marketing - Defined value proposition and brand - Marketing strategy - Digital presence 2016 Wisdom Agency
  31. VFM was launching new financial products called Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with the intent to make it as easy as possible to the non-investor people. Wisdom Agency expanded the work of branding to marketing launching campaign for the new product. From brand communications to product naming and branding, Wisdom Agency worked alongside VFM’s marketing team to deliver the The new product - VF-iSaving – was introduced together with communication campaign to launch the new product. The voice was best tuned for audience which was working professionals, not investors by the earthly defined term of investments. Also, it was based primarily on performance marketing to monitor and nurture qualified leads Strategic launching plan Key visuals development Content management Media performance Event & PR release Successfully introduced VF-iSaving to the market. At the end of the year, VFM was the #1 consumer investment fund in the market. During the campaign period, Wisdom Agency have achieved ‣ More than 16,500 fans on Facebook ‣ Reached to 2 million users ‣ 1000 sale leads generated 2017 Wisdom Agency
  32. Wisdom Agency understood that every good marketing plan began with quality products and services. In order to improve the customers’ experience, Wisdom Agency had to enhance the service by the use of digital technology After one year of branding work, Wisdom Agency launched the new online trading platform – VF-iTrade – in 2018. The platform shortened the contract procedure and enable customers quick and do-it-yourself online transactions. Also, Wisdom Agency matched the brand and product strategies by adjusting the branding voice and identity to a younger audience who were more tech-savvy that would allow them to use VF- iTrade with ease. 2018 marked the peak successful year of VFM with exponential- growing ratios - Customer base growth: 200% - Revenue growth: 10 times the base of the first year’s 2018 Wisdom Agency
  33. VFM and Wisdom agreed to work on the extension of VFM’s brand core and value. However, as it was no longer a market follower, the new mission was how to extend the market and re-educate young potentials by the benefits of fund certificates. 2019 Wisdom Agency plan to extend the activities beyond digital platform and communications. In fact, the brand is planned to become a sponsor of financial planning education to young generation so that they can live, grow and achieve more by their ambitions. Wisdom Agency
  34. Research Branding Strategy Marketing Strategy Digital Business Strategy Wisdom Agency
  35. Xuan Hoa was going through a business transformation from state- own to joint-stock company. Besides, the new brand also needed a re-positioning to the higher segment. Based on our intensive market analysis, we’ve managed to completely modernize the company’s brand identity system, develop a strategic framework for all marketing activities until 2020. Wisdom Agency
  36. - Data research: primary research extensively on product end-user together with interviews of all stakeholders to set direction for brand growth and product development - Branding: a holistic brand strategy with a 5-year time frame toward international brand status - Marketing: a new marketing strategy with focus on digital platform and new product design together with production optimisation advised by Japanese experts from Toyota - Tech: new wesbite and tracking systems, the social platform provides feedbacks for product improvement Wisdom Agency are proud of being an exclusive strategic agency of Xuan Hoa Furniture for two consecutive years 2016 and 2017 to build and supervise all marketing-related activities. The transformation immediately received good feedback from customers and boosted sales volume over the top. Wisdom Agency
  37. Together with the attempt to introduce a new brand identity system that is modern and beautiful, Xuan Hoa also need a new website that follow the brand guidelines and up to date for e-commerce technology. New website was built based on the web strategy frame of WISDOM, enhanced by e-commerce functions and mobile CMS application Newly launched in July 2017, the new website makes good impression with audience and support total branding effort Website Wisdom Agency
  38. Fan Increased: 20,549 Reach: over 10 million Engaged with 131,327 users Social Wisdom Agency
  40. Branding
  41. Mai Linh Media is a media agency, which focuses on taxi advertising, and is a sub brand of Mai Linh Corp. As a new established company, Mai Linh Media requires a brand identity which inherited the characteristics of the Mai Linh brand as well as modern enough to be claimed as a media agency. Develop the brand positioning, brand identity, brand story as well as guideline for future communication campaign Wisdom Agency
  42. Brand anatomy, positioning, theory, tagline. Brand identity (Design trends, direction for brand) Wisdom Agency
  43. MaiLinh Media has officially put into operation in time to serve the high demands during the holiday season. Wisdom Agency
