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Female Entrepreneurship in the Middle east

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Female entrepreneurs are founding companies at an ever increasing rate across the world and the MENA region is no exception. Increased opportunity and new lending options have drastically improved the resources available to women in the Arab world.

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Female Entrepreneurship in the Middle east

  1. 1. In The Middle East Female Entrepreneurship Female entrepreneurs are founding companies at an ever increasing rate across the world and the MENA region is no exception. A PORTRAIT OF FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS IN MENA Female entrepreneurs are on par with their counterpart in Western Europe and North America. REVENUE Jordan 6% USD100,000 UAE 33% USA 13% = of female run enterprises generate revenues in excess of THIS COMPARES TO THERE ARE A NUMBER OF FEMALE ‘SOLE OWNERS’ IN THE MENA REGION THE PERCENTAGE OF SOLE OWNERSHIP RANGES 60% Bahrain 40% Lebanon OWNERSHIP 6 Jordan FEMALE OWNED FIRMS CREATE BETWEEN 19 Tunisia JOB CREATION 5.9 UAE Average Female entrepreneurs in the region have extensive experience ranging from 10.6 Lebanon Average EXPERIENCE WOMEN ARE OPTIMISTIC AND POISED FOR GROWTH Female entrepreneurs are confident in the region’s economic potential with expansion a universal future goal. The UAE has some of the region’s most ambitious women with 8 OUT OF 10 planning to expand their operations. 60% OF FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS expect growth in their national economy to support their growth INTERNATIONAL TRADE MATTERS TO FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS The MENA region’s female entrepreneurs are keen to participate in global trade. OF FEMALE 33% are actively importing AND exporting products. ENTREPRENEURS OVER importing internationally manufactured goods exclusively 20% are exporting local goods 6% KEY CHALLENGES FOR FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS There are several obstacles which female entrepreneurs feel are impacting their potential to grow. Learning Financial Management Skills Finding and Keeping Good Employees Access to Capital High Cost of Public Services 01 02 03 04 WHAT CAN BE IMPROVED? In face of these challenges the community has voiced solutions to help improve the state of female entrepreneurship. POLICY MAKERS Address the issue of cost and time taken to register a business. Consider policies that would encourage greater access to capital for all SMEs. WOMEN BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS Offer financial management training for members. Provide information and training on new technologies for business development. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Reach potential women clients through closer networking with businesswomen’s associations. FEMALE VOICES OF THE MENA REGION We spoke with some of the region’s leading female entrepreneurs to learn about their businesses and experiences. Founded 2012 Founder & CEO Loulou Khazen Baz Advice for Future Female Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship is a marathon, it is long, hard, requires a lot preparation and discipline. Perseverance is key if you want to make it to the finish line. Nabbesh helps companies find and hire freelance talent and offer project management services for large projects. Founded 2014 Co-Founder & CMO Dunia Othman Advice for Future Female Entrepreneurs: Don’t let anyone make you feel that being a female is a disadvantage in the business world. An entrepreneur is as good as their skills and abilities; gender has nothing to do with it. mrUsta is an online marketplace that helps residents find quality service providers such as painters, plumbers, mechanics, cake makers, and more. Founded 2012 Co-Founder & CEO Noha Al Yousef Advice for Future Female Entrepreneurs: If you dream big and work hard, you will find your way to success. Always keep in mind that when there is a will there is a way. Ithraa Consulting Group (ICG) offers development services such as creating initiatives, executing campaigns, and marketing support for public and private sectors in all that is relates to youth. INFOGRAPHIC POWERED BY