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Future technology & advertising

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All you need to know about future of advertising and the revolutionary change. How important digital media is in the future of advertising. Mobile and Social networks tend to be most vital players. Time line of advertising is added in order to enhance your understanding of the lifecycle of media.

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Future technology & advertising

  1. 1. Future Technology & Advertising Mohamed Sharique. V
  2. 2. The Past Remains The Past • Advertising • Online advertising • “The very first e-advertising that took place was through e-mail.”- however it became known as “spam” and got filtered out. • “Display ads, or banners, entered the scene and at the time, people actually clicked them. Some companies reported 44% click through rates, compared to today’s average of 0.2- 0.3%.”- People became “banner blind”. • So what was next in-line?
  3. 3. The Present is the Key to the Past • Search ads and Social Media ads • People are starting to notice those too and not really enjoy them when they are not 100% relevant • Some smart guys hide the ads, and then we try to find them.
  4. 4. The Future is Where Data Content and Tech Collide • Over the next 10 years, discovery technology will begin answering these questions with increasing sophistication and accuracy. • Users will expect engaging, personalized digital experiences. • “Desktops will only be found in museums while over 90 per cent of Web browsing will take place on mobile devices.” • Wearables and connected appliances will be everywhere.
  5. 5. Adtile Motion Ads • Not hiding the ads. • Fun, engaging and actually interesting. • Modern approach. • The world is going mobile • Ads can take use of built-in GPS, gyroscope, motion coprocessor, accelerometer, compass, motions, gestures and more.
  6. 6. Fun Facts & Predictions • Gartner predicts that Mobile advertising is the next big thing. • Today, around $13.1 billion are spent on mobile ads a year • By 2017 it is predicted to reach $42 billion.
  7. 7. Word Of Mouth • According to Nils Forsblom, the CEO and founder of Adtile Technologies “advertising was meant to capture a persons imagination. The very best ads are very emotional and funny. If you make advertisements that one can relate to, that changes the ads. People will allow it.” • “Mobile is so different because it is such a private venue. I will not find one user on this planet who would use a mobile phone to see ads. It has to be a seamless extension of the application to work and it has to provide value for the user. If it does that, it also does not hijack the app. It does not give me five different messages, it gives me one message. It is actually asking me to do something.”
  8. 8. This is the F U T U R E • ImagesIntroducing Adtile Motion Ads.mp4