  44. Targeting the northern rural cafe & eatery market, the investor needs an inspiring name and brand identity which are localized to fit the choosing market and inspiring enough to navigate the store designing style. Defining the suitable style that match the local trends and developing the corresponding name and brand identity Brand strategy (positioning), Brand Identity (name, logo, motif, typography, color, stationery, art direction) The cafe & eatery become new hangout place for local officemen and businessmen Wisdom Agency
  45. The consumption coffee industry in Vietnam was booming. Mercon as a leading coffee exporter in Vietnam since 1988 also wanted to take part in this excitement by developing its own retail brand and marketing plan. Utilising their advantage of wholesale pricing, Wisdom Agency assisted Mercon to identify the right target customer segment and build the proper business model to approach them, followed by the brand identity and communications plan. Mercafe was launched and is still in its first year of business operations. The plan was set for 2 years to come so Wisdom Agency can return on this project real soon. Wisdom Agency
  46. After 2 years of building the exclusive distribution channel for Corele V. in the Northern market, An Thinh officially develops a premium fashion brand aiming only for women. This high-end brand mainly focuses on producing homewear, lingeries, bikini and skivvies. According to the product orientation that comfort and bring out the personal beauty of women, Wisdom Agency decided to build a strategy for An Thinh’s fashion brand along with the story about praising the natural beauty of each person. Hence, this helps An Thinh to create differentiation towards other competitors and emphasize the USP of product in the market. “Burgundy” is created with a positioning statement “Redefine the beauty template” which stands out on the red burgundy theme of the logo. It helps to deliver the message in the most efficient way but still have the elegance element of a premium brand. Wisdom Agency
  47. Huu Nghi Bakery, a brand by Huu Nghi Food JSC founded since 2009, is a chain of nearly 30 stores featuring and showcasing gateaux product lines. After 10 years of development, the brand is facing the challenge to innovate its images in order to meet the increasing diversity of customer demands for pastry Taking the young generation in favor of quicks, convenience and diversity in urban areas as the main target customers, the Bakery has launched a wide range of brand-new fresh breads besides the traditional gateaux. The new name - BONAMI promises to appear with a completely unique brand identity. The new brand identity brings a whole new look to the brand, which promises to become an ideal destination for all fresh bread lovers Wisdom Agency
  48. Marketing
  49. As one of the leading corporations whose services focus on inland transportation, Tet is the busiest time of Mai Linh group. Therefore, as a custom, every year, Mai Linh always celebrates the Lunar New Year early to motivate its staff who rarely stay at home during Tet. In 2021, not only encourage the staff to keep working during Tet, Mai Linh Group also wants to show gratitude and give a thank you message to every member who chooses to stay with Mai Linh during the pandemic crisis despite short term financial difficulties. As a result, Mai Linh has sought a strategic partner to help them celebrate this internal meaningful campaign. Building the internal communications campaign with supporting activities which aim to connect people and give new year gifts to thank for their devoting. Besides, a large number of marketing materials are designed to highlight the campaign key theme as well as support the year end events. Wisdom Agency
  50. Communications plan & marketing material design. Proposing the internal communication plan and supporting Mai Linh Group to actualize the campaign; designing marketing materials related to Tet like red envelope, gift box, event backdrop, and a set of design for key activities Wisdom Agency
  51. Nike React featured a revolutionized cushion technology for sportswear shoes. The “Choose Go” global concept had been well established around the world. The task was how to adapt that concept in Vietnam but still preserve the local relevance. “Choose Go” in the Vietnamese sense needed to be shown, not tell. That was why regardless of how insightful the message might sound, good celebrity endorsement was still required plus a little bit of exoticness. Wisdom created a campaign based on the idea of shoes delivered by running celebrities and free orders to attract the youth’s attention and leveraged from this big idea to a 2-to-3-month campaign. 6 mil impressions generated 2300 pairs of shoes sold USD270,000 revenue increment Wisdom Agency
  52. 6M digital impressions were generated, with placement in multiple media channels – on Facebook, Youtube, influencers, online publisher, hyper local and ad network. Nike Fanpage page continues to grow in popularity, with over 13,868 fans grew without advertising. The React Delivery video has been viewed over 2,2M times since its release in August, making it Nike Vietnam most- viewed videos. Nike contest and photo booths creating an extraordinary number of brand impressions with the right audience in a unique, joyful way =O32wY5s08UQ&t=4s Wisdom Agency
