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How to plan a successful app

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If you've decided that an app is the best course forward for you company, how can you make sure it's a success?

An app that satisfies customers and adds value to your business needs to be well though through and considered. Our presentation covers the key steps during app planning and development.

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How to plan a successful app

  2. 2. WHYAPPS? Convenience – no need to open up the internet Front of mind – always on the screen In-phone features – camera, torch Don’t always need an internet connection If you are trying to decide between apps and mobile sites, see our article “Making the mobile move”.
  3. 3. STEP1: WHY AREYOUDOINGIT? Someone is shouting at you to do it (with no good reasons), or You want to give your customers a better mobile experience
  4. 4. 4 QUESTIONSTOASK 1. Is there a business need for it? (“To look good” is not a real answer!) 2. Will it improve the service/provide value to your prospects/customers? 3. What are you trying to achieve with it? 4. What do you expect users to do with the app? If you can answer these without fooling yourself, then the app will be more likely to succeed.
  5. 5. STEP2: RESEARCH • What are your competition doing? Is there an opportunity for competitive advantage? • Survey clients – would they use an app? • What content will the app contain? What would work best? • What platform – iOS, Android or Windows? • Ongoing support for the app – how much will it cost?
  6. 6. STEP3: BRIEFINGAN AGENCY GOODBRIEF=REALISTICCOSTSANDTIMINGS Remember to include: • A description of your company and what you do • Summary of your research • Needs the app is meeting • Outline the functionality the app should have • Budget and timeframe
  7. 7. STEP4: WORKINGWITHANAGENCY • User experience is paramount in apps – don’t get carried away with design. • Consider producing one platform at a time. • Test the app thoroughly – test on lots of devices and ask clients to give you feedback.
  8. 8. STEP5: APPROVALANDLAUNCH • Each app store has a different review process. • You will not be able to choose the go live date. • Your app can be rejected: – Technical errors – Not useful – Not following UX guidelines
  9. 9. STEP6: MARKETING • Difficult to be found on the store as there are hundreds of thousands of other apps. • Direct campaigns, e.g. email, are good for spreading the word. • Advertise it – website pop-up, email signature, social networks, marketing materials and online advertising. • Get feedback so the app can be refined and improved. WANTMORE?READTHEFULLARTICLE:HTTP://BIT.LY/1ANSZJ5