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Audience responses

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evaluation on planned opening sequence

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Audience responses

  1. 1. Evaluation • What can be done to improve? To improve we can keep the title sequence short as our audience mentioned that it was too long. The title sequence can also give us a hint on what time of the day it takes place. We also need to be clear on how long the opening sequence happens, this has to be based on the number of days and what time of the day. To emphasize the genre, when the deaths scene occurs we could make it more intense by showing the shadow of the death scene so that the audience can concentrate on that and it makes the death more violent. To build up tension the voices that the girl hears in her head gradually becomes louder. The main character can also have a story behind her mental illness and how it has effected her life. The storyline can be built up by showing what happens to her, whether she gets caught and how many people she kills. Overall, we need to focus more on the title sequence rather than the opening sequence so that we don’t reveal too much information.