  53. Big C – the Asean leading retainers with 35 supermarkets in Vietnam – has been in business since 1998. Every year, Big C launches a mega campaign to celebrate Tet and appreciate loyal customers Wisdom understood that Big C was looking for big hit at the end of 2017. Big C is a part of Vietnamese modern culture, so Wisdom decided to make incorporate the Three-God theme of Tet into the campaign and built an extremely easy game mechanism to spread the good luck of Tet and viralise Big C game The campaign was executed mostly on digital platform plus integrated activation activities at all the outlets of Big C chain. Wisdom built everything from the microsite to social posts on fanpage. Wisdom Agency
  54. 189,015,034 Impressions 169,184 Social Engagements 2,082,782 Video Views 649,297 New Users 1,146,280 Sessions 313,743 Players Here is the gained achievements listing: ‣ Total of impression is over expectation (approximate 410%). more than 189 million impressions in 3 months ‣ Wisdom Agency built communication activities via ads network, mass publishers and social hot profiles for BigC. Tết Campaign Game Session Wisdom Agency
  55. Lotus Group was planning for the new carry brand in Vietnam, which is a mix between Japanese and Indian cuisine – the Coco Ichibanya. A launching plan for Coco Ichibanya was designed based on the concept of Yin Yang to promote both the deliciousness of Indian cuisine and healthy essence of Japanese culture. Event Social management PR Reach: 1,332,456 Engagement: 9,642 Social fan growth: 1.594 Coco Ichibanya Wisdom Agency
  56. As a new commerce business who had entranced in personal care and cowin in somesmetics market, Akutis needed an effective approach strategy to raise the brand awareness, survive under the pressure of competitors and win in some niche markets. Using KOLs and micro influencers for seeding and raising brand awareness before nurturing and remarketing via social campaigns. Communication planning, social content, livestream Defining the niche market for each product line and establishing the brand position in market Wisdom Agency
  57. BlanX is the only toothpaste that combines cosmetic and scientific properties; it is the only natural non-abrasive whitening toothpaste with an exclusive formula based on Arctic lichens. BlanX laboratories gave rise to BlanX White Shock in 2012, the new range of products with the revolutionary patented formula based on ActiluX, the active ingredient that whitens teeth by using the power of light. Among all the functions, light-activated whitening technology was the brand positioning for first launch of Blanx to trigger Localised brand proposition and communications Digital e-commerce platform Digital communications and content Wisdom successfully launched the brand and is continuously supporting them to achieve the first year’s trade expansion and financial targets. Wisdom Agency
  58. Standard-bearer of Made in Italy with regard to the skin protection, Prep combines innovation and tradition along with gentleness and efficiency across its entire range of products, designed for complete skin treatment. Wisdom was involved in the marketing activities of Prep from the very beginning. Understanding that multi-function cream concept was not a familiar one in Vietnam. Wisdom designed a marketing plan with broad trade base and intensive communications activities to educate a new Vietnamese generation about this concept mostly via digital environment. Localised brand proposition and and communications Digital e-commerce platform Digital communications and content Wisdom successfully launched the brand and is continuously supporting them to achieve the first year’s financial targets. Wisdom Agency
  59. Communications
  60. To strengthen the brand image as well as get an opportunity ahead of competitors during the new year season, Khatoco was seeking a communication strategy that either improves the brand coverage in selected digital platforms or supports the year end promotion. The main segment is office men who are over 35 years old in the Mekong Delta. Running a digital campaign to support the promotion activities and seasonal collections during Christmas and Lunar New Year to pull customers from digital to store. Besides, utilizing the strengths of varied display ad formats and localized channels to boost the brand awareness in new entranced markets. Media planning, content planning, Digital planning & execution, landing page design There was a sharp growth in revenue in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Wisdom Agency
  61. Jirnexu is a startup mobile app that was developed in order to simplify the digital cash loan process for blue collar class. To optimize the user experience as well as adjust the product, Jirnexu planned to run a testing campaign to check the market response before officially launching the app. Rearranging the app content to enhance the user flow and experience as well as running a performance campaign to define which elements will drive users away, which element should be optimized to maximize the future result. Media planning, social content, landing page design, UX design, tracking system Click through rate is up to 62% and many insightful datas is drawn. Wisdom Agency
