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End of life revision ppt

  1. Philosophy 1 – The End of Life • In this topic you will be addressing Christian beliefs and teaching about; • Body and Soul • Life After Death • Funeral Rites Grab a pen and lets start taking notes!
  2. What is the soul? A part of a human that is not physical A part of a human that lives on after we have died A part of a human that allows them to relate to God Immortality of the soul – i.e. the soul never dies. Why do Christians believe this? 1. Jesus conquered death and was resurrected 2. In the Bible Jesus refers to Moses, Abraham and Elijah living in another realm
  3. What is the relationship between the body and the soul? • The body is a vehicle for the soul. • When your body dies your soul reunites with God. Many Christians believe the body and soul are in conflict – the body wants desires and pleasures to be fulfilled but the soul wants to please God
  4. What is the Christian idea about life after death? • They will become reunited with God • They will be reunited with loved ones • The immortal soul carries on its journey
  5. What do Christians believe about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory? Heaven Christians who have followed Gods path will go to heaven Sinners who repent will go here A place to spend eternity with God A place where evil and suffering does not exist Hell A place where you spend an eternity without God A place of pain and suffering Some think it’s a place of fire and brimstone Others an eternity with NOTHING Purgatory Roman Catholics believe this is where souls go when they are not ready for heaven. Not heaven, not hell, a place in-between The living can pray so they can reach heaven
  6. What do Christians believe about Salvation, Redemption and Suffering? Jesus was crucified on Good Friday A Redeemer where he save others from damnation He is seen as Saviour of the World meaning he saved people from sins He resurrected on Easter Sunday Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross to redeem believers from the original sin – now people were forgiven by God and allowed to enter Heaven
  7. What does Christianity say about God as a judge?God as a creator – he is eternal and was there at the start at the world Individuals will be judged by their actions, the way they have lived their life and their faith. The Bible states that at the end of life there are two books – one containing the deeds people have done in their life, and another which contain the names of those who have shown belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus.
  8. How will people be judged? The parable of the sheep and goats Those who have lived good lives = Heaven Those who have sinned = Hell Some sheep and Goats
  9. What is the relationship between God the judge, life on earth and the afterlife? Leading a good life = REWARDS Therefore during a Christians life they will Follow the 10 Commandments Help Others Follow the Bible Live morally Anything which does not ANNOY God – so they can get into heaven
  10. A Christian FUNERAL service reminds people that one day a Christian’s SOUL will be raised up to eternal life with Jesus. This is called RESURRECTION. Christians, like everyone else, are sad when someone they love dies. But a Christian funeral service teaches that death is not the end. Christians believe in life after death. A Christian funeral service reminds people that all life is given by God, and that God is also responsible for taking life away. What are funeral rites?
  11. What happens at a Christian funeral and how do funeral rites reflect beliefs?1. A reading from the Bible, which will often reflect Christian ideas of the afterlife. E.g. John 11:25- 26‘Jesus said, I am the resurrection, and I am the life; he who believes in me, though he dies, yet he will live, and whoever believes in me shall never die’ 2. A Psalm is read (Psalm 23, 90, 121 or 130 are common) 3. Hymns are sung. These will often have been suggested by the deceased or chosen by the family. 4. A eulogy about the deceased will be read. This is a talk by either the vicar or priest o a family relative. The life of the deceased is spoken about and remembered with memories being shared. 5. Prayers are said for both the dead and for the living 6. The committal - either burial or cremation if it is a burial the following words are used: ‘We commit (name of deceased) body to the ground, earth to earth,
  12. Features of a Christian funeral: 1. Take place in a Church, where a service is led by a priest or minister. 2. Passages from the Bible are read to offer comfort for the bereaved and provide hope for eternal life. 3. Prayers are said to ask for comfort and to give thanks for the life of the dead person. 4. Friends or family may give a Eulogy to celebrate the dead person’s life. 5. Hymns are sung to praise God and give thanks to Him for all He does. 6. The Committal – either burial or cremation. Traditionally RC’s would only bury, but cremation is now accepted. CBPEHC: Cold Banana’s Peel Easier in Hot Countries
  13. How do funeral rites aim to support the bereaved? • Family and Friends can draw comfort • The life of the deceased can be celebrated • The bereaved can express their feelings and emotions for the deceased • There is a sense of closure funeral