  62. As a hitech car washing startup which aims to serve the upper class, Powersteam needed an effective strategy to attract their target audiences. A PR and activation strategy focusing on highlighting the PSI values - the brand’s core USPs, as well as encouraging service trials via promotion and direct marketing activities Media planning, social content, Pr booking, website audit Raise the brand awareness as well as trigger the service trials Wisdom Agency
  63. O2O experience is the revolutionary new service that bring toghether online and offline shopping to make shopping easier, fast and more exciting! The request was to communicate and introduce Vietnamese customer about the new way of purchasing service. Wisdom creates a clear content strategy and digital plan which directly fit with the right customer of O2O. Therefore, we drive them from engaging on Social to the launching event and website purchasing. 1,920 fans growth 104,268 fans engagement is 2 months Reached out 189 millions users on Facebook Drive 5,772 traffics to website without media support Wisdom Agency
  64. For high-tech customers, O2O primarily follow modern, smart and trendy content. The concepts and visual are also various, such as: PNG, GIF, Video, … Wisdom Agency
  65. Pocari entered consumer market with the mission to bring refreshing and healthy Japanese drinks to Vietnam. The product was quite different to competitors’ one, so they accordingly would need a different brand strategy to stand out from the marketplace. The strategy of Pocari focused on the niche but effective segments by utilising mostly digital platform and store activation. The brand character was built by a more matured characteristics and expert-like positioning. Wisdom managed social marketing for the brand and adapted all general brand guide materials into digital and social content of attraction. There was a variety of format used to keep the brand up to date with digital trends. Wisdom Agency also contributed with feedback from social platform to sharpen the brand character during the year. Wisdom Agency
  66. After 1 year of execution to the beginning of 2018, Wisdom Agency have achieved: • More than 39,000 fan growth • Total fan interactions were up to743,971 • 341 posts with 10,453 comments on fanpage Wisdom Agency
  67. Corele V. is the domestic lingerie producer with a French style and quality. The company inherits passion from its founder and technology from all its global partners before launching its own product line customised for Vietnamese women. The request was to communicate French quality with affordable pricing but still retain the high position of the brand. Content strategy on social platform was what Wisdom Agency did together with offline event and product gifts. In the end, nothing is better at tailor- made solution as Facebook and that is what Wisdom Agency want to achieve when attaching this new brand with this new platform. 26,667 fans growth 2,485,016 fans engagement is 1 years Reached out 9,3 millions users on Facebook Drive 10,571 traffics to website without media support Wisdom Agency
  68. For high-end customers, Corèle V. primarily follow minimal and elegant concept with pastel, neutral colors and limited details. Wisdom Agency
  69. Wisdom Agency wanted to incorporate the popularity of this new Instagram rising star to the brand of Corele V. by inviting her to feature in the newest collection in summer. What Wisdom Agency saw was the matching of youth and true potential from both the personality and the brand. Key Activity Wisdom Agency
  70. Belonging to the same company but Marguerite is a brand for much younger audience. The brand is for younger girls with middle-class positioning, For this reason, they need a different look and feel to attract young girls. For this reason, Wisdom approach is to create a different brand platform from Corel V.’s which is younger and more energetic based on different characteristics of the two girls. The tailored work also relates to media targeting and game mechanism Digital marketing social & content management Reach: 100,000 Fan growth: 32,386 Wisdom Agency
  71. For this segment, Marguerite focused on youthful and girly style with bright colors and natural concept. And the daisy - Marguerite symbol was also used as iconic symbol in all designs. Wisdom Agency
  72. Also a part of Corele V. group, Malefix was undergarment product line for man, affordable for daily use. The mission Malefix carried was to change perception of Vietnamese men to be more fashionable even for their underwears. Men were irrational and a little bit lazy towards their underwears use. Wisdom knew that a educational tone of voice would not work, so Wisdom Agency tried for something more fun but polite like the French way. Brand platform & Social marketing The social content and activities sparked humour by the smart and casual tone of voice and triggered a lot of attention from young population. All of promotion campaigns following afterward were a success with sold-out results. In the early of 2018, Wisdom Agency have achieved: • 116,904 user engagements • 3 million users reached • 30,548 users were driven to Mâlefix website • Almost half million video views on Facebook Wisdom Agency
  73. Wisdom had been leading the concept and visuals on fanpage of Mâlefix to make sure it followed maroon tone in order to describe the elegance and delicacy of a Frenchman. Wisdom Agency
  74. Kaylee is a young fashion startup specialised in shoes and accessories. Unlike other startups, they knew from the beginning that in order to prosper in fashion industry they needed a well thought out and invested brand strategy. Since the brand targeted working professionals, Wisdom believed the best brand proposition should be comfort. Wisdom Agency also executed the brand strategy primarily on digital platform to approach the right target groups with a friendly tone of voice. - Brand platform - Digital marketing - Social marketing • Increased 5,042 fans • 46,676 fans engagements • Over 2,3 millions users reached • 214,511 traffics were pulled to Kaylee website Wisdom Agency
  75. On fanpage of Kaylee, all images were designed by Wisdom, including the images for social posts on fanpage, cover, avatar of Facebook, the new collections as well as PR banners etc.. The concepts and visuals are also various, such as PNG, GIF or Video to target office ladies. Kaylee's designs were primarily focused on pastel colors and plain backgrounds. Wisdom Agency
  76. Topcake is a newly launched brand in Vietnam, who focused mostly on digital platform to develop its brand and business One of the key campaigns during the year for Topcake was Tet. WISDOM was in charge of promoting this new brand on social platform and committing traffic to page. Social marketing as key activities, WISDOM employed many games and rewarding schemes to drive traffic to microsite and eventually to store. Successful execution to introduce Topcake on digital platform - Click to link game per month: 32,000 - Engagement: 50,000 Tết Tràn Trong Tim Wisdom Agency
  77. Tết Tràn Trong Tim Topcake specializes in producing premium packaged confectionery. Focus on freshness, nutrient-richness, safety and convenience, Topcake is a combination of modern European fresh baking production technology with over 25 years in the Philippines and over 15 years in Australia. Wisdom Agency created visual products to promote this new brand on social platform and committing traffic to page. To meet children as target customers and stimulate their taste, Wisdom Agency use colorful, playful and youthful hues, especially pink as the the identity color. Wisdom Agency
  78. Dunkin’ Donuts is an iconic American brand. However, the cultural gap make the products distant to Vietnamese customers Promote opening of Dunkin’ Donuts using both online & offline PR with a focus on Facebook Social media Wisdom Agency
  79. Domino’s Pizza is the No. 1 delivery pizza chain in the world. In Vietnam, Domino’s Pizza applies ies the same concept and promote them all on digital platform Promote Domino’s Pizza using viral clip and focus on Facebook Client expectation and KPI: 50,000 fans at 8% engagement, 50 online orders a day Social media 53,000 fans at 9% engagement, 65 online orders a day Wisdom Agency
  80. Dairy Queen is American brand which was newly launched in Vietnam WISDOM established and maintained the social platform for a funny spirit of DQ Social media, Facebook, Marketing Engagement /month: 13,020 Click /month: 30,000 Cheese Burger 1k DILLY BAR X’MAX Wisdom Agency
  81. Social media with game Engagement: 7,675 Click to website: 10,579 Register for promotion code: 4,511 Hậu Giang Restaurant launching Wisdom Agency
  82. Is proposed by WISDOM executed in 6 months which brought exellence result for sales in store Social media The week’s ice-cream flavor Wisdom Agency
  83. Digital
  84. One Road Research (ORR) is an international business that focuses on financial research and reports that guide international investors who are interested in Asian emerging markets such as Vietnam. With this strategic partnership, Wisdom Agency worked alongside the client from incubation to execution, helping them to build the brand and digital strategy that matched their business model and operations Wisdom Agency immediately realized what ORR needed was a fully digitalised business operations system with priorities to content development and digital marketing. Since our audience was niche and recurring, the business model also required a certain level of automation to shorten the time gap between each engagement and increase the personalization of content Wisdom Agency
  85. Branding: an entirely new brand identity system was created, based on the inspiring story of the Ancient Silk Road which connected the East and West. Marketing: media performance marketing with regional scale. The marketing focused heavily on social media and search marketing to collect and optimised for better leads. Tech: integrated website and email automation. The integrated with email and media automation to extract data from multiple channels to solidify single customer portraits which further generated better action. The business is up and running now. For the first of operations, it has attracted 30,000+ and growing subscribers. In stage 2, Wisdom Agency plan to promote the paid subscription and reports and broaden the research base to global scale. Wisdom Agency
  86. America Malaysia Europe Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong Tokyo Sydney Melbourne Auckland London Antwerp Copenhagen Hamburg Luxemburg California Los Angeles Chicago New Jersey Seattle Manhattan San Francisco Dallas New York Washington DC Vancouver Toronto more than 9,000 users from 23 big cities in America, APAC and Europe. 55,087 page views/2 months Canada Australia Hong Kong Japan England Wisdom Agency
  87. Body text Europa Headline Bodoni Image Style Wisdom Agency
  88. Popiwork is a mobile app that connects employers and people who search for freelancer or part time jobs. As a startup, Popiwork need an effective solution that can optimize their limited resources but bring high return-on-investments Focus on digital performance marketing campaign to minimize the lead quantity and cost per lead Digital performance marketing During three years providing service, the averagely conversion rate has been stable around 40% Wisdom Agency
  89. Samsung was launching the Samsung Galaxy S10. With a hole new design and function, SES – the Samsung Experience Store, wanted customer to aware about that. Then, attract them to come in and experience the product in SES. Wisdom Agency proposed the digital strategy to relieve the pressure on experience in SES. The strategy was also supported via digital communications. Media Planning, Social Content, Online PR Total Facebook Reach: 202,348 Reaches Total Instagram Reach: 91,243 Reaches Samsung Galaxy S10 Wisdom Agency
  90. The bank repositioned as friendly and innovative bank. They decided on the new concept and looked for social strategy that is suitable for younger audience One of the most outstanding achievements with VIB was the creation of “Teddy Bears” to be friendly but inspired characters for “Completed Dreams” campaign Sociall & Content & Media Management The use of “Teddy Bears” image was so successful that it contributed more than 10.000 leads and increased 10% of sales conversion during that period. WISDOM had been Facebook retainer partner for VIB in 3 years. Under our management, the fanpage grew up from 60,000 fans to more than 120,000 fans, monthly contributing 50 – 100 potential sales deals in retail banking. Wisdom Agency
  91. Dat Xanh Group is among the top real estate developers in Vietnam. The most Southeast area of Ho Chi Minh city is still full of potential since not so many companies have paid enough attention to this far areas. However, there are residential projects under development at that time being, so the first ones will get all the benefit. Dat Xanh for this area is already a new known brand, so Wisdom Agency decided that performance marketing is the most effective way to attract new buyers. Furthermore, Wisdom Agency can optimise for better quality of the leads by having landing page with better user quality. Website optimisation & Performance marketing - Leads captured: TBA - Lead converted: TBA Wisdom Agency
  92. Nova Land always looks for digital media partner with the most effectiveness to work with them on performance marketing campaign Wisdom Agency cooperated with Nova Land on Marketing Qualified Lead basis which is the closest to actual sales on acquisition funnel Media Planning, Website, Online PR WISDOM worked with Nova Land for 4 projects from strategic planning to media execution, Wisdom Agency have been working alongside with both Novaland’s sales & marketing teams to achieve their sales target. Wisdom Agency
  93. Product launching for the new Subaru WISDOM proposed the performance strategy to relieve the pressure on registrations for the test-drive. The strategy was also supported via digital communications. Performance marketing, social media, online PR 450 participants vs 200 expected from client. The campaign generated 5 immediate sales on that launching date. Subaru AWD Experience Day 2014 Wisdom Agency
  94. Other Services
  95. Online PR: Editorials on Vnexpress, Dantri, tuoitre, Thanhnien, and 30+ online newspapers Television: FBNC – 3 Spots news, HTV9 -2 Spots news, HTV7 – 3 Spot news, VTV1 – 4 Spots news Radio: VOV 3 Spot news Social Media: 20 KOLs sharing (MC Phan Anh, Khan Van PR, Anh Tu Sang, Ha Okia...), Changing Diabetes in Vietnam Wisdom Agency
  96. Website A new website with new style following the new brand guidelines Wisdom Agency
  97. Paktor intended to launch new app for singles on mobile platform. The requirement was to create talkability across social platform and push for downloads A fun viral clip was launched on social video platform YouTube 415,000 Views on Youtube Wisdom Agency
  98. Our +84 28 710 999 78 Contact@wisdo 36, 14 Street, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC Wisdom Agency